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Sunday, February 16, 2014


It is a shame in the year 2014 that we Americans that treasure our so called freedom -use license to incarcerate innocent people - and keep them in solitary confinement for decades.

Recently; and some of us have known it for years - independent evaluation of all solitary confinement cases - revealed over sixty percent (65%) - were kept in solitary confinement - without any justification.

It is shocking that in California we have such sordid behavior going on - among our Correctional Officer - most of whom have NO concern about those in their care.

They have a lot of keen interest in their perks and pay. That is for sure - and they have BLOOD on their hands.

It begs the question - are these so called Correction Officers working in our many over filled prisons - because of their own selfish reasons, weird mentality and high pay. Or are they really there to rehabilitate our prison population - pretend to do so - but in reality it is all - fluff?

I remember when the husband of Maria Shriver was the Governor of California - how he was invited for a high level "Correctional Officers' bargaining" - in Hanna, Maui.

More so that the Correctional Officers' - could sit in a cozy atmosphere - wine, dine, and work out a deal - totally giving the Correctional Officers the required and ill deserved - promotions, perks, and what have you.

This corruption and mentality of treating human beings with disdain - is systemic.

Some of us that advocate strongly that human beings be given a second chance - think outside the box.

We work using proven models such as "restorative justice" - which is working in places like New Zealand and adopted in many places - including slowly taking a vague foothold in California.

It requires a stellar understand, down to earth approach, grounded in practicality of a kind, for sure spirituality, peace of mind,  and more human approaches that touch the soul, use compassion more than hatred, to bring about holistic, changes.

We are shocked to hear more and more of evil deeds meted out to the prisoners - and more on innocent people.

Depriving falsely accused prisoners of food. Serving them good on wet cardboard. Other methods that are sordid in nature - and all these by Correctional Officers - who presuppose they can do as they please.

Such Correctional Officer if documented and proved to have treated the prisoners - more those that should never have been in "solitude" - should be fired and all their benefits - revoked. Barred for holding similar jobs in Society - like being a regular guard, or any job where they can supervise and monitor human beings and even animals.

This whole concept of "gangs" must be looked at - with a different lance. 

Do not get me wrong - I do not and will not condone - criminals who with intent violate others - breaking the law.

No human being in her or his senses can embrace - violent killers, pedophiles, and those that hate to live among decent human beings.

More who make excuses not to accept decent norms - that most decent human beings - accept and live by as a norm. Criminals who use criminality to pursue a living in society. Such criminals must be rehabilitated and warned of the repercussions. 

We must seriously think of the many families - more mothers who know that those incarcerated in our prisons - who are innocent - and are put against their will - charges fabricated - and kept in solitary confinement - for years.

23 hours a day - given an hour to exercise - kept away from light - for days on end, weeks on end, years on end.

How can anyone in today's civilized world justify these actions as normal?

There is nothing normal about such actions. And seriously speaking those policies that sprung up from higher sources - evil, biased policies - must be tracked down and those who implemented them - must be sent to jail and made to compensated for putting so many in peril - slowly ruining lives - driving thousands to insanity all these many years - and today crying to heaven for justice.

The Courts have ruled that the general population must be reduced. Prisoners packed like sardines in gyms and other places - because regular beds - are no more vacant.

Why is it taking so many years to implement what the courts have decided? What is Governor Jerry Brown - trained as a Jesuit - doing about this fact?

The recent hunger strike initiated in our so called high security jails - has led to some hearings in Sacramento with Assembly person Tom Ammiano and California Senator Loni Hannock - facilitating the hearings - and these hearings revealing the tip of the iceberg.

Come on California we must stand united to address the situation at hand. 3 in ten Californians have been affected by incarceration - the "failed" Three Strikes law - and the many ploys, machination, and shenanigans.

Our attorney are afraid to speak up and take on those that are raking in the millions - the mostly evil - Correction Officers - we must take a position as a policy measure - and put this measure on a State Ballot - to challenge the evil that has reached - saturation point.

There is more I will reveal - empirical data - that will rock the boat - and send shivers down the spine - of most of those "evil bastards" - who bully the prisoners and use force and other tactics - unlawfully.  God is watching - and the TRUTH always shines - where there is abject - DARKNESS.

To the sisters and brothers I say - as I have said a thousands times - you must be strong - and you must survive to tell the truth.

In the interim we on the outside will stand united - use the empirical data - to rub it on the face of those that have tarnished the name of our Nation - there is freedom and there is license.

Most Correctional Officers practice - license. Aho.  

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