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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


There is no doubt in the mind of those that follow the shenanigans of this devious San Francisco dirty politics that the Ross Mirkarimi charade before the San Francisco Ethics Commission - was totally politically motivated.

The SF Ethics Commission has always been a cauldron of utter confusion, ineptness - the chamber pot of the City.

One good way to gauge any entity, any body worth its salt - is to follow the Grand Jury and its adjudication on the entities and subjects it adjudicates - the ever failing SF Ethics Commission is one of them and below in one of their comments - from the latest Spring Edition 2012:

" The public must see an Ethics Commission as independent and not a pawn of politicians. Even presumed ties to politicians will engender little trust for either an advisory opinion or an enforcement decision".

The above was one of many statements found in the Grand Jury Report - entitled: " The Sleeping Watchdog: San Francisco's Ethics Commission". Better know as the SF City Chamber Pot.
Spring Edition - 2012. It is still available at:

Civil Grand Jury
Room 008
400 McAllister Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

Telephone: 415.551.3605     Email:

It does not help that recently four San Francisco Supervisors Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, David Chiu and Eric Mar - broke the Ethics Laws and were reprimanded.

Perhaps the only decent thing to happen linked to the Ethics Commission - after the last Grand Jury Report. 

In the past we have had a SF Black Mayor sleep with a woman outside marriage and bear a child through a White woman - who many term one of his many mistresses. 

We have had a woman Chief of the SF Fire Department - hit her husband twice with a glass. Her husband called the police, stated the children were in danger - and nothing happened.

We had another Mayor, Gavin Newsom sleep with his best friend's wife and admit to the public that he did wrong. Nothing was done - no charges brought by the Ethics Commission.

We have had hundred of complaints - brought before the Ethics Commission and not ONCE has the SF Ethics Commission - adjudicated and meted out a fair and equitable decision.

Many cases a hundred times more serious than the allegations that have been brought against Ross Mirkarimi.

The real truth will come out when Ross Mirkarimi wife testifies.

In all these actions - Ross Mirkarimi has been deprived of his salary. No one has mentioned a word about his son - who he cannot see and visit. His wife who is now; with her ailing father - the entire family life has been destroyed.

Is this what this City is all about? Destroying the family lives of decent families - pandering to wannabes - those that have no families and women who are HATERS.

Only perverts and immoral people endorse and perpetrate such actions "with intent" they want to cause harm to others - and they must be brought before the Court of Law.

I could state a litany of sound cases - many involving campaign financing - it would not help. All found in the Spring - Grand Jury report. Seeing is believing!

What did help at the hearing yesterday; was that the majority that testified at the SF Ethics Hearing held in Room 400 at 4:30 pm at City Hall - revealed to the constituents of San Francisco - what really and truly San Franciscans stand for - the TRUTH.

These constituents many of them at great peril to themselves and their loved ones; testified that this City has embarked on a political witch hunt - and this City will FALL on its sordid FACE - linked to this evil action.

No one should be judged by the Main Media -  especially the most corrupt, drab, shallow - Main Media - in San Francisco.

Ross Mirkarimi got the highest number of votes in the Election where he was elected Sheriff.

That empirical fact in itself - says it all.

Ross Mirkarimi was elected, not appointed - and was not in office when the City purports he harmed his wife and child - and has tried this innocent man in public - using the Main Media - in San Francisco that does NOT have a sound track record.

In an Op-Ed article his wife Elena states she loves her husband and that her family must not be adversely impacted. In any analysis that is what matters.

The fanatics who purport to stand against Domestic Violence must go after the real cases of Domestic Violence.

Support and  investigate the thousands of true Domestic Violence in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Where Law Enforcement does little or nothing at all.

Do not jump on this band wagon - staunch haters of real men - perverts who have no families - you have nothing much to do with true families. You are only tolerate because dirty politics permit the few of you - to shout, scream, and vent.

Again; as I stated in my past articles - the Democratic Machine has targeted Ross Mirkarimi because in any debate - he can take on these shallow, spineless, unethical, immoral, very corrupt individuals - who want him out - at any cost - and will do all in their evil power - to attain this goal.

From the inception I have stated categorically that the SF City will lose - the SF Ethics Commission is but the Chamber Pot of the City.

You use it and you dispose of it - a Chamber Pot for the corrupt - politicians.

More then 80% of the SF Board of Supervisors are very corrupt. I will be addressing them at Public Comment in Room 250 at City Hall today.

Now, imagine down the line in May or June - these immoral, corrupt, some perverts - attempting to adjudicate - Ross Mirkarimi - and failing. Evey one that know something - sees the writing on the WALL.

This whole charade must be stopped right now - and Ross Mirkarimi given back his job. We, in this City must not make a fool of ourselves. He got more votes then all the other candidates - the corrupt know that - and fear that. The people voted him in as Sheriff and the majority of the people - will stand by him.

The present San Francisco Ethics Commission has you will see; more, as this charade goes on - will fall on its face in disgrace.

Stop this nonsense right now - and move on for the better - if you do not - the repercussions will be very severe and on many fronts.

We had a Gestapo City Attorney yesterday talking like an idiot - our City Attorneys have been known to waste millions of dollars - fighting cases and losing them most of the time.

Yesterday's City Attorney was illogical, brash, arrogant - and such an attorney only make things worse for this City.

We the tax payer foot the bill. The City Attorney's Office is put on notice. Speak to the TRUTH and to the facts - not fabrication and hear say.

Kudos to the many that sat through the hearings.

Ross Mirkarimi's attorney Attorney Kopp son of the famous independent Judge Quentin Kopp - did well - spot on.

Here are some photographs of the hearing:

The San Jose Mercury News has its own account of the Ross Mirkarimi - Ethics Commission hearing:

Pastor Gavin brings charges against Supervisors David Chiu, Malia Cohen,Eric Mar and Zionist Scott Wiener: