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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Politics is a "dirty" game - but than dirtier than dirty - it is "shameless".

In the past we have fought for the seniors, those living on fixed income, our poor youth, those on "no income" and the very indigent - getting some solace - a break - from the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA). On our MUNI buses and Light rail system.

The transportation system itself that we affectionately call MUNI - coming to the rescue of those that need real - help - because they cannot afford to pay the fees.

Of course there are those who do not have children the likes of Supervisor Scott Wiener - who will pen an editorial and say - MUNI is broke and we must not allow our youth to ride free.

Such mean spirited scrooges will fall by the way sight. Also, those that do not feel and care less about our youth - numbed and blinded because of their sordid - lift style.

So, right from the start - those that do not have children, those that prefer some sort of single life style - do not really have the best interests of children - should stay out of this fight.

That is why when you choose to represent you must represent all - but, again and again we notice those that are rooted in their life-style - prefer to cast their die and adversely harm our children.

Some others may have the better  interest to go with the flow - but, not the best interest of our youth, the parents, our society as it is meant to be. Procreation.

The School buses - better known as Yellow Buses - have curtailed their operations to a minimum.

The present economic crisis has hit heavily thousands of families with children in San Francisco and our neighboring areas - in fact our entire Nation.

Our City and County of San Francisco for the last 15 years - has not taken care of our children and providing them with the best resources. More in the Southeast Sector of our City and San Francisco.

Over 30,000 families have left San Francisco. Does any one care?

Yes, they do - the so called sleeping, in hibernation SF Board of Supervisors. The call the families leaving San Francisco " families in flight". Much like out-migration document on Blacks - this time " families in flight" - gone, gone, gone.

No City in this Nation is worth the salt without children.

Cities that care for the children - are Cities worthy of the highest standards. We see this and we know this - but, we are quick to forget - got in the moment and selfish to the core - those that are mostly materialistic and favor single - life styles dubious in nature.

Today, San Francisco is becoming just that - and to witness the sad state of affairs - one must talk to the parents - they will open up and tell you all.

Thousands more - all decent families with children - are on the verge of packing up and leaving this City. Does anyone care?

MUNI has inherited a mess - because it permitted to create this present mess - a long time ago.

When Mayor Frank Jordon was Mayor of San Francisco - for example - millions of dollars meant for MUNI buses - were spent on SF Police Department cars. Make note of that and follow the money and this sordid - deed.

MUNI had to suffer deferred maintenance and has not got up yet on track.

In this year's budget - money has been set aside by MUNI to buy SF Police Department (SFPD) - motor cycles!

The Operations of MUNI has not been transparent and has had even less accountability.

MUNI operators also known as MUNI drivers have a two tier system. The old one favors the operators - the new one does not.

Who brought about this nonsense? The UNION working with "thug Mayor" - Willie L. Brown Jr. From 1996 to 2004.

Most MUNI operators are stressed - because they do not have a say linked to their work, the benefits - health, retirement, workers' compensation, safety and so on.

We used to have a healthy, happy MUNI family no more.

The paradox most MUNI drivers do not live in San Francisco.
The used to - until they realized that this City is not a "children friendly" City. Go figure.

When MUNI Union leaders purport to defend their operations, take NO STAND on free passes for children.

I saw the man sporting a diamond earring in his left ear - he was talking a good talk - but failed as a " Black Brother" to walk the walk. Remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights - and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a very soft corner for children, for women, for everyone - and their civil rights.

MUNI has not been sincere and it is not the fault of the present Director - Ed Reiskin.

MUNI must realize sooner than later that our children - the poor children need help.

Poor families find it difficult to solve the problems created by the lack of transportation from the school or yellow buses.

The present dire economic straits, the lack of compassion this SF City continues to exhibit - and lack of genuine, caring love for our children.

MUNI is a mess - more a cesspool that need dire mitigation.

We are just about to focus and address our antiquated MUNI communication system with a state of art communication system.

Which really speaking will just begin to operate in some months. It is like we had Windows 95 until now - and have just got a computer with Windows 7. But other agencies have had it for over ten years or more.

MUNI wasted millions on the Main Maintenance Building by Marin Street by 3rd Street and Marin. No one wants to talk about this mess.

MUNI invested millions on the conduits, laying unused and salting under Islais Creek - that compromised the Main Force - and today; as I said - the conduits are buried and useless.

Thousands of gallons of diesel spilled and leached and contaminated the watershed by 3rd and 18th Street at the MUNI Maintenance Facility. No one wants to talk about this careless action - that was repeated again - and cost millions of dollars.

MUNI today is wasting thousands of money - when added up can amount to over 100 million - easily.

There is a way to do it - but, no one wants to do it - because first it it about "blatant corrupt politics".

Secondly you step on the toes of those that have had it good.

Thirdly, no one has the - "balls".

Our children need all the help they can get and we must approach the private sector. We have over 60 billionaires in  this City and County of San Francisco.

We must make and hold - Senator Diane Fienstein and Congressperson Nancy Pelosi  - responsible.

These two have had it good. Nancy the seventh richest and Diane the eleventh richest - among those that are supposed to represent in Congress - but, are fleecing the people.

Making money on Department of Defense contracts, insider trade, paying poor wages to innocent workers in Samoa, and the list goes on.

Back to MUNI and putting it on track.

To many upper management make too much money - hundreds of MUNI upper management talk a good talk but cannot deliver.

MUNI operators it the past have had it good - making on over $100,000 easily a year and many, may I say many making over $200,000 a year.

The UNION linked to MUNI have been in bed with MUNI Management - worked against their own Union Members and more against the pubic at large.

I go to the time when I took a keen interest and knew people like Flynn, Johnson, Carillo, Green, and a host of others. Too many retired MUNI drivers that gave me the scoop and I retained it - all these many years.

MUNI is now become a corrupt CORPORATION.

Wasting over $700 million on the Third Street Light Rail - starting at 4th and King and ending in the middle of no where - Visitation Valley.

Wasting money on the Central Subway - starting with a figure $600 million and expanding it to $1.6 billion. We need to talk about these figures and more about Management salaries and wasting money on projects - without any concern for the tax payer - that foots the bill.

I am requesting the Director Ed Reiskin to work diligently with Supervisor David Campos, the Youth Commission, the Community Based Organizations on the Fore Front to help the youth - and bring about a holistic and realistic - change.

There are other factors - not known to most - like innocent students crossing turfs - and put in harms way - because they have no transportation to go to school.

MUNI must be cognizant of this and how MUNI must first gather the information, have a meaningful dialog, and do all it its power to help our youth.

 Added meaningful safety measures on MUNI buses must be put in place - not the drab " yellow hornets" - Ambassadors.

I am calling upon Chief Gregory Suhr and the Command Group to help our youth - they need your focused attention - at this critical juncture.

The San Francisco Youth Commission must play a poignant and pertinent role  - working with MUNI Planning and Operations. Understanding more about MUNI to speak to the point and make a difference.

The Youth all over this City and County of San Francisco, the parents, the supporters, the many advocates - have spent thousands of hours and brought about some victory.

Right now only the very poor youth will be accommodated and given a free ride. In fact they are already - they enter the buses for free because they have no money - I know this because I take public transportation all the time and have to intercede and help these youth.

The SF Unified School District, other City Agencies - the Neighborhood Services, Empower, the Controller, the City Administrator, the Assessor, the City Treasurer, City Attorney, District Attorney, Representatives in Sacramento Tom, Mark, Fiona, and Leland, the Budget Analyst - must step up and bring about a lasting - solution.

San Francisco's youth are unique and if treated well - will contribute and repay this City - a million times over. 

This City was named after Saint Francis - a Saint that fostered "compassion".

Mr. Nolan the Chair of the MTA board and Board members Bruce Oka, Joel Ramos, Jerry Lee, Leona Bridges, Cheryl Brinkman - and Chief Financial Office Mrs. Bose - who can and must bring about a meaningful change - in San Francisco - there is nothing that we cannot do - when we put our hearts and minds - together.

San Francisco always sets the standards.

Our youth must be served well - those poor and those of means - if we do that as a City we will have contributed much to this Universe and laid the best tracks. God speed.

Here are some photographs from the April 17, 2012 Municipal Transportation Agency meeting held at 1 pm: