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Sunday, April 22, 2012


Among the One Percent in a circle of their own are several smaller groups bent on curtailing those segments of the population that they think unworthy - to exist - to live on this Earth.

Very powerful forces indeed - having access to any sovereign government, having trillions of dollars in hand, powerful arms and ammunition, using devious methods and policies that are triggered to curtail and trim the population of the world.

We must learn as a Society and study the evil deeds and executed policies of a nefarious group associated with the Bilderbergs for example:

Our American Society in the last fifty years has fallen prey to the drab, shallow, inept lack of investigative reporting on many topics that really should concern our Society.

Democracy are best when all the people participate - there can be no infusion - however small - linked to Socialism, Dictatorial policies, Feudalism, and other such mundane policies and operation - that deprive the masses of real time information.

Today's digital world helps us that are educated and for the people. That is why - you see the very corrupt  - trying their best to mess with our Internet, mess with our Cyber Space - trying to take control of any which medium - so that they can be in complete - control. 

Never should we the people permit such sordid and evil action to be the foundation of any government, any operation, any philosophy - worth the salt.

The Bilderbergs target some segments of the population and they target religions and people that have a strong form of unity and cohesion.

The main purpose of organization like the Bilderbergs and the CFR - are to use any ploy and machination to control the masses and quickly act with appropriate means - however - drastic.

We must be vigilant and only those can be vigilant who are fully educated on issues.

These evil forces have been so powerful that continually even during World War II - these powerful organization had dealing with the Nazis and other powerful Russian leaders, other European leaders. These entities had easy access and had easy movements across sovereign borders - and warring front lines.

I can go into details but the point I want to make is focused on hunger and deliberate and strategic manner to curtain the world's population.

Hunger as it pertains to feeding people for nourishment and growth - but also permitting everyone to be educated on issues - learning to discern - learning to filter the best information - which is sound education.

The Bilderbergs and those that belong to this group are very secretive.

The CFR group is secretive too:

Any location these organization choose to meet is completely secured. I mean completely secured. The perimeters of the location having their own security - with orders to shoot and kill - any intruders - unknown to them.

Cooks, maids, doctors, clerical staff and anything that is required to cater and totally protect this group in fully secured  - with no outside interference what so ever. Everyone involved is sworn to top - secrecy.

The Bilderberg Group and the CFR group are two of many that have played a key role to eliminate the Middle Class and cause hunger in the United States.

The facts above is not some conspiracy theory. Any study linked to the empirical data available - reveals most everything horrendous and create by humans - to these group - who have ulterior motives and deeply engaged to control the resources of the world.

Heads of governments, State Secretaries, heads of learning institutions, industrialist and bankers, top military experts, doctors and scientists, hand picked by these organizations - all belong to this group.

All the top so called security agencies foremost the Central Intelligence Agency have their roots with these organization and the CFR for sure.

No one can touch those agencies - no civil and criminal action can be brought against them.

Some sixty years ago and continuing down the years millions of people - all over the world - were inoculated. No one knows what transpired really - but, some of us have a trial that we find very - interesting. 

What type of disease or ailment that gradually controls one health and gradually brings about one's demise - is not know in its entirety - but soon some of us will know most of it.

One Rockerfeller was know to have said often some are born to rule and others are born to be ruled.

This in short is the philosophy of these organization - to take control of everything and rule others.

Haughty and evil to the core - these forces if not unchecked will bring the demise of many - while these powerful forces - will take shelter in bunkers they have build - in secure places all over the world. Here in the United States, in Germany, France, Denmark, in Australia and New Zealand, in Argentina, Canada, Russia,  - to name just a new places.

One may think that these sordid, evil, despicable are found only in America and Europe. It may surprise one to know they are found in India, China, Australia, New Zealand and in some countries like South Africa and come countries in South America such as Argentina. Of course Canada.

Why would the bread basket of the world - that is the United States of America - suffer from hunger?

We can feed the world many times over.

Find out who controls the large farms in the United States - Monsento and others.

The logistics and the warehouses - who controls them?

Who does the distribution of food and medications and who really controls the centers where food is canned, fish canned, but most of all who distributes medicines and that includes vitamins - that so many gobble as if they was no tomorrow - thinking falsely that they will live forever!

For thousands of years - millions of people - ate natural food there was no preservatives.

Then suddenly a fade arose - that Ready Made Meals was the answer - and you will notice - more because of wars. Wars that were created by some powerful - people.

Wars make some powerful people billionaires. There are several lists of these folks - we know about them - but, we are not UNITED to do anything about them.

In the last twenty years our human DNA has been drastically affected - and a myriad of diseases - not know before - have plagued us human beings - those most prone and suffering - the poor.

We know that these folks have planned to curtail the world population using sophisticated inoculations, depriving people of food, creating scenarios to create turmoil and unrest.

Depriving people in general from getting a better education to know and find out what is truly happening.

It is a shame that one in three children to to bed hungry in the United States.

Imagine the situation in some African countries such as Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, and so on.

Thousands die of starvation and the world sees it - and when we see - young children so starved with their frail, dry, shriveled skin - clinging to their bones - we make some faint attempt - but it is too late.

Here is the United States of America the hunger is too acute in recent years - that even our Food Banks today - are suffering.

Middle Class in the thousands have joined the ranks of the very poor - competing for anything to eat - most of it food that are found in can and saturated with the worst kinds of preservatives.

We have become a Nation of Preservatives - mostly toxins that harm our human bodies that are not used to such foreign man made chemicals that harm our blood, our tissues, our organs and being about death with untold - suffering.

Why are we so DUMB as to not figure out - what is good and what not good for us?

Most people pump their bodies with preservatives - from the nasty soft drinks.

The Ready Made Meals, anything they can pop in the microwave oven and eat as quickly as possible - quenching their thirst with more preservatives and toxins from soft drinks - and more from the preservatives they eat as snacks and deserts.

Obesity has become a disease. One if five Americans suffer from chronic obesity - chronic diseases - heart problems, lung infections, diabetics - you name it - even unheard of diseases - seems like an entire society is mutating into something - else because of our sordid eating - habits.

Few value eating vegetables without pesticides, organic fruits, clean drink water which is premium - not polluted and contaminated.

Even our watersheds are now contaminated - because human beings have been reckless.

Meat from animals that are feed with chemicals meant to pump the system of animals and make them artificially grow faster. Steroids.

Chickens fed day and night - so that they can grow faster and be sold - mostly pumped with steroids. The owners of these farms must be sent to jail - the farmers too that treat animals in an inhumane manner.

Cows in the thousands that have their calves prematurely aborted so that the cows can be milked - sooner and longer. Sickening.

All these concepts coming from mostly folks who have lost their mind, their morals, less ethics, their humanity - are greedy - who are bent on making money. Money is their god.

Our Seniors today one in four go to bed hungry.

Often surviving on dog food and other canned good - that is full of preservatives. This is not the way we must treat our Elders. Today, our Elders are not respected - and when any civilization fails to respect their Elders - their doom is at hand. We see it - but we fully do not fathom it - because morally we are dead. 

The living dead - zombies!

The Walmarts, the Walgreens - other like large distribution franchises - much like the McDonald, the Burger King, the KFC you get the idea - pumping toxins into human beings.

Other; innocent folks with contaminated goods that are poorly made. Artificial and contaminated food with preservatives.

Medicines, ninety percent that are not checked  - by our National agencies - Food and Drug Agency (FDA) - bent on curtailing the population of the world - mostly - the poor and the innocent.

Recently one company distributed of some vital heart medication that contained nothing but distilled water - go figure. Patients paid and were charged thousands of dollars for this fake medication.

There are powerful forces among the One Percent - at every level of Government, Para-Military, Defense Industry, Food Industry, Pharmacies, Learning Institutions, Food distribution, Hospitals, Insurance Companies, Financial Institution, Think Tank Organization - all targeting the poor and working tirelessly to eradicate the Middle Class.

In the interim our children and elders - die slowly from starvation.

Our youth and adult from lack of learning opportunities.

Constantly bombard by the Main Media that is contaminated and is rarely factual - never making any attempt to reveal empirical data.

Read this carefully again about the Bilderbergs:

Read more about the CRF:

As human we were created to embrace and look after one another - most indigenous people are like that.

Among us however we have some evil people - those that belong to the above organizations - evil, sordid, ruthless  we must be vigilant - and we must be educated on issues.