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Saturday, April 21, 2012


The November General Elections are not far away - considering that this Nation;the United States of America - will have to vote for some LEADER and leadership that must hold this Nation together, put it on some right track - and what is most important take this Nation to a better - place.

Somewhere along the line our leadership in the White House - eight years before President Barack Hussein Obama took over - created a hostile environment - first cheating at the General Elections - and then instigating two major wars that have put this Nation - in peril.

What is more other Nations began to hate and distrust this Nation - and we have yet to heal the wounds - the wounds created by two unjust - wars. 

Today the wars still reign - and the repercussions of these two wars - have eroded much of what was built over years, in place - and meant to create - progress.

We say our Nation is in debt and owes trillions of dollars to countries such as China.

A fact that we Americans would never have uttered twenty years ago - loudly.

But, today - this is a face when we on our knees pay our debts. The once Paper Tiger now snarls at us.

We called ourselves a Super Power - so why do we dance to the tune of the piper - a paper tiger? Who brought this about?

The Nation's trade balance and the way this Nation has chosen to out-source, demean local industrial production, purchase  cheaper goods, favor inferior and low grade production, import anything and everything much of it polluted when it comes to food - force the sane to ask the question. Have we lost our mind?

There is the one percent - saturated with greed.

All they want is money, and more money. These vermin who do not pay taxes, using all sorts of investment gimmicks; have had it good for too long. These vermin have with intent - destroyed the Middle Class.

When one in three of our Senior Citizens go to bed hungry.

One in four children go to bed hungry.

Something is really wrong with America.

The one percent should be ashamed of themselves - and the White House should have brought some drastic changes - using Executive Orders.

There are some in Congress today - that with intent want to harm those that receive Medicare.

Care less if the Seniors, children, and those that need help most - have sound Health Care. This nonsense must stop - now.

Millions of homes are under water - and the government has been slow to help. Since 2008 - people have been waiting and thousands of Middle Class are now - sleeping in streets of America. Enough is enough.

This vast land - all of it belongs to the Native American.

Called Turtle Island it was stolen by the strangers.

Even today - many do not feel ashamed that the First People of this Nation - are forced to live on Reservations in conditions; worse then third world countries. Why?

Removed from the land of their ancestors - these First People - the people who took care of this land for thousands of years - were killed, raped, maimed and the most horrendous atrocities committed - and today practical no one remembers history and the crimes that were committed.

Treaties were signed and not kept. Why is it in the year 2012 - sixty percent of Native Americans in California are not on the Federal Register? Does this matter to anyone?

The Nation's leaders have created a Society with a dog eat dog mentality.

You just have to watch the "charade" when the Senators meet and discuss. The same in Congress. Mostly White folks who have lost their mind.

Until recently; is was fine for these so called Representatives to use insider trading to make huge sums of money on Wall Street. These Representative lie when it comes to Elections - and once they are in - their campaign coffers filled - they do as they please.

We, the people must vote the vermin out.

We the people must take our vote seriously.

We the people must do our home work and stop looking at Television Advertisements - controlled by the Zionists - who have already destroyed our economy and want full controll.

Without consulting the people - our Government bailed the large financial institutions - thugs, thieves, liars - such as J.P. Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, and so on.

Banks such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi Bank - all of which used derivatives, fake mortgage models, to steal money from home owners.

Lent people money with the intent to destroy households - all over this Nation.

The GREED knows no bounds - and the more we talk about this facts the less is heard by those that once were and are saturated by GREED.

The misdeeds of Banks in America spilled over in Ireland, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, the Scandinavian Countries, Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Australia, New Zealand, you get the picture.

The shame of this all is that is started in America.

And behind all these machinations and ploys were the Zionists.

The most corrupt who spread their virus of hate, greed, and destroying Nations - all; so that they can have it all.

Today, we have NO viable leader to lead this Nation.

We have no leader, no viable entity - who can play a vital role; ridding ourselves of failed policies but more of the vermin that hold positions all over the Nation - and continue to destroy the very soul of this Nation.

The debate should be about leadership and values that benefit all - the constituents of this great nation.

Our Seniors, our children, the First People.

The First People some one will say - why?

Have you heard about "restitution" - you play with fire - you will be incinerated with fire. Karma.

We cannot have elections where billions of dollars are in the play - without any checks and balances. In play where Political Action Committees (PAC) can raise as much as they want; with no caps - millions of dollars.

Not, when this Nation is in dire economy straits.

Not when the Supreme Court has declared corporations to be persons.

Not when the Supreme Court is calling the shots - and nullifying the work of the  Legislative and Executive Branch. Where is the neutrality and the power to adjudicate without - bias?

Why is it we fail - again and again to have a viable leader in the Great Nation?

Well - it is our system - the electoral system that is out dated.

The time has come for each person to be counted - truly and in a practical manner. Each vote is precious.

We no more are living when some owner of of a Slave Plantation - and the filthy rich - created a system where a few Representatives represented many. This is no more a feudal system of yester - years.

In this digital age - we have dumb, inept so called Representatives who cannot use a computer - fail to keep up with the latest technology and real time information.

Many so called Representatives are into the dark ages - I can name two Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Diane Feinstein. We must get rid of these two - hags.

In the last four years - President Barack Hussein Obama has surrounded himself with some staunch Zionists - and it is this element - that hinders his decision making.

True he has  said in public - at public meetings when the microphones were on - what is really thinks of the Zionists - and that that he will not permit the Zionists to dictate to him.

These vermin are everywhere - and the tracks are laid by the Zionists. So, if you have a train, and these are the only tracks laid - that one must use; the tracks need to be removed - the old ones removed and destroyed - and brand new once laid. No recycling.

When our own people suffer because of failed policies - local, national and international - something is wrong.

When insurance companies control our destiny - something in fundamentally - wrong.

When the people - the tax payers bail large financial institutions and banks - and these banks fail to help the people - something is really - wrong.

So far we have NO viable leaders - to rid the vermin - and help this Nation start a fresh - with higher standards, full accountability and transparency.

Our Nation's constitution had deep roots with the First People - the Six Nations and more the Iroquois Nation - we seem to forget that our Founding Fathers - respected the wisdom of the First Nations.

Along the way came others that bit the hand that fed them - allowed greed to usurp their being - permitted the vermin to control our financial institutions, our media, and now our judicial adjudication processes - we must be alert but more poised to act for the better.

It is simply disgraceful to allow our Seniors to die eating dog food to survive.

Our children going to bed hungry.

So many Middle Class losing their homes - creating a diabolical society - the one percent - filthy rich controlling the destiny of the others and what is more - other countries all over the world.

Where is our leadership? Leadership on the local, national, and international level?

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

More good leaders have sound accountability and transparency. So far there is NOT one - I repeat not one - on the horizon.

When you have time - follow the trail - the behind the scene "thugs" that create the mess that we are all in - now; under the control of the Zionists:

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