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Friday, April 13, 2012


Those of us who have been monitoring things for a long, long time - knew that this day was coming. This day has come - buffoonery.

For the first time - may be ever - we have a bunch of San Francisco Supervisors - who have chosen to use Room 250 - the SF Board Chambers - to put on a show - a bazar of sorts - and now and then a charade and parade on - nothings.

It does not matter how sensitive the issues is - the charade is one focused on vetting, shouting, screaming, pleading - but no focused attention on - solutions.

In other words all talk and NO - walk.

In our neighborhoods - all over San Francisco - petty crime is on the increase. In some neighborhoods it has got so bad - that constituents who have lived in San Francisco for generations - are leaving by the droves.

The idiots at SF City Hall have coined the phrase - " family flight". The SF Supervisors sad plight has led to this even sadder - flight.

These San Francisco - decent citizens are fed up - fed up that; this once great City and County of San Francisco has turned their back on those that built this City.

The flood of immigrants know little of the past history - they are busy trying to survive - any which way they can.

In this dire economic times - they will do anything for a dollar. Many work three and four jobs - all temporary - all of them without health, retirement - and other benefits.

Once you could call the SF City Board of Supervisors - our City Fathers. No more.

Now you have greed, pathetic, novices - brats that have moved from the failed San Francisco Unified School District, former aides to Supervisors who learned little.

Others from the business field - bringing the worse elements from this arena - still others who pride themselves on their pervert mannerism - and reflective on the way they think and act in their policy making - illogical.

You have two SF Board of Supervisors who do not live in their Districts - totally uncalled for and illegal. All this in the year 2012.

You have three more who could not be living in their Districts - with the latest changes coming from the thinking and adjudication of the appointed - Redistricting Task Force. An exercise in futility done once every ten years.

While the City screams that unemployment is below 9% for all practical purposes - thousands have given up - after spending three, four, years looking for a good job. These segment of the population is never factored in - and what is more not part of any decent, factored - empirical data.

Realistically speaking unemployment is about 16% - and in some poor neighborhood more like 30% on an average.

That is if you are realistic,practical and mean well.

If you like a rosy picture, fake statistics - an even fake facade that they politicians like to brag about - counting the perverts and the non-perverts - it does not matter at all. This nonchalant - stupid thinking not worth the salt - has been prevailing and in place much like an unwanted fungi - for sometime now at City Hall and more in Room 250 - the SF Board Chambers.

Politicians like to say and make you feel good - what they really want is your vote.

Once they get your vote - once they are in the sit - they could give a rat's ass - about your feelings, your contributions, your trust and those other values - the decent constituents - value.

These shallow press conferences before SPUR, before some high tech wanna bees on platforms that could help, before the SF Chamber of Commerce, before some organization that wants to uphold values that society has yet to adjudicate on and accept - these shenanigans are well known - by those who have been around.

Go to the City Departments and evaluate the software and the hardware - more like the day when one used Windows 95. And all this in San Francisco - the heart of computer industry.

It is much more when we zero is on Servers that work and deliver, platforms that have been tried and are user friendly.

Here is the paradox that the morons have not figured out. We have 26,000 City employees - some say 33,000 and can prove it. For every 28 constituents one City Employees. More then 60% of these employees do not have access to a decent computer - more then 80% do not have access to what most computer savvy users consider - essential.

Platforms work with tech savvy users - users who can use "friendly tools" to bring about real change, in real time, and contribute really to Society. Think about this for a while - this City lack the ability to discern. Why?

To be educated you must have the ability to pick out the best information. To discern who must have the ability to be educated on issues. Most of our SF Board of Supervisors - are one track minded - and all have hidden agendas.

There is the unfunded liability this City has - linked to pensions and benefits.

No one wants to discuss this pertinent factor in detail.

Why? Not one of the SF Board of Supervisors - have a clue about the real facts - some have some drab clue - but nearly all the SF Supervisors are busy - pussyfooting with tax paying San Franciscans - thinking and playing with themselves.

Remember the two sections - Sodomy and MarryMe?

We forget so quickly how some of these wanna bees - drab, shallow, inept so called Supervisors - won their seats.

Many moved in their districts - just to be Supervisors - they had no previous commitment to the constituents of the Districts they now are in control of.

They still continue NOT to have any commitment to their constituents.

We know who these SF Supervisors are - but we forget how they came to be holding the Supervisor's position. How is this possible? The mind is a terrible asset to waste!

Convoluted in their thinking - these SF Board of Supervisors - shaky in their morals, some, pervert to the core - today these SF Board of Supervisors - make policies to divert the minds of the constituents of San Francisco.

If they favor the Zionist philosophy - then be very careful - these parasites will leech on anything they get.

As to those that favor Public Comment - it is now a joke.

You literally have insane people shouting in the mike in Arabic - saying one thing and then translating their verbosity and diatribe - totally against the State of California - Brown Act.

Some read the Rules of the Board and portend that he is reading the Brown Act. Be very careful - when you tread on the toes of those that know.

Some of us  are watching you morons - like a hawk. When your time comes - you and your ways will be exposed - in toto - to the bare bones and more.

The hearing on affordable housing, the homeless, summer jobs, incarceration and gentrification, benefit corporations - all seem worthy on the surface - but, they are all meant to keep the weary at bay and add confusion to the already existing - pandemonium.

But, as I said we are watching.

The logical tools using the Ethics Commission, the City Attorney, the District Attorney - even the Secretary of the State and some other State Regulatory Agencies - do not work.

So, now we are resorting to having formal groups that are well informed and giving tools that these morons do not know exists and more do not have access to.

The digital world can permit one to gather information - and once you have the empirical data - that is all you need in the first place - and then the adjudication can be done - quickly - on ones own terms.

We, that is some of us who have been watch this charade and parade linked to high moronic proportions - that have now turned into any orgy of sorts and confusion - where the SF Supervisors feed on each other - much like sordid osmosis - vampires.

The shallow legislation, the tweaking of some policies, some other useless talk - wasting our time - may satisfy your wimps and fancy. Your morbid high does not matter to us at all.

Any true democracy has to have the support of the people - where the people have their say and where there is meaningful dialog. There is no democracy without the tacit support of the commons.

Do not for a second - think some of you can go to the Ethics Commission, use certain mundane tools - to curb Public Comment, gather information, and force decent constituents to cow down to perverts who do not have the guts to speak to the truth, behave like decent human beings do, and most of all; to not have the ability to think logically and in keeping with governed and accepted - etiquette.

The San Francisco County Democratic Committee does not help. The SLATES they come out with - favor those candidates that pander to the Democratic Machine - a morbid, mundane, long gone concept.

Who do you think you are - to purport to dictate and the think that the decent, sane voters will follow?

Those days are long gone - and the present SF Board of Supervisors better get a grip on life - we are watching you like a  - hawk.

The San Francisco Board of Chambers - has become a bazar - with charades and parades - of people gathered to vent, scream, shout - tons of diatribe and hot air - no solutions - no sound - action.