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Monday, April 2, 2012


Who remembers the days when young and old Black women and men were strong, well educated, and spoke so well that they cast a spell on those who attended meetings and other such like forums?

Who remembers the time when Ruth Williams taught young men and women to act at the Bayview Opera House - once the abode of the Free Masons.

There was a time - when the site fell within the jurisdiction of South San Francisco - and from the teaching and guiding of Ruth Williams - came forth Danny Glover and many other - noble leaders and actors?

Who remembers the time when five brave women went to Washington DC and convinced the authorities that be - to fund and create new housing in the Bayview Hunters Point area. The like of Mrs Eloise Westbrook and others?

Who remembers the days when Alex Pitcher did not settle for less and helped in the building of the Southeast Facility Commission Building?

Together with Mrs West Brooks, Mrs Shirley Jones, Mrs Espanola Jackson and others. Some are alive today - and can speak for themselves. Mrs. Espanola Jackson does but the crooks do not want to hear the truth.

Today, the photograph of Alex Pitcher - hangs on the wall but there are NO leaders worth the salt to stand for the community. What is more fortitude, vision, and the will to attain the best that is withing our power as a community that still has some gumption.

The following document will reveal some details - and will tell the reader - how much thought went into the creation of the Southeast Facility Commission in the Bayview:

We cannot give up - the few leaders that know the way, show the way, and go the way - must lead the way and do away with the chaff that has been hovering here, there, and everywhere for the longest time - in recent history.

We cannot permit the sell outs to destroy the community. The many Poverty, Pimp, Pastors  - the other crooks sitting on the many committees - talking the talk and failing to walking the walk.

We need new blood, community members who can articulate, those with fortitude, and a vision to make good things - happen.

We do not want to have anything much with Young Community Developers and Girls 2000 - these two organization have NOT contributed in any real way to the larger interests of the Bayview Community. All these two entities seek are grants. Audited in the past - they have failed. We have the empirical data.

Mayor Ed Lee keeps pandering to the old and the crooks from yester years. These crooks that leech on the community - do not have the better interests of the community.

The youth are fed up with them and that includes the inept, spineless District 10 Supervisor who does not have the respect of the youth and the community at large.

Here is another document that spells out the details. However, we do not have too many in the community to comprehend and less to act on the contents of this document:

The time has come to act and there is a narrow window of opportunity.

The crooks the likes of Dwayne Jones and others who come in here from outside - and steal, rape, and destroy the community must be put on notice.

This time around nothing will happen without the community input, meaningful discussion, and a Blue Print that has been vetted and approved by the community.

How come everyone seems to forget - what happened with Communities of Opportunities - where the poor were taken for a ride - and the crooks including Gavin Newsom used money of their own hidden - agenda. Millions of dollars wasted - no one decent, with some conscience should tolerate such nonsense.

Do we have anyone worth their salt in this great City and County of San Francisco? And if they are alive - why do they not speak up and take charge of the situation.

Lennar the Rogue Developer is DEAD - now more so with the demise of San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - has not helped the Bayview community at all.

The Parcel A project is dead for all practical purposes - and the time-lines set by the Disposition and Development Agreement in default.

Now, it the time to take Lennar to court and with Lennar - all the minions that worked for Lennar - and destroyed the community.

Our children and the our elders were harmed by Lennar.

Lennar held many of its meetings at the Southeast Commission Facility Building at 1800 Oakdale -  many others who may have had their Senior Moment - may have forgotten the ploys and machination of Lennar, the Rogue Developer - not me.

And with me the Stop Lennar Action Committee - (SLAM) that is alive and kicking. We are watching intently and the time to take charge is - now.

I am laser beam focused - trained by the best entities in the world - and when I started this mission, I was alone - but, today thousands support me - here in the Bay Area, all over this Nation, and also all over the world. 

Lennar a Rogue Developer is DEAD for all practical purposes.

This is not Miami, Florida - this is San Francisco.

And even though the Zionist favor Lennar - thank God we have many that do not favor Lennar, and Lennar must sink in the cesspool of its own creation and fade away - forever.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Lawrence Pelosi, Paul Pelosi - all have had connections with Lennar in large - measure.

It is the same with Diane Feinstein and her husband Richard Blum - they are in bed with Lennar - do not think we do not have a rap sheet - on you who are despicable to the core.

Willie L. Brown Jr. for all his sordid talk - brought Lennar in and created this on going mess. We must NOT forget this fact - never ever. Willie L. Brown could have said something about our children and elders suffering - but he did not.

The Mayor Ed Lee has a heart - and I hope he stands by our children and elders that need help and must be helped by decent San Franciscans. Just read the Grand Jury report :

Hunters Point Shipyard: A Shifting Landscape.

All over the Bayview - pay careful attention who is controlling the Bayview Opera House - Ruth Williams is turning in her grave. I know she is - do we have not one person of color - to manage the Opera House? 

In our community to have outsiders and the shallow - SF Art Commission to control our destiny in our cultural house where we have been in charge?

During the 1960 riots where did the protesters take refuge?
Till recently do could see the bullet holes - at the Bayview Opera House? Tanks were brought on Third Street to cow down the protesters - but, they did not. That one murder - sent the right signals to the then Mayor and to this City and County of San Francisco.

Follow the documents - read it slowly - but read it with intent. We do not have any entity that does not serve the community with diligence  - have anything what so ever to do with the Southeast Commission Facility and the community.

Always remember the community comes first - and the crooks and those that want to prey on the community - must be  kept out and far away.

We the community keep bowing our heads and listening to the nonsense.

 It is the same with the Bayview Project Committee linked to the SF Redevelopment Agency.

The SF Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) is dead and the Bayview Project Committee and any of the tentacles left - must be severed and done away with.

The Bayview Project Area and those in charge - sold out the community.

It is time to take over the Southeast Facility Commission - get rid of Toye Moses as the Facility Manager - he has been making over $100,000 with benefits all these many years.

He has been a disgrace to the community - no one understands what he says and he has acted as a conduit - serving those that work towards the detriment of the community at large.

We know this but we do not have the guts to say it aloud.

We need to bring the educated leaders from the Bayview - those with a proven track record - and set the record clear.

We cannot continue dealing with the sell outs - be they representatives at City College, working for our City and County of San Francisco at First Stop Centers, others working for SF Public Utilities Commission - pretending to serve the community as outreach facilitators - but taking every opportunity to shaft the community.

All this and more must come to an end.

You all are put on notice - the entities that want some space at the Southeast Commission Facility Building - must be vetted and approved by the community at large.

Those that pander to the corrupt - must get out of way.

Mr. Harlan Kelly and Mr. Ed Harrington - I cannot spell it out in detail - but the time has come for a new change.

We must take this community to a better place. We cannot take the community to a better place - with the present folks in place who pander, cheat, lie - and do not have any fortitude and less vision worth the salt. Aho.