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Saturday, March 1, 2014


The "Black Community" in San Francisco must be ashamed of its leadership - foremost Amos Brown who has chosen - to use the NAACP to cater to his own needs.
Also his inner circle - that has disgraced Blacks - and have a hidden agenda.

At meetings Amos Brown has - he continually disrespects women. They put their hands up to ask a question and this arrogant man - will ignore them. He and other protest - and only a handful of people show up. Who is kidding whom when it comes to sound - representation?

Amos Brown acts like a dictator - and has no respect - from the black youth and youth adults.

When Lennar poisoned our children - this man who was on the payroll of Lennar - did not say a word. We will remember this man as useless - some one that cannot leave a - legacy. Time will tell.

As to all Black this City has created - "task forces" before and one recently - to evaluate the plight of Blacks in San Francisco. It is all talk and no WALK.

First there was the "Unfinished Agenda" - then the "Out Migration Report" and now the City and County of San Francisco has appointed a Czar - to  evaluate and stem - gentrification.

The paradox is one single person can do nothing.

Once the population of San Francisco when it came to Blacks was 25% of the entire population.

Today, the Black population is dwindling - down to 3% of the about 805,000 that is our current population - of the City and County of San Francisco.

Who is responsible of this crime - crying to heaven for justice?

From the inception of the early founding of this City - San Francisco - Blacks contributed to this City - as land owners and home owners, owning newspapers, churches, warehouses, Bathhouses, a school, bank, you name it.

Blacks were movers and shakers among them Mary Pleasant - engineers the likes of Henry Wager Halleck who built the historic 100 series buildings at the Main Post at the Presidio of San Francisco.

The site of the Niantic Building located on the corner of Clay and Sansome Streets has a history of considerable importance to San Francisco Blacks.

William Alexander Leidesforff - a ship master from New Orleans - went to own and built a large warehouse, doing business and winning the respect all everyone on the Waterfront. A street bears his name.

At 425 Montgomery Street the home office of the San Francisco Western Outlook - one of eight newspapers edited by Joseph Smallwood Francis. Joseph Francisco was a printer, president of the San Francisco Lyceum (1885) a member of the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows and the National Academy of Music. And there were hundreds more - that those educated on issues must know - but prefer to sit back and do nothing.

Many Black established churches - over hundred years old and one 150 years old. So, it is not as if the others gave the Black something - the Blacks gave the others - more.

Then there is the history of the Buffalo Soldiers - who did so much. The all Black - Buffalo Soldiers accompanied the pioneers - and helped facilitate as they passed to the Native American territory - building relationship and often - staying back - and living with the Native Americans.

Other Blacks - doctors, teachers, public servants who did so much - but those in power - just want to target the poor Black and minorities and think - that no one knows the truth.

It does not help that the former Mayor of San Francisco - the "thug" mayor Willie L. Brown Jr has done more damage than anyone.

Willie a Black has used his power to amass great wealth here in California - and abroad like Macao where is has gambling assets and more.

His cronies who do his bidding Dwayne Jones, Agnelo King, Tiffnee Bohee, Doris Vincent, Veronica Hunnicutt, many City appointees all Blacks - and a host of other very corrupt folks - who have their own interests and not that of the community at large.

The above will never, ever leave a legacy.

The Black community has become dysfunctional in San Francisco.  More because the Black Leadership has lost their soul - " they are all spiritually, bankrupt ".

The plight of those living in Public Housing is pathetic.

Many of those living in Public Housing - were forced to live in sub-standard housing. The housing was permitted to run down - the San Francisco Housing Authority used a ploy - called - "deferred maintenance".

It was not uncommon for sewage to run in the homes - have peeling walls that contained "Asbestos". Windows and doors that need repairs - and you had to wait your turn for years on end - to get things - fixed.

At the time the head of the San Francisco Housing Authority was Amos Brown - until Mayor Edwin Lee - dismissed him and his entire band of crooks - and replaced them with a brand new team.

Most of the present ones - appointed - seem to want to do the right thing - but the former SF Housing Commission - wasted millions.

Thousands left San Francisco - they could not deal with the sub-standard housing - the housing that was great once - larger rooms - where large families could live comfortably in the three and four bed room - housing. No more - we now have new housing where a Queen Bed - leaves little room - and dense housing is the norm.

The John Stewart Company, Mercy Housing, Bridge Development will further "gentrify" - using tax payers money to cater to those that they want - and do everything to remove a segment of the population - that simply happen to be the victims in their equation of discrimination and abject disdain. Those mostly impacted will be - mostly minorities - and the most targeted the - BLACKS.

We do have Blacks in high places in San Francisco - but their "heart" is not in the right place.

Most of them make over - $250,000 plus perks - and they think they have it good - and could not care less about those that need help - most.

I have been following the trend for over forty years - and it is not pretty - the last four mayors before Mayor Edwin Lee - did nothing much.

Made things worse by - not with helping those in Public Housing that need help and were NOT even opportunities.

They used crooks like Amos Brown to divide the people - and the divisiveness now has become chronic. Today no one respects Amos Brown - he is well know as a sell out.
Amos Brown can bark all he wants - but no one listens to him.

The "Tabernacle Group" which is a group of Black Pastors are now geared up to do  - "development".

Where in the Bible and the gospels - is it written the the pastors - the shepherds of the people - must deal with the " mundane " - and serve - Mammon? 

Amos Brown, Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, the many other pathetic black pastors - evil to the core.

All they want is City money - our hard earned tax payers money - to serve their own needs.

The brighter, smarter, more decent and well to do Blacks - left San Francisco a long time ago.

There is nothing here in San Francisco - that improves the culture  of the Blacks - Jazz and Yoshi - millions wasted and a mockery made of Jazz.

No decent restaurant that can meet the standards and needs as they were in past - generations.

Black culture on all fronts has been decadent - there is nothing immediate and decent that brings about a holistic atmosphere linked to socialization - nothing that will take Blacks to a better place.

The Fillmore was once the 'harlem" of the west - corrupt city officials - with intent - used " SF Redevelopment Agency" a quasi-state agency - to destroy the Black community. That history is still fresh in the minds of many - and that "holocaust" must NOT be forgotten.

There is a contemporary "plantation" today that deals mostly with the Blacks - worse than one can imagine - they smile of your face and stab you in the back.

Blacks are incarcerated in San Francisco more than any place, else.

Reports after reports show that. Thank God we have an elected Japanese American - Jeff Adachi - who is my good friend and the Nation's best Public Defender - who cares for Blacks and those that need help most.

Thank God we have Ross Mirkarimi our Sheriff who understands well - that you cannot treat those incarcerated like animals.

Just ponder and think for a moment that - while incarcerated - the system does little to rehabilitate those that are in jail.

Over 70% of those in jail are waiting a trial - and over 60% are innocent. Ponder and see what is wrong with these facts.

Our politicians need to go to jail - the likes of Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, Scott Wiener, London Breed, David Chiu - taking money under the table - spewing diatribe - and the law enforcement - is looking the other way.

The Feds should step in and investigate and send the above to jail - for a long, long time.

The City and County of San Francisco has with intent used "gentrification" targeting the poor and the indigent - making it difficult for them - harassing the poor.

Making things difficult for the indigent and poor - so that in desperation they leave - and the crooks like John Stewart, Hamilton House, Bridge Development, Mercy Housing - others - are waiting to gentrify.

Mixed housing is a joke. The John Stewart Company is making hay while the sun shines. Over $200 million from the State Redevelopment agencies, another $300 million from the Successor Agency to the SF Redevelopment Agency, more money from Federal grants - with the help of Congress person Nancy Pelosi.

What are the white folks - Property Managers and scoundrels going in the minority neighborhoods - and why are they targeting - Blacks?

What are the sellout Blacks appointed on Commissions and those in power doing?

Lackeys, scum of the earth - they have undone all that Civil Rights had achieved - puppets who listen to the devil - the likes that are despicable. Time will tell.

In the interim the most to suffer those that cannot defend themselves.

Our children and seniors. The future of Blacks - youth and young adults - thrown to the wind - and the crooks think - nothing - of the tremendous harm, done. Aho.