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Friday, April 6, 2012


San Francisco named after Saint Francis of Assisi has always been known as a City that embraces everyone.

We have embraced the queer, the free spirited, diverse people from all over the world, the poor for sure - and once boasted of having the best system to help the poor.

Then came Care not Cash - and heading this program Mayor Gavin Newsom - one of the most immoral, despicable character in modern California - history.

Those on General Assistance were given a minimum of $53 now $59 and the rest is history. For the first time we saw an increase of homeless, indigent people - sleep on the streets of San Francisco.

Under bridges, in cars and vans, bushes, in homes and buildings that were boarded up. Some routine count was conducted - but, never ever show the right count - because the volunteer feared approaching some homeless camps - that were known for blatant - atrocities and crimes.

What is more we hand San Franciscans - families sleeping on the streets of San Francisco. The sight of these families suffering without any shelter, any help, weathering the inclement weather - was and is heart rendering. 

These hearings that the SF Supervisors have - on any topic -is just a dog and pong show - that reveal some - but in the end there is no action.  Less accountability and even less - transparency.

It is a modus operandi to divert the mind of the constituents - and truly speaking - nothing much comes from hearing - expect to reveal the dark side of our fair city.

The long list of so called experts - mostly whites and Zionists - control the misdeeds going on in our City. The subjects that suffer are mostly the poor and those that cannot defend themselves. It sucks - this whole charade.

Why would we try to resolve to helping the poor at this late date - if we truly care. Where were we all this time.

After such a long time - years and year of suffering we still conduct the affairs linked to the poor the indigent - in a nonchalant manner.

The indigent being given a token or band at one site or station -where they have to line up at 3 am, 4 am, 5 am in the morning - in inclement weather.

Seniors and those that are ill have to stand for five, six, seven hours. This is inhumane - this is simply uncalled for, some has BLOOD on their hands. Could it be the people who purport to represent - but are busy raking in money for their campaign coffers?

It does not matter - if those standing in line for their token or bands, for a ticket to get shelter, single women with children, others with chronic diseases.

The many who have AIDS and the cold and the inclement weather can compromise their already compromised  -immune system - leading to some chronic disease or fatality that takes their life. No one cares - not even the SF Board of Supervisors who are Queer. Other who pretend to be diplomatic and pretend to endorse the LGBT community - just for their votes and tacit - support.

It does not matter if those standing in line  if they are physically challenged, mentally challenged, seniors who cannot walk, single mothers with children - then forced to walk miles away to another site or station - to wait in line for a shelter ticket -  this back and forth - this charade must stop at once.

In the meantime the entire world knows the shelters are filthy and dirty -  even these cesspools are full nine-five percent - on most days - so much is the demand to be under some roof and away from the inclement - weather.

We must not - as I have written many times - before this recent charade on April 5, 2012 by Supervisor Jane Kim and others. We must not treat our poor, those suffering, those that have fallen on bad times - like a dirty rag and tossed to the wind.

If we treat our poor like dirty rags - the BLOOD of this innocent disenfranchised innocent human beings, more our children, single mothers, women, and seniors - will be on all those that bear the - responsibility.

As these indigent, poor, often filthy and smelling because they have not had a shower or bath, take MUNI ( our local bus transportation) to another site to find shelter - they are easily targeted by MUNI inspectors and given a ticket for not having their proof of payment.

Of occasion I have offered to pay the fare - only to be gnarled at by the MUNI Fare Inspectors - and told that I can do nothing; and should do nothing about it.

The fine issued to the indigent - who has no money - anyway. Now, Director Ed Reiskin knows what happens - because he will read it - here - may be for the first time.

If nothing is done - I will report such incidents to the Federal Government. Much of the transportation money that MUNI receives - has not taken into consideration the plight of those that need help and once contributed to the Federal Government with their tax money.

At about the same time; the Hearing on the Indigent and the lack of respect given to the poor and indigent by this great, once fair City was held at City Hall in San Francisco - in Room 250.

Fats cats the likes of Senator Diane Feinstein and others - were riding a historic cable car - celebrating some 100 years plus anniversary - when Cable Cars were first used to carry passengers on the streets of San Francisco.

Our so called Representatives be they Congress person Nancy Pelosi and Senator Diane Feinstein are totally out of touch with reality.

They have no clue how many innocent persons are suffering and how many have DIED on the streets of San Francisco. This is a crying shame.

We have over 60 billionaires in our City and County of San Francisco.

We have a population of about 811,000.

Over 55% of our population are in the Senior category - and poor.

Some have housing now - but are one rent check or payment away - from becoming indigent - homeless. Think about this scenario - it is happening every single day.

The Middle class is eroding - the fat cats - the filthy rich - eating drinking - spend over $500 to $1000 per meal. They make the money off the back of the poor - and think they have a right to spend - while other die on the streets of San Francisco - one of the riches cities in the world.

Like the first White man who testified at the hearing at City Hall on April 5, 2012. He owned a Victorian House in the Haight Ashbury area - fell on bad times - lived for 5 months in his car. Our of desperation joined the line of indigents in San Francisco - and could not handle the mistreatment - in the que.

This man; a Senior forced to line up at 4 am outside Glide Memorial - in the inclement weather - outside Glide Memorial (that receives millions of dollars) - for some token or wrist band - just so that he could go - two miles away and line up again - for some shelter bed.

He said - just the thought of going through this process is traumatic. It is - I have gone incognito and seen how some despots treat the poor.

The Mayor, Ed Lee should send someone - some plain clothe policemen - who can arrest the "thugs" who prey on the poor - in the many shelters.

It is not uncommon for women to be raped. There are many  police reports - but, our Main Media would not like to delve into these serious, desperate, and urgent cases.

They much prefer - bashing former Supervisor, Elected Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi on Domestic Violence charges - trumped up and blown out of proportion. Waste tax payers money - just to make a point that is worthless and not worth the salt.

I am requesting the SF Police Command Group and Chief Gregory Suhr to look into the plight of the indigent and offer them succor.

If you want me to point out the sites - I will do the honors.

We can go at 2 am, 3 am, 4 am, in the morning - armed with video camera and other sensitive recording equipment - so that the world sees - what is happening to our poor, our indigent - who need our help and genuine love and caring.

You must watch the happening at City Hall on a daily bases - the SF Board of Supervisors are losing it - they need some Prozac or some other stronger medication - they are out of sync with reality. Initiating legislation that is drab, talking about issues that are shallow and sordid - never, ever thinking about the constituents of San Francisco.

These SF Board of Supervisors were elected to REPRESENT and do not - as they ought to. In recent days they have been taunted and abused by the Public at Large.

Two do not live in their Districts - one is working to re-arrange her future district so that she can live with her parents - Supervisor Malia Cohen from District 10. She wants Portero Hill out - so that she can rule her own - fiefdom.

We have SF Supervisors who are busy initiating new legislation - linked to old ordinances and Ballot Measures. How about addressing Quality of Life issues - Health, Safety, Housing, and Education for starters.

On all of the above categories our City is lacking.

San Francisco General Hospital has a over $1 Billion budget - and has daily failed the constituents of San Francisco.

Go to the Emergency at SF General Hospital - on any given day and see the ruckus for yourselves. Our children, elders, and single mothers are mostly - affected.

Crime is on the increase. Assaults, car break-ins, home break ins, drug abuse, and a litany of other minor crimes that eroded - Quality of Life issues.

We use to have the Armory on Mission Street where we could offer some solace, some warm place on a cold night.

Now, this large facility is being used to shoot pornographic movies, perform S&M - who do you think initiated the sale of this building - Mayor Gavin Newsom. A Metrosexual.

It took another hearing on Affordable Housing and Emergency Housing at City Hall - initiated by Supervisor John Avalos - to find out that we had about 253 vacant housing units - that we could fix and provide succor to needy families - more families with children.

Some private citizen contributed over $100 million to help the poor and provide them affordable housing. The City suddenly found they had another $80 million stashed somewhere - all very - revealing and astonishing - confounding those that think they know - something. 

In the interim before this was done - everyone that should have been doing something like the Human Services Agency or Administration was fast asleep.

Mr. Trent Orr and others must step up their performance. For too long,have too many innocent indigent people died on the streets of San Francisco.

It is a shame that we the City of San Francisco of Assisi have with "intent" allowed poor, helpless, indigent people to die on the street of San Francisco.

May their souls rest in peace. On behalf of this great fair City of San Francisco I apologize - profusely. More, because I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco and the surrounding area - on matters linked with infrastructure and such matters. Aho.

On matters of Education our City of San Francisco is not doing well.

Our SF Unified School District has taken us down the path of failure.

It does not help that former SF Unified School District Board members - are now on the SF Board of Supervisors - with no sound experience - of how to run a City - more a City and County of San Francisco.

These few keep pandering the to Democratic Machine, former "thug" Mayor - Willie L Brown Jr., other corrupt politicians, Big Developers, and in general good for nothing people - who will have nothing to do with the poor and those that need help.

Over, 120,000 families that is father, mother, and children have left San Francisco. More are leaving San Francisco because of the very trouble financial times but also because of lack of Quality of Life issues. Time will tell.

We have over 120,000 dogs in San Francisco - go figure.

No one has counted the skunks, raccoons,the gofers, the many domestic and feral cats.

We, as a City have lost our mind - and more our priorities linked to decent living and have completely left out - spirituality that is the most important - factor.

We keep trying to deceive people that we will provide affordable housing.

We as a City do not.

We as a City permitted the Academy of Art University to convert - thousands of Affordable Housing to cater to students - in dormitories.

Our SF Planning Department, our Department of Building Inspectors  permitting such deliberate, blatant - atrocities.

No one in our City family - not the Mayor, not anyone has the guts - to ratify this ugly situation.

Universities must be permitted to be built - where there are large open spaces - and not in a tight city such as San Francisco where affordable housing is scarce and rare. But, who will tell the morons?

Where is the leadership?

Our poor we will always have with us.

Blessed are the poor for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Believe you me - it is easier for camel to enter into the eye of a needle - then for a rich person to enter the kingdom of heaven.

We have decent people still left - in this City that imitates Sodom and Gomorrah. Time is running out - if we the people do not take charge of our destiny - these immoral folks - so called Representatives - the many that are in City Hall - making huge salaries - will take this City down the drain and into the cesspool.

This is a clarion call - the time has come - for drastic change - some of us know about this coming - it will hit us like a Tsunami - with little or no - warning.

Another take - the Coalition on Homelessness: