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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


You would think that one of the most liberal cities; San Francisco - in this great Nation - that is the United States - would have a law abiding, fair system, fostering dignity - sharing and be equitable when it came to job classifications and adjudication - within our so called SF Civil Service Commission.

Not so. Why? Because of rampant corruption and injustice of the highest order.

This City and County of San Francisco has created a contemporary classification of contemporary Slave Plantation - employees " on call " - who are treated with disdain - used like a dirty rag and told to keep quiet and suffer.

Year after year - all sorts of gimmicks and machinations are used to entice, dangle this carrot in front of the temporary workers - sugar coated a little - and then suddenly told: "see you when we see you next time" - terminating the workers, firing them, and using them just like slaves on a plantation.

While some - just a few can survive on this sordid system - and one was an exception - serving in the San Francisco General Hospital - on the seventh floor - as the front reception nurse.

The many others that testified - told stories of being stressed, dejected, bored to death - a contemporary Slave Plantation within the San Francisco Civil Service Commission - that needs total reform.

The Director of the SF Civil Service Commission was there - and so were her minions.

These folks have no conscience - have with intent created, this evil system.

Have  carefully tailored this sordid system to encourage nepotism, favoritism, all sorts of illegality that this City and County of San Francisco - must be totally ashamed of - when it comes to giving high paying jobs to those they favor.

Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. when he was Mayor - created thousands of jobs for so called Administrative Assistants - they still linger working for the City and County of San Francisco and pandering to the corrupt system.

The above all under the watchful eye of the present Civil Service Commission that need a total reform; cleansing and baptism by the fire of justice and fair play.

The UNIONS among them the powerful Service Employees International Union (SEIU) - some over 50,000 strong and united in Northern California - must take a stand, now.

The time has come to craft legislation and put a measure on the San Francisco Ballot - to bring this injustice of - temporary workers without benefits, on call workers, other types of menial, mean classifications - that are created - more to keep the workers down and deprive the workers of their dignity, a worthy place in the work force - and favor management to keep the decent, hard working worker down - and deprive the workers of upward mobility in the workforce.

It is time that Management that favors this type of unsavory, despicable, nauseating, putrid behavior be put on notice. Such crimes committed with intent - must have consequences.

For too long, have too many decent hard working workers - been kept on a leash and treated like animals. This must stop at once.

Further those workers who have been punished for speaking the "truth" - not called to work, terminated for no reason, given assignment to stress them out - these Managers must be brought to justice and when necessary adjudicated by the courts, sent and given long jail sentences - when found - guilty.

The blood and sweat of these workers - some working menial jobs - long hours - and under very trying circumstances - long known by UNION stewards but compromised on that sordid altar - as scapegoats - and  this must STOP - now.

You would have thought an enlightened City would not tolerate such nonsense in the work place - but, it has been tolerated for years.

More at the SF General Hospital with a budget of well over 1 Billion. What has Barbara Garcia to say about this blatant injustice?

I am calling upon the City Attorney Dennis Herrera to look into this blatant - injustice.

The District Attorney to look into this injustice.

The Department of Labor to look into this injustice.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation to look into this injustice.

The tepid, inept, SF Board of Supervisors to look into this injustice.

Our SF workers testified again and again today before the Budget and Finance Committee - and their lamentations, their pleas, their tears of pain - have been heard before - but enough is enough.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee must now step up to the plate and bring some solace immediately to the City workers - who should have been made permanent after three or five years - but today are " on call" after ten, fifteen, twenty years.

This is totally uncalled for in any civilized society.

Within our Civil Service Commission there is a Contemporary Slave Plantation - and something must be done to those that perpetuate this injustice.

No more temporary workers who have been kept temporary for years, as so called " on call workers " who can be dismissed at will, workers from other categories that defy decency, foster injustice.

Workers working under conditions that defy the norm; under adverse condition - which is a crime when workers must be treated with fairness, decency and dignity at all times.

Here are some photographs of the meeting held before the Budget and Finance Committee - April 18, 2012:

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Can anyone with accountability and transparency make sense of this executive memorandum sent to all heads of departments - offering added incentives that are dubious in nature to say the least: