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Thursday, April 26, 2012


For the longest time now in San Francisco - we are looking forward to a sound General Management Plan for the entire city - this document is NOT forth coming.

This City and County of San Francisco - is working on a General Hospital and Health Delivery plan - that is in the works and will ready in a couple of years.

It is always interesting; how, we always have the same San Francisco Planing Commissioners putting their feet in the shoes of the community at large - and speaking the - truth.

On the other hand - the same devious SF Planning Commissioners - going with the flow - betraying the constituents like Judas.

Right now California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) - wants to build a huge hospital where now stands the former Cathedral Hill Hotel - at Van Ness and Geary - heavy traffic corridor - where millions of vehicles - ply.

While - the saner, more astute public has been pointing to the existing heavy traffic, traffic bottle necks when it rains, one minor accident - and there is pandemonium galore.

No one seems to care about the existing heavy traffic.

On many occasions the traffic crawls - at times I have got off the MUNI bus and walked and reached my destination, done my work and on my way back the MUNI bus I got off - is still crawling - away. 

If this is not ridiculous I do not know what is.

The SF County Transportation Authority that messed up Third Street - a $700 million plus project - starting at 4th and King and ending in the Visitation Valley - middle of no where - is now trying to do the same on Van Ness.

If the light rail project goes on the Van Ness corridor - it will be living hell.

Again, some fools dare to tread where no sane person will ever go.

Linked to the rebuild of the Cathedral Hill Hospital is St Luke's Hospital - run by the Episcopalian Church for over 100 years.

Before the devil himself - California Pacific Medical Center bought St Luke and promised to better the - services.

The first thing the lying California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) did - was shut down the section that caters to the mentally challenged.

This is total wrong - since these mental patients are the most vulnerable.

Initially CPMC wanted to shut down St Luke's entirely.

Some of us protested - and we protested vehemently and we won.

In the interim all sorts of delaying tactics were used by CPMS - one of the most devious and uncaring health providers in the Bay Area.

Right now we have nurses, hospital engineers - as well as other workers - who are protesting on the streets - begging, pleading for a contract - to work and feed their families - more in these times of economic - disparity.

CPMC and the Sutter Hospital care facilities  - do not give a hoot.

CPMC's Hospital Director makes $3 million a year!

Does this say something about CPMC?

Our City and County of San Francisco - loves to pander to these scum bags - who have NO decency, no compassion, and most of all NO - soul.

Hospitals were created to be caring not only to the patients but the care givers.

CPMS and Sutter Care Hospitals - are known to fire the nurses and doctors.

What does this say - about such behavior - that defies decency - and goes against all the standard protocols established by hospitals and fair play - world wide.

Again and again - sells out are brought in and they testify in favor of CPMC and Sutter Hospital Care.

Both entities focus on money and will do all in their power to increase their  income.

Both entities spread the deadly virus - not caring for the very poor patients, more those that are mentally challenged - those that are vulnerable and need urgent - care. What has become of our world - and where is the compassion that Americans are noted for - all over the world.

CPMC and the Sutter Hospitcal Care are always seeking opportunities to leach on those wealthy patients who have better health care insurance - and taking short cuts  to rake in - large amounts of money.

CPMC and Sutter Care are spending about $300 million to build this hospital where once stood the pink Cathedral Hill Hotel.

Where is the money coming from?

In all the drab meetings - from the inception not one meeting has created - a meaningful dialog.

If anyone ask a decent question - the answer given is: " we will get back to you" - this never happens.

Fifteen years ago - this City knew that by 2015 - all our hospitals had to be in good structural condition - seismically retrofitted - to meet a 9.0 Richter Scale Quake.

Past Mayors; starting from Frank Jordon,to Willie Brown, to Gavin Newsom - waited at the last moment to begin the retrofitting of our hospitals.

The lay person is always kept in the dark. The lay person and those that are poor and vulnerable - are made to suffer - again and again.

When a major earth quake strikes - the emergency situation affects all the hospitals and the many other emergency centers that will be activated.

Triage centers, temporary shelters, the better buildings that have a better chance of with standing a big quake - will be intake temporary - centers to care for those - injured.

The SF Fire Department, the SF Police Department, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the many trained constituents trained to help - in such situations - all this must be coordinated.

Those injured with life threatening injuries must be transported to hopefully the better hospitals - do not count on California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) and the Sutter Hospitals - for quality care.

Our City and County of San Francisco - today, has not one single leader that can lead - and lead with clarity, focused goals, sound bench marks, backed by full transparency and accountability - on matters that I have espoused.

Our City purports to have engaged the devil CPMC - folks that look into your eye and lie. Time will tell.

We all need jobs.

But, please do not tell me that we will cross the UNION lines in San Francisco - and not bother to consider the nurses and hospital engineers on strike - that could be accommodated - but are forced to beg, plead, to get back their jobs.

For God's sake we must at least pay attention to what is evident, visible, the reality of these devious CPMC management.

Constantly - hoodwinking the public at large - behind close doors telling lies and negotiating with others - that have no clue what is really and truly - happening.

This is a UNION city and UNION workers died and shed their blood for better jobs - to address Quality of Life issues.

I cannot trust CPMS and Sutter Hospital Care.

I have watched, observed and negotiated with these vultures that prey  on anyone they can prey on.

Each and every time - they spin lies, deceive  - and for sure do not have the better interests - of the poor, the indigent, and those most vulnerable - our Senior Citizens.

Our City has become immune to suffer and much attracted to the dollar - it is like the financial institutions that brought about our economic downfall.

What makes the hospital so especial to charge $1000 per day for a patient to be in a uncomfortable bed?

Charge over $100,000 for a heart operation?

Charge Medical and Medicare excessive amounts - cheating and hoarding money - and providing inferior care.

Hospitals now carefully plan on the management level - to cheat, steal, and deceive.

Doctors and nurses are pawns - and when you question - the lying management cannot face you - and resort to calling security to guard their - asses.

CPMC and Sutter Health facilities must be ashamed of themselves.

In the Bayview - CPMC has partnered with one Doctor from Jamaica - Dr. Nadine Burke to operated a Wellness Center - near Third Street and Cargo - a toxic cesspool. Go figure.

Putting innocent children in harm way. Parents who are sensible - stay away from such shenanigans - and let that project wither away - surrounded by the worst - contaminants.

These are the types of community benefits - CPMC and Sutter Health brags about - community outreach and community benefits - not worth the salt.

For sure we want the jobs - much as we want good health care - much as we respect our nurses and hospital engineers - for all the right reasons.

We cannot betray our nurses, our hospital engineers - all union members - to pander to the crooks - management such as those that work for CPMC and Sutter Health facilities - no way.

Come on San Francisco wake up - and take notice of the situation at hand.

California Pacific Medical Center is a rogue operation.

Read  about the California Pacific Medical Center and  California Medical Pacific Center Rebuild at Cathedral Hill - on Van Ness and Geary:

Many spoke AGAINST the rebuild of California Pacific Medical Center at the SF Planning Meeting held in Room 400 at City Hall - on Thursday, April 26, 2012.

The whole process lasted more then 8 hours and at the end of it - the SF Planning Commissioner voted in FAVOR of the rebuild of CPMS - go figure:

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