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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


The San Francisco Board of Supervisors are a bunch of buffoons - who truly believe they represent the City and County of San Francisco. In reality they do not - not if you pay attention to the deliberation and their actions.

Far from it these buffoons are busy passing ordinances, trying to impress while facing on their face; interfering in areas that are beyond their comprehension - while all the time making a fool of - themselves.

There was a time you could go to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - and the business was conducted with some semblance, some standard, some quality to the topics and agenda - no more.

The speaker at Public Comment were articulate - and many went on to serve the City and County of San Francisco and contribute their talents to this great City.

Just the caliber of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors has gone to the pariah dogs - more to the dogs with fleas.

Behind the scene the MACHINE - the mostly Democratic demagogues have divided the San Francisco Family - and created some doldrums - where no one seems to trust the SF Board of Supervisors - anymore.

Furthering this lethargic situation the Zionists are planted all over San Francisco City Hall. These vermin are busy decimating the City Family. Busy bring discord and side tracking issues so that they can come and steal the show -  and get what they want. These are the real trouble makers and the ones that must be legislated upon.

Fancy having the Zionist Scott Wiener oppose the legislation initiated by Jane Kim on immigrants from Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other places where the Zionists are treated with disdain for treating the Palestinians with hatred of the worst order.

This legislation that mandates the SF Police Department not cooperate with the Federal Bureau of Investigation - was postponed forever - and came to the SF Full Board after much sane debate, deliberation, and concern for the Muslim Community and others that I have described above.

Constituents from San Francisco and the Bay Area testified in great numbers and pointed to instances where they were spied upon, the telephones tapped, constant harassment and so on and so forth.

This type of behavior is uncalled for - especially in San Francisco - but not to the Zionist, Scott Wiener who did not blink an eye, backed by Malia Cohen  and Carmen Chu who voted in favor of the targeted population to be spied upon and harassed. Time will tell. Despicable!

Granted the legislation was passed in favor of the victims - eight votes to three -trying to prod the San Francisco Police Department not to work with the Federal Bureau of Investigation - spying, following, snitching, and a host of other things - meted out to the victims - I have described.

This by those from these Law Enforcement agencies that are not sure of themselves, take a paranoid approach to life, fail to understand that this world is shrinking, that working and communicating is better than spying and using snitches.

What is more - information gathering now is much more complicated - then targeting one particular group of human beings - be they from Nepal, China, India, Pakistan, the Yemen, Bhutan, Burma, or Muslims in general because they are not Christians. 

Our Founding Fathers were wise and spelled out in detail our rights - more as Citizens of the United States of American - Religious freedom, political freedom and freedom in general.

There is freedom and there is license - abuse of freedom is license. Some Law Enforcement perverts love license - more when they are armed - take away the arms - and they are cowards. This freaking nonsense must stop at once.

These so called Law Enforcement spies are not very smart.

Not when they try to use water-boarding to get information. Use drones to kill most civilians; filled with their paranoia - looking at some human beings who do not speak their language, dress differently, have a different culture, find it hard to communicate and use their own impediments - to demeaning targeted groups - while screwing themselves and degrading themselves by their very acts.

Bring disgrace to the better side of Law Enforcement - and sore sighting trust, good relations, understanding, the better aspects of public relations - that morons and those filled with bias - are prone not to understand and less to imbibe for the betterment of this Nation - that truly belong to the First People - Turtle Island.

There are good policewomen and men - and there are ass holes. 

There are good SF Board of Supervisors and there are whatever.

Unfortunately, we have a bunch of SF Board of Supervisors - that have no clue about International Security, less local security, and pride themselves that some stories they have heard - forces them to dictate terms and pass legislation that is mundane.

That is not the point though - the point is representation - and when it comes to representation - some of the SF Supervisors - clearly are egoistical - Scott Wiener is one of them.

Selfish to the core - he thinks he is truly smarter then the rest - but, for all practical purposes - is a poisonous, slithering - snake.

Nothing worth the salt has truly come from the Castro recently - first it was the loud mouth Bevan Dufty and now this taller version of that psychopathic artist, sadist, who cut his ear and painted himself.

Loathing himself and running away from New York - this man is out to destroy the freedoms we have in San Francisco.

The SF Board of Supervisors must understand as many keep telling them - they work for the people - the constituents of San Francisco. 

David Chiu who portends to be the Chair - must comprehend the difference between SF Board Rules and the State of California Brown Act. Do not read the SF Board Rules and try to convince us that you have the facts.

On this the Clerk of the Board is wrong - and so are you - interjecting and trying to impress on the people and making a fool of yourself. Read the Brown Act - and now where is mention made about applauding. For years people applauded, we have photographs of people applauding at sessions and meeting - far more important then the once you David Chiu facilitate - in ignorance and some dictatorial - fashion. Think about it - you really do not want be to get Sacramento involved on this matter - do you?

The latter that is the Brown Act defines and lays the path to the former - the mundane SF Board Rules that are not worth the salt.

SF Board Rules linked to applauding and other mundane stuff must address present norms - and the Chair knows this but suffering from his Bonaparte Syndrome - tries some but fails - every single - time.

Public Comment has become a farce - with the Egyptian Indigent making it a point to set the tone - being the first to start Public Comment at the SF Full Board of Supervisors  meetings.

With his diatribe - speaking on a different topic in Arabic and then pandering to  some - depending on his moods - and translating his speech in English - adding and subtracting what he wants. He gets double the time - and each and every time - decent people get annoyed with this charade. This nonsense must stop.

In the past we had such jokers - and some one stepped forwarded and put an end to it.

We must have some decorum, come finesse, some etiquette - but all best this present, SF Full Board has to offer - seems to be far away from standards and decency - they are all swimming in the sordid cesspool of their own creation.

It does not help when Carmen Chu is told to her face she has taken bribes - be it donations to promise to help the Taxi Drivers.

Has done nothing what so ever to bring some succor to their daily plight of being taken for a demeaning - ride.

The Taxi Drivers have no pension, are constantly made to pay more, the Municipal Transportation Agency is leeching upon the Taxi Drivers - fleecing the Taxi Drivers of San Francisco.

Now the City of San Francisco the Metropolitan Transportation Agency (MTA) wants to deprive the hard working, Taxi Drivers - of their medallions.

The only source of pride, gratis - and income they can have - when they hand it to the new owners - at the time of retirement.

When it truly come to our Taxi Drivers, our Small Businesses, our small contractors, any constituent that needs help - our SF Board of Supervisors are far removed - and seem impotent to act and serve.

When is comes to Big Developers, the crooks that pander and bribe, the SF Board of Supervisors are all ears and eyes.

These SF Board of Supervisors buffoons have degraded themselves and in doing so - brought disgrace to San Francisco.

Making $120,000 a year plus benefits - they have carved a niche for themselves - pandering, lying, cheating, bluffing, pretending to help, and screwing the constituents of San Francisco - each and every time - on important issues.

They could hire a psychologists on their dime and review their own deliberations on the May 3, 2012 SF Board of Supervisors proceedings - on the major agenda items.

Then pay attention to the Public Speaking agenda and the comments - most of the comments pertained to the SF Full Board of Supervisors - being far removed from reality - talking the talk but failing - each and every time to walk the walk.

Never mind they lacking etiquette. Having their sidebar conversations when some tax paying constituent - is making a statement.

Thinking no end of themselves. Some of the SF Supervisors will walk away and go to somewhere to fiddle and fart. These morons have reached a height of disgrace - unparalleled in the recent history of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. 

Read the Brown Act and where does it say expressing there should be no applauding - it is done in all decent meetings - it is not like screaming, shouting, and causing any disturbance. Applauding shows appreciation; when some one  articulates and makes the soul feel good: