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Friday, February 28, 2014


Governor Jerry Brown declared to those present everywhere that he is running for Governor of California.

This will be his fourth term - and he can handle the job, well - Governor Jerry Brown put California back on track.

California the golden state was in the dumps for many years. The fifth largest economy in the world. Not anymore and thank God for Governor Jerry Brown.

Willie L. Brown Jr. no relative of Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom - a metrosexual nit wit - did not like that news a bit. Gavin Newsom longs to be the governor - but that will not come easy - in the next two years - Gavin Newsom will reveal his inner self and fade into oblivion.

Recently a span of a bridge was named after the former Mayor of San Francisco - a "thug" mayor - and our dear Governor Jerry Brown - decided not to attend that event. He showed to all who are decent - who really is in charge. Naming a span of a bridge - after a - "crook". Governor Jerry Brown knows better than that.

Gavin Newsom was invited to the sordid affair - arranged with great fanfare by Willie L. Brown who invited his whole family from Meniola, Texas and other places. A large encourage - to brag and show off - on this event that most decent people - did not pay attention to.

As usual Gavin Newsom took to the stage - bragging and praising Willie L. Brown Jr. Gavin loves the stage and being in the lime light - Gavin Newsom loves to pander to those that have no stellar values

For sure Jerry Brown our Governor will leave a legacy - we cannot say that with certainty when he comes to Gavin Newsom and Willie L. Brown - these two bring more disgrace than grace to any event, any project, any meeting worth noting.

Some years have passed and I remember Gavin Newsom declared his candidacy for Governor. We were fighting Lennar, a rogue developer - and Gavin Newsom was backing the rogue developer - Gavin was Mayor of San Francisco at that time. Gavin had his eyes on the Governorship of California - and we decided to teach him a lesson in civility, sound politics, morality, and ethics.

We had a movement that most have not forgotten - Stop Lennar Action Movement (SLAM).

We still have worthy citizens, stellar advocates, many who have walked the walk, fought the good fight and all of them - will leave a - legacy. God bless them.

Our movement followed the lying Gavin Newsom - as he spewed lies, took credit for things he did not initiated like HealthySF, the rainy day fund linked to the then failing San Francisco Unified School District, and many other contribution of others - that he loves to take credit for - that others have put in place.

I remember we showed up in San Diego and the man - the metrosexual Gavin Newsom - did not know what to make of us.

He lied through his teeth - corralled some gays to attend this meeting -  also in the audience to Gavin Newsom's surprise were those he recognized in numbers from San Francisco - we had other supporters too who came to watch this fanfare - we took Gavin Newsom on - and whopped his ass.

Soon after this meeting - Gavin Newsom decided not to run for Governor - opening the way for Jerry Brown to run for his third term, winning it - and now his fourth term.

The very first Governor's news letter that Governor Jerry Brown's office published - was my letter about the now defunct Redevelopment Agency.

Governor Jerry Brown shut down that sordid agency - the Redevelopment Agency that did so much wrong.

Governor Jerry Brown brought the Republicans and Democrats together - balanced the budget - and using his Jesuit training and charisma - has put California on the map. Governor Jerry Brown knows how to discern.

Governor Jerry Brown will find a way not to send too much of our precious water from Northern California to Southern California.

 Governor Jerry Brown of California - knows how to keep Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein and more her corrupt husband Richard Blum at Bay.

Jerry Brown did not attend the ceremony - Willie L. Brown Jr planned and spent a lot of money - when a span of the Bay Bridge was named after the crook - Willie L. Brown - the former "thug" mayor of San Francisco.

Of course Gavin Newsom attended it - praised the "former thug Mayor Willie L. Brown - and made a fool of himself" - opening his mouth and shoving his foot inside - every opportunity he got.

Willie L. Brown Jr. and Gavin Newsom - are known for their corruption and selling our San Francisco values.

I called Gavin News - Mr Dipstick - when he was Mayor of San Francisco.

He slept with anything that moved - and the press was always trailing him - to sniff out and tell on him - and his many extra marital affairs.

Other sordid deeds - as I said - Mr Dipstick took to and drilled - anything that moved. He still does - and no one decent - looks at him a second time.

Kudos to Jerry Brown one of the last true politicians - that cannot be bought.

One of the true politicians - that can handle his game - corral and put the crooks in their cage -  Governor Jerry Brown knows when to " let the dogs out ".

Willie L. Brown Jr and Gavin Newsom should be ashamed of themselves and all the corruption they have fostered all these  many years.

The many lives they have destroyed - and the dirty politics they have played.

There is not a high profile project in San Francisco that Willie L. Brown does not have his finger in - he loves to meddle and he loves to get his cut.

The RICO Act must be applied and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are monitoring his many shenanigans.

 Willie L. Brown Jr keeps running circles - much like he learned when he was a look out for any bust when his uncle ran a brother and gambling den in the Fillmore.

He learned well the crooked ways when he was young - and has since mastered the ways of being a - "crook".
His time has come - more with his failing sight.

Kudos to Governor Jerry Brown - the present Governor of California - who has taken us all to a better place.

We can go to Governor Jerry Brown any time and get a fair hearing - and for sure - we can take care of the - crooks. You know who they are. Aho.