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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


For years the filthy rich - those that have managed to hold on  to power using force - have taken what they wanted - most of the time illegally - made money and wasted, more.

Today, for the first time many in the millions are asking who truly own the resources of the Earth?

Water, the air, land and food, the seas and oceans and fish - in short who really owns the land, the water, the atmosphere - and all there is on Earth to be shared?

Some nations choosing to do what they do best - have created policies that benefit them - when it comes to raping, stealing, and abusing.

The nations that steal from the oceans, force people to work for less to produce and sell the produce for more; making money and making millions - has been an on going for a long, long time - not anymore.

The greed of the materialistic nations has come to haunt the European nations, the United States, and many other nations that taught - these policies would work forever - not anymore. The signs on the wall - point to an utter - halt.

China, India, Brazil, Russia, and many other nations - are teetering under pressure - where the emerging Middle Class is demanding a high standard of life - and cannot sustain themselves.

Suddenly there is less production done - and high salaries do not abound. There short honeymoon has come to a sudden - halt for the worse.

It is the same in the Middle East the Spring Uprising is now a raging hell - spreading in all direction.

In Egypt the "Muslim Brotherhood" will set the tone.

The Northern Alliance Treaty Organization (NATO) cannot fulfill its promises to Libya.

Iraq is trying how to move forward with a fake Democracy that does not work. It is the same with Afghanistan.

In Syria; there is a lot of talk - pandemonium is everywhere - with thousands of innocent people dead.

The world nations those that can vote at the United Nations - veto - the British, the Americans, the Russians, the Chinese, the French - suddenly have become pawns and impotent.

A financial tsunami has hit Greece.

A smaller tsunami has hit Portugal, Spain, Italy, France and it is just a matter of time when Germany will be brought to its knees.

All the Scandinavian countries are slowly spiraling down - their economies in shambles.

That trick to print money,lie, and float economies has already come to an end.

In America - Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase - other big financial institutions all headed by the Zionists - have ruined our American economy - and have their tentacles in Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, and many other nations.

Worldwide; people are asking the question about resources - be it water, food, clothing, medicines, education, transportation, fuel, and so on.

How to feed those that are hungry, maintain security - law and order - and maintain stability.

The corrupt, crooked politician is making a fool of himself.

As is evident in the United States with the Republican Party spending millions and using Political Action Committees as ploys.

Not to be undone - the Democrats have chosen to do the same.

While most in the world are hurting and bleeding - this vain, corrupt, good for nothing politicians - are wasting millions feeding the Main Media and advertisements - $10,000 a pop during Prime Time.

In other marketing pipe-lines, using dog eat dog tactics - but, this time around the people are NOT falling for it.

If things come to the worst - the people will NOT - vote.
They will wait for the right time - for the revolution by consensus of the people - to take the corrupt - to task.

In the last ten years the one percent; filthy rich - have control of most everything.

The Middle Class has eroded and keeps eroding by the day in the United States.

It is the same if not at a faster speed in Europe - Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, and very soon Germany.

For the last 60 years - richer countries have been raiding the resources all over the world.

The nations that have suffered the most in South America, Africa, Middle East, and in Southeast Asia.

We see the monster advancing in the Pacific Rim countries - adversely impacting the smaller nations.

Raped in broad daylight; by those nations that use force to subdue the poor nations - and steal their resources.

No nation on Earth - not one single nation - has a matrix that curtails the use of their nation's resources and has standards linked to sustainability.

Every nation has this cancerous mentality - to grab what it can - if it can - to make the most profit and waste that which it cannot sell.

Japan does it, Indonesia does it, Argentina does it, Australia does it, Britain does it, America does it, China does it, the Russian do it, France does it, India does it, the Middle East does it, Brazil does it - may I say more.

The sordid, evil - Colonial mentality is still alive.

Paradoxically - today, those in Portugal, Spain, Britain, France - are going back to the former colonies - to seek work and make some money.

Who would have taught that the 2008 economic downfall - would bring about such movements and artificial - reunions.

This time around the younger, better educated and motivated; former products of the former colonists - seek sustaining themselves -  in a more humane manner.

Offer the best the have in terms of experience, education, and sound contribution - to the land that formerly the were Masters of - sending resources, and other stolen valuables to their - Motherland. Be it Portugal, Holland, Belgium, France, Britain, Spain and the rest of the colonist - thieves.

Missing in this equation - no respect for the indigenous people - be it the Aboriginals in Australia, the Native Americans in the United States, the many tribes in Africa, the indigenous in South America, the First People in Canada  - the indigenous have been left out - of the current monopolistic coveting of essential - resources. Aho.

For thousands of years the indigenous people maintain the equilibrium - took and used only as much as they needed. These wise people set the tone for the rest of the world.

Then came the colonists and after them the so called Super Powers to snatch whatever they wanted - used little, wasted much - and gave little thought to their - sordid, greed and shallow mentality.

In America thousands of Buffalo were killed for their skin - the flesh left to rot. Even though the despicable killers knew the Buffalo was near and dear to the Native Americans.

In Brazil millions of acres of forest are clear cut - all for money - destroying our Earth resources and impacting the Earth's climate.

It is the same with mining in Africa - striping the land of precious metals - exploiting the natives - and laughing all the way to the bank.

There is a God - the Great Spirit sees it all.

This nonsense must come to an end.

The money that some chose to barter is useless - there is no trust - and soon the revolution will fester - to a point.

Quicker than one can blink; faster than one can run - like a raging tsunami - those that now - think they are safe - will see the evil deeds before their eyes.

They will face the "wrath" of the people they have harmed - from the turmoil - much like the Civil War - but only worse - some "sanity"  - will return.

No one can harm the Earth forever - a time will come - when those that harm the Earth will bring their demise - the Earth has time on its side - to heal and heal again.