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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


In San Francisco we must always remember the people make what this great and fair City is always - about.

The constituents come first - and when the constituents speak - so goes most everything. This after all is San Francisco.

Politics is a "dirty" game - and recently; meaning the last sixteen years - all sorts of "very dirty" policies bordering on rampant corruption of the worst order - have come out from the San Francisco City Attorney's office.

First under the administration of Willie L. Brown - a "thug" mayor, then under Gavin Newsom.

We all remember or do we - because I led the charge to collect over 33,000 signatures against San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA).

The SFRA had the audacity  - declaring a large area a Survey Area without any justification and without notice - then did not have a meaningful meeting with the public at large - in the Bayview Hunters Point.

Then illegaly decided; declaring the same area a Project Area - lying to the public at large.

That is how the Federal Property - Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - became a Project Area. That is how large areas of Visitation Valley came under the San Francisco Redevelopment Area.

We the people collected 33,000 signatures - bought a software that would validated the signatures.

Arranged the petition forms in order - so that the San Francisco Department of Elections - could validate the petition forms and the SF Department of Election did.

We got our certificate validating the petition but when it came to put the measure on the ballot - the SF City Attorney intervened and declared the signatures - null and void.

We the people will never, ever forget - Dennis Herrera the current City Attorney who was involved in these ploys and machinations. The devil - himself.

Our victory came as a pleasant surprise - when Governor Jerry Brown who was fully aware on this sordid incident - and other incidents - by statute declared SF Redevelopment null and void all over California.

SF Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) was created by statute and its demise came about by statute.

The Successor to the SFRA is reeling and swooning trying to figure out the many devious dealings - its end is eminent - too. Much like Sodom and Gomorrah.

Then came our second chance to exercise the will of the people - we the people felt; we could put a Ballot Measure F - demanding that first the entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - that we shall call Shipyard - be abated and mitigated to - residential standards.

Also Candlestick Point and beyond - be abated and the land most landfill - prone to severe flooding and liquefaction - be remedied.

In the year 2000 - by way of history - eighty seven percent of the voters in San Francisco MANDATED - the Shipyard be cleaned to residential standards.

If cleaned up - Proposition F of which I was the Proponent with Jim Queen - (who now wants to remain silent) for obvious reasons - do one wants to mess with the corrupt - devils who threaten others who fear.

I am NOT afraid of the corrupt - never was and never will cow down. By support and I have many - will deal ith those that have harmed our children, our elders, and the community at large. 

We the people - collected the necessary signatures and again we were challenged by the SF Department of Elections itself - due to political pressure.

The first time around - we were not challenged by the SF Department of Election but by the City Attorney - Dennis Herrera.

Again, I was involved and contacted the Secretary of State immediately - and we were told that each petition would be counted by manually. We got our count and we were put on the Ballot Measure - F.

We the people spent $5 thousand - our opponents backed by Mayor Gavin Newsom, City Attorney Dennis Herrera, Senator Diane Feinstein, Mayor Gavin Newsom, Supervisor Sophina Maxwell - and other sell outs Aurelious Walker and Lola Whittle.

Backed by Lennar, a Rogue Developer - that spent $10 million to confront and oppose us using the corrupt Main Media and the Zionists.

Initially, we were winning -  more, until the three quarter point - then when the air waves were bombarded by $10,000 a piece media advertisement - we began to reel and finally we lost Proposition F. 

Proposition G that stood for GREED won.

Proposition F that stood for Fortitude - lost.

Our victory came recent when at the end of January 2012 - the State of California declared SF Redevelopment Agency - DEAD.

If God made us wait until this point - we the people, really WON big time!

I am giving you the above history because the SF City Attorney has been known - to go against the people - and lose millions of dollars that belongs to the people and this great City and County of San Francisco.

Paradoxically; the City Attorney Dennis Herrera ran for Mayor with the present Mayor Edwin Lee and the 
present Public Defender Jeff Adachi and some ten plus - others.

Dennis Herrera lost.

Dennis Herrera - he will always be a loser - because NO ONE - trust some one that cannot be trusted - and more has been against the people.

Recently, again the evil head propped up and again against the people. This time our duly elected Sheriff - Ross Mirkarimi.

Ross Mirkarimi a District 5 Supervisor ran for Sheriff and won. He received many votes - more votes then the others who ran for the recent concluded Elections; and more votes then the Mayor - Ed Lee.

Out of the blues - some uncalled, flimsy charges were brought against Ross Mirkarimi and recently I attended in person to watch the deliberations.

Again, the SF City Attorney was there trying to persuade the drab SF Ethics Commission that the SF City Attorney was right. Well, listen to me you are dead - W R O N G .

In previous years - for much serious violations - dereliction of duty by SF Police Officers, by SF Board of Supervisors, by Mayors such as Willie L Brown who father a illegitimate child, Mayor Gavin Newsom who slept with his best friend's wife - and may have even had sexual relations; right in Room 200 ( a camera must be placed to record all the nefarious activities).

Others such incidents involving - the present woman Fire Chief hitting her husband with a drinking glass - twice on the head - in front of her children. Her husband called the Emergency Number 911 - and nothing came of the incident.

On April 23, 2012 at 4.30 pm in Room 400  - you had the SF City Attorney - speaking brashly like a Gestapo - thinking that he had the power to do as he pleases on behalf of the City Attorney - NO.

The City and County of San Francisco will L O S E.

This case brought against Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi will be lost by the City Attorney and it will be lost  - hands down. Millions will be paid to Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi. 

Charges of Domestic Violence and Endangerment have been brought again Ross Mirkarimi - when his wife on numerous occasions - has clearly stated she loves her husband, her son and want the family united.

Now; the City Attorney is pressing for charges against a good, hard working former Supervisor - now, elected Sheriff who got more votes then Dennis Herrera ( a loser) who lost the recent Mayoral Race to Mayor Edwin Lee.

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi received more votes than any other candidate in the last Elections - he got the votes from the people. Always, remember the constituents and their voice and votes come - first.

The City Attorney will lose this case - and because blatant haughtiness, nonchalant favoritism, dithering and general clulessness - which is the norm at the SF City Attorney Office - this City will pay for the sordidness of Dennis Herrera and his minions.

As I said the San Francisco City Attorney has a track record acting like a fool - and treading where angels fear to tread.