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Friday, April 13, 2012


This City and County of San Francisco keeps harping that we must do something about our youth - however, the reality and the fact of the matter is - that our youth are taken for granted and for a ride.

Time and again - some so called consultants - so called experts are paid thousands of dollars - to put together some plan, some document - and time and time again - nothing happens.

The paradox is that the parents, the teachers, the pastors, those that really need to take a look at these documents - that call for change; do not have access to the documents.

I am calling upon the entities be it the Juvenile System, the SF Police Department, the SF Health Department, the Mayor Office and the related Departments working for the Mayor - the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Work Force, the Mayor Office of Housing, the Public Defender's Office, the District Attorney's Office, the City Attorney's Office, the SF Unified School District - to provide these documents to the parents - the professionals; teachers, pastors, doctors, concerned Community Based Organizations to study and discuss the pertinent solutions and outcomes - affecting our youth.
There are documents that provide all the statistics. There are documents that even dare to suggest solutions - and then it STOPS. Why?

We have 60 billionaires in San Francisco.

We have some filthy rich banks and financial institutions in San Francisco.

We brag we are a world class city. So why do we not do something concrete, worthwhile, for our youth in San Francisco. Why do so many youth commit suicide? Why is the homicide rate in San Francisco - the highest in California?

If one looks at all the segments of the population - all over this City and County of San Francisco - time and time again - the Samoans, the Latinos, the Blacks are the ones targeted and incarcerated.

The ones that incarcerate - take the short cut - put some youth behind bars - with no sense of short term and long term - responsibility.

It is evident from these types of shenanigans; that the end result linked to the incarceration of these target youth is that they are worse off.

Time and time again these incarcerated youth far from getting rehabilitated - come out from these centers worse off than before.

Exposed to chronic youth who teach them more than they can assimilate about crime and other atrocities - and imbibe in these youth - a false sense and attitude that crime pays - that defies any rehabilitation and contradicts - any logic.

The documentation and statistics - clearly points to the hot spots in our City and County of San Francisco - where youth and crime abound.

Complete - with age groups and when these youth are exposed to criminal activities. As the years go by - the age of the youth points to early exposure to gangs, prostitution, drugs, violence, killings and shootings - and so on.

So what has our City and County done to address these issues in a holistic manner?

When youth start using drugs at an early age of 10 and 11 years - something is wrong with this picture. When young girls prostitute at 13 and 14 years - something is really, really wrong with this picture.

When youth are trained to use guns at an early age - some as young as 12 years - and some even calling the shots - as a shot caller - our society truly is falling apart.

So when will we address the situation at hand in a holistic manner?

Why are we not creating funded models - that exercise and operative in our communities using " Restorative Justice ". Why?

Is there a plan to kill off certain segments of the population? Genocide? Some politely call is gentrification - but genocide sounds appropriate - if not spot on.

We have over 4000 youth today exercising street violence - ruthless youth who if they are not checked - perpetuated more horrific crimes and atrocities - in some case never - ever, seen in a long, long time.

What makes this situation grave - are the girls joining gangs; in greater numbers and using tactics that continue to shock those that want these crimes stopped.

Using bats and other weapons on victims - mostly, other girls - and causing long term harm. And of course guns - now  a days - in larger measure. Why is this City looking the other way?

We use to have some statistics given at the Safety Meeting held at City Hall. No more.

Some of the SF Board of Supervisors want to sanitize the meeting - talk about general issues - and continue to keep the constituents of San Francisco, the tax payers in the dark. Compromise, Quality of Life issues.

Samoan, Latino, and Black families pay a heavy premium with NO support from the City of San Francisco, at large - who is doing whom a favor?

There are many Community Based Organization that receive money - grant money - and do the minimal. Fake organizations that say they will do this and that - and blow hot air up someone's ass. Sell outs.

Shooting and killings continue. The recidivism in San Francisco of those released from jail - who go back for another vacation behind the wall - is over 76% the highest in California.

We have generation after generation of San Franciscans - who go to jail. When will we adopt Restorative Justice - and involve the community to do - what they are supposed to do in any democracy, any community worth the salt  act as a barrier and bring about real time change and participate in the healing.

Communities doing what they are supposed to do.

We know this on going incarceration is raking in the millions - for those that built jails and more for those that run the jails. Complete with trained dogs, solitary cells, drugs that change one's outlook forcefully fed and put in drinks and food - behind the wall those that have guns - rule.

What are the many churches doing? The Poverty Pimp Pastors who do not take care of the sheep?

Recently, there was a charade in Room 250 - the SF Board of Supervisors - April 12, 2012. Missing the "Healing Circle" - Mothers who sons and daughters were shot and killed.

The charade - presented by the Human Rights Commission - a charade of a parade - lacking spirituality - foremost.

We have twice the rate of homicide among youth in the age group 15-24 years in San Francisco - 30 per 100,000 the State youth homicide rate is about (18 per 100.000).

Now, I know some idiot will say this is not so - but I know the situation is worse.

Little help and support is given to families that have troubled youth.

No consideration whatsoever is focused on pollution and contamination - factors that affect the health of so many youth and families in general - lead, mercury, asbestos structures, dangerous particulates 2.5, radiological elements and so on and so forth.

Our SF Health Department is fast asleep with a $1 billion dollar budget.

Receiving millions of dollars and wasting it on other things - less, addressing Quality of Life issues.

What has Barbara Garcia to say and one lately regarding this matter? Mitch Katz screwed the Bayview Hunters Point royally and so did Mayor Gavin Newsom - when it came to the Bayview Hunters Point being bombarded with contaminants.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) fined Lennar, a rogue developer - $515,000 for bombarding the community with Asbestos friables.

Chief Greg Suhr and his Command Group - must act and act soon.

The statistics are there - and none of you need a presentation from me - I will keep it real - and shock you all  the more - with what I know and am - cognizant of.

Mayor Edwin Lee wants the best for our City. That is what is says all the time.

Not when our youth have to beg for Summer Jobs - when our youth are NOT afforded a chance to have CAREER jobs - come on who is bluffing whom?

When will the tire meet the road?

Worse of all - the SF Board of Supervisors - pussyfooting and trying to divert our mind - with parades and charades. We know better - time to warn you first - and vote you all off that lousy - SF Board.

One of many documents that gives one a glimpse about our youth in San Francisco: