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Saturday, February 8, 2014


Billions of dollars were spent to build a completely new Winter Olympic village - at Sochi - and judging from the opening - Kudos to those that put their best foot forward.

One of the best opening ceremonies at any Olympic event I have seen.

Unlike the United States that does not depend on our Government raising the funds to put on an Olympic event - be it a Summer Olympic or a Winter Olympic - the Russians invest their own government money - and judging from what we all saw - they did an excellent job.

The portraying of the Russians thousand year plus history - was well done - and the traditions of the old Soviet and now rapidly changing Russian way of living - we from the free world see gradually changing for the best.

The Russian people much like the American people - want to live a good life, a peaceful life, and a life hope and harmony for all. They care for their children much like we go in the United States of America and the free world.

They care of the Seniors and those that are poor and need help - we can help them - and they can help us in solidarity. The Olympics not only bring people from all over the world together - but they bring about a keen understanding - that cannot be shared - in any other - forum.

The Russian President Putin was his old self - complete control of what he wanted to be.

So when at the opening - that one snow flake did not open up to complete a circle - on that large open screen for all the world to see; that one small flaw at the beginning was a reminder - that we all must be humble.

The dancing, music, and the stellar performance of the participants paid high dividends.

Each and every American Olympian when asked to give their opinion - truly did not expect such a performance.

So did we - who were not there - but enjoyed the digital treat - on our television sets.

It is a huge project to put on such a spectacular event - and as I watched the entire opening event - I could feel the tension of those that were watching their concepts unfold before their very eyes - well done.

You did well to bring your best to the fore front - to unite all people in love, peace, and harmony. In keeping with what was the intention of those that put on the first Olympics. Kudos.

The opening speeches considering the "dark shadow" cast earlier  on -  the very high security at this Sochi Winter Olympic games - is something to be concerned about.

Hopefully - the presence of good people gathered together to perform and give their best in a loving, peaceful manner - will neutralize the "hate" - and there will be NO awful - incident.

Early this morning I learned - team USA Sage Kotsenburg won the first Gold Medal in the men's slopestyle.

One of many that the United States will win - the other Nations too - bringing people together as the best sportswomen and men - representing their Nations and humanity as a whole.

There is much we humans can do in peace and unity.

Better peace and harmony - then fostering discord and warring.

As is the case - when some Nation goes to war - when slightly provoked - failing to first communicate, negotiate, and trying to work out - differences.

It was nice to see the many Olympians from so many Nations - enjoy themselves at this opening Sochi Winter Olympics.

May God bless them - and may this singular Sochi Winter Olympics games - end without any issues - that no harm comes to any individual - and in the spirit of the Olympic movement - peace reigns supreme - and with it joy and prosperity - spread all over the entire - world.

Courtesy of the photographers; here is a flicker link for those that love to see things in the digital format:

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