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Friday, April 20, 2012


British Petroleum (BP) must be totally ashamed advertising using a Black woman as a spokesperson - that everything is fine in New Orleans and the surrounding areas - when it is not.

The U.S. Government under President Barack Hussein Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency headed by Lisa Jackson - are under the spell of the Oil Magnets led by BP - spreading LIES and more LIES.

The simple fact of the matter is that BP has a very bad track record all over the Nation and that includes Alaska.

The BP spill off the shores of New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico - have caused long term damage - the wetlands still have contaminated oil - and drastic measures must be taken to abated and mitigated the adverse impacts - resulting from the blatant actions of British Petroleum. Shame on BP.

We now have shrimp and other fish deformed - large catches of shrimp found with missing legs and no eyes!

Wake up Environmental Protection Agency and other Federal agencies - for allowing BP to bombard the air waves - with blatantly false information.

Failing to do what they were supposed to do. The Federal Government slow to produce the resulting document - revealing the true damage caused in the billions - and a Blue Print with time-lines and bench marks for concrete abatement and mitigation.

More those impacted have not been compensated - after all these years. BP and other corrupt entities like a drawn out plan - never mind - if in the interim - people adversely impacted - die. Wake up America! Wake up President Barack Hussein Obama! Wake up Lisa Jackson head of the Environmental Protection Agency! Wake up sane, intelligent so called Environmentalists.

All along the course of the Gulf of Mexico - the entire area has been drastically impacted. Chemicals used to treat the oil spill - many of these chemicals very toxic - used to disperse the oil and make it sink to the bottom of the ocean floor; have adversely affected the CORAL, the Dolphins that abounded and now do not in many areas - other life.

Entire wetlands are contaminated - the birds affected - the plants affected, the fish affected, the wetland devastated - and our Environmental Protection Agency is - deft and silent. Why?

Here on the West Coast we have Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - busy contacting so called drab, shallow Environmental Groups - brain washing them about the Native American issues, some shallow laws that are talked about but the EPA fails to regulate. Things are worse - under Lisa Jackson for sure.

I hope Jared Blumfeld the EPA Regional Director does need a memo from me - to explain to him in detail - what I am talking about. The Democratic Machine is despicable. Always favoring the Big Developers - and shafting the common person and more the First People of this area.

Sixty percent of Native American in California are not on the Federal Register. They are treated like second class citizens in their own land. What does this say about those that live here - and look down on those who land they stole?

The Muwekma Ohone who are the owners of the land in San Francisco - are never given the due respect by this City and County of San Francisco. Why? Because the crooks and corrupt - deep in their heart - know they are liars and thieves.

Up until 1924 - now too long ago - one could kill a Native American - no question asked - and fetch $5 for a scalp. In fact edicts were sent by the California governors - encouraging the dirty, stinking, ill mannered - so called bounty hunters - to do so.

There is no real justice - when it comes to the true facts.
No one wants to hear the truth - they want to have it good - believing what is false, not being true to themselves, lying, cheating, and pretending to believe that all is well.

All is not well - justice and fair play has not been given to the Native Americans - and in our case - in our own backyard - the Ohlone. For thousands of years - they kept - the land that we know - pristine. That is till the "stranger" came and screwed it all.

In our own backyard we have Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - 90% of the Shipyard still comes under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Project Manager is Keith Forman.

One parcel E2 is a toxic soup - waiting to explode in the face of the EPA, Department of Toxic and Substances Control (DTSC), the Regional Water Board, the SF Health Department, and a host of other local, State, and Federal agencies - that want to cap E2 for all the WRONG - reasons.

In the meantime we have Zionist Foundations right here in San Francisco honoring some Chinese Environmentalist for helping to clean the lakes and rivers in China.

In our own backyard the San Francisco Environmentalists have fallen prey to the Zionist - and do not want to speak about Hunters Point and the prevailing adverse impacts.

When Lennar bombarded and adversely impacted our children and elders - nothing was said and less done. Today, innocent,mostly Black children exposed to Asbestos Structures - down the line will fall prey - to Asbestosis. Where is the justice?

Other shallow entities are involved with projects such as Yosemite Slough and Heron's Head Park on toxic ground - more to make money than to help the environment.

These same entities are now vying for grants and are now trying to make more money - pretending to do something using grant money - pretending again - to address some concerns linked to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

The City and County of San Francisco is fast asleep at the helm of affairs - wait until this issue - explodes - into their faces and they are disgrace for not doing due - diligence.

It is always the White corrupt - so called environmentalist, so called gurus who purport to be "eco-friendly", understanding sustainability, more the carbon foot-print, climate change - that exploit the lay persons, the community, and our great Nation.

This Nation that belong to the First People - Turtle Island.

The large expanse of water off the Gulf Coast is the bread basket of our Nation and has been for thousands of years. We must ask the question - who kept this bread basket clean so that we make take only as much as we need - to survive.

Have the decency to leave more to our children and future generations. Where is the etiquette in all these so called deliberations - why is it that it is always about - greed?

No one really knows how deep the damage is in the Gulf - because the Federal Government under President Barack Hussein Obama has FAILED to expose the culprits.

Again the OIL MAGNETS and the lobbyists have managed to bribe those in high places - allowing British Petroleum to bombarded the air waves with LIES - saying everything is alright and encouraging the tourist to come to New Orleans and the many coastal cities along the Gulf of Mexico.

No one is falling for this ploy.

The fish from the Gulf of Mexico is contaminated. The waters, the large mammals like the Dolphins adversely impacted, the once pristine coral devastated - and there is NO report forthcoming from the EPA Lisa Jackson and the White House. Why?

There is a time bomb waiting to explode in San Francisco at Hunters Point - too.

It is just a matter of time - in fact the U.S. Navy knows about it - but, there is no concrete emergency plans in place to deal with the tsunami of events all radiological in nature - and mostly linked with parcel E2.

San Francisco environmentalists are all bought - lock, stock and barrel and all under the spell of the Zionists who control the money and almost everything.

It is very interesting to see the Zionists now taking control of Real Estate in the Bayview Hunters Point - the same scum bags that bought about the economic downfall - of our Nation in 2008.

More homes in the Bayview Hunters Point have fallen prey to sub-prime loans, derivatives, others ploys and machinations.

The City and County of San Francisco has been very slow to do anything under Mayor Gavin Newsom - and today the confusion in even more confounded.

Mostly Blacks in the Bayview who took huge loans on homes that their parents and grand-parents paid for. Again, many Blacks still worship the evil men and women who run our financial institutions. Much like those on the Slave Plantations - nothing much has changed.

Our Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Work Force had a slew of Directors - all beholden to the Zionists - Marcia Rosen, Jesse Blout, Michael Cohen, and now Jennifer Matz. Why?

Who really is behind the behind and why?

My friends tell me on visiting the wetlands in and around the Gulf Coast - that they find oil bubbling and the birds impacted.

Some deep under-water researchers are shocked at the devastation. As I said the coral reefs have been mostly devastated, the fish impacted - thousands of shrimp without eyes - and all this evolution happening in a matter of years. No one knows what will happen - down the line.

In the interim Lisa Jackson from the EPA talks the talk but has failed to walk the walk.

It is the same with the Regional EPA policy makers - Region IX pandering to our so called Representatives - Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein - one worse than the other. Both salivating at the mouth and wanting to run for office - pathetic hags of a kind.

This nonchalant attitude on the part of Environmentalists; the so called Foundations that make a mockery of their work by not addressing causes in our backyard.

The Representatives in Washington DC at the highest level falling prey to lobbyists is a shame - crying to heaven for justice, adjudication - and fair play.

The San Francisco Bay is very polluted - containing Mercury mostly from run off - remains from the Mercury Mines in the area, the secondary effluents - sometimes half-treated sewage, the deposits of chemicals mostly fertilizer from the large farm lands in and around the Sacramento area - that make their way to the Sacramento River and are flushed in our Bay and gradually into the Pacific Ocean.

The testing on our Bay reveals a sad state of affairs.

The once large catches of herring are no more to be found.

Forget seeing an abundance of Abalone that abounded in our area in abundance.

For thousands of years - this land was pristine - than came the devil and in just two hundred years - fucked it up.

Now these vermin talk about the Carbon Foot Print.

Annually over 200,000 tons of Methane Gas spew from the Land Fills - Mission Bay, Hunters Point, Candle Point, and beyond.

One ton of Methane Gas equal twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide. What is your Carbon Foot-print really telling you Mr. Stranger that screwed it all up?

You have shoved your dirty foot in your filth mouth - stop telling LIES!

Where are the really wetlands - pristine with Tule Reeds?

Yosemite Slough is polluted today - with the worst contaminants and daily leeched from Parcel E2 and other parcels into the Bay less than hundred feet from Yosemite Slough.

Some idiots are comparing Yosemite Slough to Crissy Field. I happened to work at the Presidio of San Francisco - and have some news for you.

I saved a couple of Shellmounds at Crissy Field - sacred burial sites of the Ohlone.

Greed overcomes those so called environmentalists who want to make money - creating fake wetlands after polluting and destroying pristine wetlands - that abounded in plenty complete with health Tule Reeds.

All this is strange - no wonder the Pale Face is also called - stranger.

So many particulates, chemicals, other dangerous contaminants have been introduced to our environment - that most everything - adversely impacts human beings.

The most impacted - the innocent children. God Bless them and save them from the devils of pollution and utter contamination.

Some of us were fortunate to live in pristine places when we were born. The lucky few.

Only - now in our adult life to be exposed to the worst contaminants in the ever growing concrete jungles - created to foster GREED. Wake up America!

And in this pandemonium of sorts - San Francisco reigns supreme - while pretending to be so called eco-sensitive.
My foot!

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