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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Today marks the 44th Anniversary of MURDER of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. being a singular visionary Civil Rights leader - moved by his heart and spirituality went to address and give hope to some Black garbage collection workers in Memphis, Tennessee.

In speaking to these hard working Black garbage collection workers; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. explained to the workers - as best he could about the situation at hand.

Blacks, called Negroes - at that time could not enter to any restaurant where Whites were and sit down and have a meal or even drink a cup of water.

There were restrooms for Blacks and restroom for Whites.

There were hundreds of other stupid laws - all demeaning the Blacks - in many cases dogs had better rights than Blacks.

Dr. Martin Luther King's message to the Black garbage workers was a message to empower themselves but more to understand their rights as human beings and citizens of the United States of America.

Black had rights - and these rights were denied them.

All this took place in Memphis, Tennessee.

Not much has changed today; when it comes to those who work hard and try  to make a living. Not much has changed today, more with the economic downfall in the year 2008.

 In fact today 44 years later this Nation is worse off.

We have the one percent who are filthy rich and the 99 percent who are trying to make it.

The middle class is eroding and the politicians are busy wasting millions of dollars - campaigning and putting down one another - seeking political office and further carrying out policies - that cause divisiveness.

There is no decency left - both Republicans and Democrats must be ashamed of themselves.

These political folks do not want to represent, they do not care about the constituents - all they want are the votes to put them in office.

Once in office they carry out policies and follow an agenda - that they themselves make up as they continue to stay in office - working against the working woman and men and furthering corruption of the worst order.

All that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought for has been neutralized by selfish politicians - both Democrats and Republicans.

These inept and shallow politicians do not feel ashamed that they have set this Nation backwards - eroded the Civil Rights that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought for, eroded the working rights of ordinary people for are trying to survive.

Corrupt politicians have eroded Upward Mobility in various fields - wasted billions on unnecessary wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, elsewhere and think nothing of it.

Today, in the year 2012 we do not have ONE single Black leader who has the charisma, the spirituality, the abilities as an orator, to speak to - TRUTH.

Not one single Black worth the salt.

Today blatant discrimination is meted out and carried out based on race, national origin, sex, religion - all over the Nation. And you make think in San Francisco - this so called liberal City - that, we have it made. Look around and you see it all.

Blatant corruption, homelessness, people out of jobs, in some hot spots in the Bayview - forty percent of Blacks out of work. Who is kidding whom with fake statistics - to lie, deceive, and think that there is no one monitoring?

In the Bayview and more District 10 we have a Black woman - a District Supervisor who does not live in her district.

This Black woman Malia Cohen should be conducting herself properly, not breaking the law - but corruption has got hold of her - she is disgrace to anything - decent, just, and fair.

It is the same with Platinum Consultants led by a former Mayor who is a "thug".

Taking bribes, using undue influence, and setting back the high standards - the Civil Right Movement set for everyone.

We will be monitoring the Outreach linked to the San Francisco's Public Utilities Commission and the Sewer System Improvement Project. One corrupt group was selected and given a $150 million contract.

One particular corrupt entity a Black who does not live in the Bayview less San Francisco - has already been selected and given $50 million over a period of five years - to do outreach - a corrupt entity - linked formerly to Communities of Opportunity - a failed venture.

How does the Black community see this farce - keeping in mind Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - fairness, justice, and fairness. Why are Blacks doing injustice to Blacks - being sell out - while contributing to the Black on Black - violence and killings?

In 1991 the Courts ruled that when some one was discriminated based on the Civil Rights Laws - punitive damages up to $300,000 could be imposed when the cases were adjudicated in the courts.

Such deliberations need the legal and other support and not anyone can go to the courts - and fight such charges.

In San Francisco the NAACP chapter did not say a word - when Lennar a Rogue Developer harmed our children and our elders in the Bayview.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have been on the forefront - I know this - because when I look to him and what he stood for - I was made stronger to fight all the demons - the demons I fight to this day - linked to Lennar.

We cannot and should not compare the rights the QUEER folks fight for - and compare them to the Civil Rights Movement. I do not know what they are thinking about. I would not think that some like Scott Wiener could be considered someone compatible - to the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

At yesterday'd full SF Board Meeting; April 3, 2012 - on the issue of the SF Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) - spying, monitoring, harassing - three Supervisor voted in favor of such actions - led by Scott Wiener. The only Black Supervisor - Malia Cohen and of course conservative Carmen Chu.

What does this say of Malia Cohen. The vote was 8-3 in favor of the SF Police Department not working and encouraging the FBI - to target folks from Southeast Asian, the Middle East and so neighboring areas.

Zionists are all over the place in the financial institutions, having penetrated our Law Enforcement, in the Main Media, here, there, every where - undermining, the Civil Rights Movement and all that Dr. Luther King Jr. fought for.

Today, more then ever before Blacks in San Francisco suffer - and the daily affects of "gentrification" not only have set Black backwards - but force Blacks out into oblivion. What would Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. say?

Today is the 44th anniversary of the MURDER of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Just think about it - after 44th years - we have moved far backwards - and this time around when it comes to education, health, safety, quality of life issues - we are worse of.

In the polls - politicians have manipulated the voting booths, the votes and we have had cases of corrupt politicians stealing the elections - all over the Nation.

This is happening in San Francisco too - in very convoluted - ways.

Some more history on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: