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Saturday, April 14, 2012


This City of San Francisco is Racist.

What keeps the Blacks down are the many sell outs - all Blacks - that I have mentioned before.

For some stale, bread crumbs they will sell the community.

There are some powerful people - mostly Racist Whites - that will refuse - simply refuse to empower and give opportunities to Blacks and other minorities - in San Francisco.

Over the years and the film I am posting at the end of this article will clearly reveal - Blacks in particular have been kept down. Kept down with the help of other sell out Blacks.

Not even the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) - in San Francisco and its leadership have addressed the issue of providing Blacks and minorities with opportunities.

On the contrary today the leadership of the NAACP is impotent and the present leadership - shallow and inept.

This City and County of San Francisco has a sordid history of blatant discrimination and denial - that continues to this day.

This land - all of it - belongs to the Ohlone - to be precise the Muwekma Ohlone:

This Racist City does not want to admit that it is a thief - and has in recent times - failed to acknowledge that the Muwekma Ohlone - exists.

So, when the San Francisco Planning Commission was addressed by the Muwekma Ohlone - for the first time the SF Planning Commission - saw reality - and the sign on the wall.

The First People and the Blacks - have a shared destiny - and we must not forget that for a single moment.

Once a thief always a thief - more when with "intent" you steal, and keep to yourself what is not yours. Whites feel ashamed when they are told that - and get angry when one present the facts. The facts are many - the empirical data is there - for all to see.

Blacks were enticed to come to work here in Northern California - from the South. In the South - the opportunities were few - sordid deeds like lynching were common occurrences - and Blacks were kept down and not allowed to advance. 

The tactics used on the Jews by early Europeans were used on Blacks - segregated and kept in areas and in conditions that were despicable. Ghettos.

The Jews were kept in Ghettos - where they were watched day and night. The were given the opportunity to deal with loaning money, and other sordid actions - that the rich and nobility - termed usury - loaning money at exorbitant interest rates - was one of them.

The term "loan sharking" is more known and acceptable in the hood.

Blacks in San Francisco first lived first in tents, then in make-shift trailers, in public housing that was first built for the military. After many years of course for those that made it - a home. 

The genocide of the Black people at Hunters Point - including the fancy name given to Hunterview - is happening before our eyes.

The sellouts are having a field day - much like the House Negroes did on the Plantations during slavery.

Where once Blacks numbered in the 80% they are down to 18% that is the official count in the Bayview Hunters Point.

Judging from the daily evictions, other trails and tribulations - may be as little as 15% remain in the community - in some stable condition and dwindling.

The Black church - once a stable foundation - has found the Poverty Pimp Pastors - screaming at the walls of their empty churches.

The Shepherd has forsaken the sheep - and the writing is on the wall.

This film and there are others like it - but, what is critical this film - has an educated Black man - Mr. Baldwin who refuses to be a sell out - speaking to the Truth. That makes a difference: