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Monday, February 3, 2014


I attended most of the Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) meetings conducted under the jurisdiction of the United States Navy - linked to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

This board was formed to monitor the dubious activities of the U.S. Navy - that has a track record - of contaminating Naval Bases as it did at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - in the Bayview Hunters Point area.

The Restoration Advisory Board meetings linked to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - were held at various places - the Bayview Police Station, Dajo Mary's, Southeast Facility Commission Building at 1800 Oakdale to name a few - from the year 2000 to 2008. 

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone and stated so at the many meetings.

I made sure I too photographs and took notes - I knew a day would come and no one would have the empirical data and more the photographs and notes to prove an important point,

I made sure I monitored the meetings like a hawk. 

The community was vigilant - and the U.S. Navy was always trying to hoodwink the community.

I was trained by the U.S. Army and know too much about the U.S. Navy and its many practices - breaking the law. I have written about the sordid activities of the U.S. Navy. I have manifest - which prove the many dubious activities of the United States Navy.

One glaring fact that reveals how dumb the United States; and how arrogant the United States is - the fact  when the U.S. Navy - dumped over one thousand barrels of "so called low atomic waste" - placed in the barrels and dumped by the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary - just off the Golden Gate Bridge . Go figure?

Ever wonder why so many people get cancer from Marine County - and the proximity of Stinson Beach  and other beaches  - to the waves that wash on the shores of the many near by beaches - coming from the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary.

Towards the end of 2008 when there was too much turmoil, in the Bayview Hunters Point - initiated by Lennar a Rogue Developer - the community was irked and suffering.

Lennar the Rogue Developer adversely impacted the community - our children, our seniors, others - all coming down with various illnesses.

We the community found out - that Lennar with intent bombarded our community - grading a large area that contained Serpentine Rock - and more decided to crush a 33 foot Serpentine Rock - that most other decent developers would have not.

The Serpentine Rock were crushed releases - Asbestos Friables or Structures - and when these structures enter your body - over a period of time - one suffers from Asbestosis.

Innocent people getting headaches, migraine headaches, sore throats, eyes burning, and a host of adverse impacts - that had the near by hospitals wondering what was happening.

Well, Lennar the Rogue Developers decided to bomb the community with Asbestos Friables and we wanted the results from the monitors. The monitors we soon found out were not working.

Lennar had the audacity to remove the batteries from the monitoring equipment - precisely placed to monitor the Asbestos Friables. This went on for over 4 months.

The many complaints - brought to the attention of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District - and Notice of Violations were soon issued. At times readings in the thousands - 80,000 - 120,000 - once as high as 190,000 Asbestos structures per cubic meter.

The community was in turmoil and questioned the U.S. Navy and why had it decided to conveyed Parcel A to the City and County of San Francisco?

Who is turn conveyed the Parcel to the SF Redevelopment Agency - who quickly transferred it to the Lennar, a Rogue Developer.

The U.S. Navy did not want to hear the TRUTH - and so decided through some vague and prompt up charges - to allow its Installation Commander to dissolve - the only body from the community - that could advise the U.S. Navy - the Restoration Advisory Board - the RAB.

The following letter sent by the United States Navy says it all:

It is true the U.S. Navy issued many documents. The documents were very technical in nature - and the community and most of the Restoration  Advisory Board (RAB) were not permitted to give feed back based on empirical data.

The U.S. Navy thought the community was not educated on issues and we were.

The U.S. Navy wanted to fast track the process - and the community said slow down - our lives are at stake - we want to know what is happening here. The U.S. Navy were nonchalant and did not care about our real, concerns and more health and safety issues.

The U.S. Navy assumed that when it said "jump" we had to jump.

We the community said: " hell no".

While the U.S. Navy stated in its letter that the community did not send in written comments linked to the Record of Decision - the truth and the matter of fact is - that we did. I did for sure.

The RAB  did not agree with the Record of Decision linked to Parcel A.

The U.S. Navy went ahead and by passed the RAB and went ahead and conveyed Parcel A to the City and County of San Francisco - fast tracked the process.

Months later Tetra Tech - was invited by Lennar to come and do some radiological clean up. This is what happened:

Over 400 mature trees were cut without a permit.
After the trees were cut - foot prints of buildings were uncovered. In the drain pipes that these buildings used - radio active elements were detected and removed. All this after the Record of Decision was passed.

So much for fast tracking the process.

Parcel A and its conveyance triggered several issues.

We saw the then Mayor Gavin Newsom and his minions - wanted to fast track the project - that came under the SF Redevelopment Agency - to accommodate Lennar.

Lennar contributed to Mayor Gavin Newsom's campaign - he was running for Governor. We the community decided to follow him and attend the places he appeared. As far as San Diego we went - and spoke up - revealed to the public at large how crooked Mayor Gavin Newsom was.

Our campaign was successful - Mayor Gavin Newsom pulled out of the Governor's race - we won.

To Gavin Newsom plays second fiddle to Governor Jerry Brown - and no one worth the salt - respect Gavin Newsom - a good for nothing - crook.

The fast tracking that led to transferring the parcel to Lennar, a Rogue Developer - created many serious issues and after that nothing good happened.

The community was totally adversely impacted. Thousands suffered and suffer to this day from serious respiratory diseases, tumors, cancer, and what have you.

The RAB did not approve of fast tracking of anything. The U.S. Navy detested the Restoration Advisory Board (RAB).

When Lennar tried to demolish 33 feet of Serpentine Rock on Parcel A - when crushed this rock - releases Asbestos structures - the entire community was impacted.

The City officials did nothing, no one from the Regulatory Agencies did anything - the few of us who united from the community - took on Lennar and brought Lennar to its knees.

The U.S. Navy - made us make believe - that the Asbestos Dust - was the problem of the developer Lennar - and that the U.S. Navy had nothing to do with it.

In fact the U.S. Navy was fully aware of the characterization of the site - called Parcel A - and the U.S. Navy monitored its adjacent area - and recorded high levels of Asbestos structures - most of the Asbestos structures travelling from Parcel A.

Lennar did not take measure to keep the Asbestos structures under check - by pouring water - there were no sprinklers - nothing to mitigate and keep the Asbestos Structures - down.

The U.S. Navy did not expect some of us including I - who knew a lot about the Serpentine Rock - having encountered; a similar situation at the Presidio of San Francisco where I worked for a long time.

The community brought the concerns about the community being adversely impacted; by the Asbestos structures and dust in general to the Regulator Agencies - led by seasoned, advocates.

Hundreds of trucks carrying dirt and the tops uncovered - passed through the community for months on end in the year 2004. 

When the Bay Area Air Quality Management District issued a Notice of Violation - the U.S. Navy in its letter stated :

" In fact, RAB members recently voted to stop all work on Hunters Point Shipyard due to concerns about work on an adjacent City-0wned parcel".

That parcel was Parcel A - that the U.S. Navy hastily transferred and now wanted to wash its hands. Too late.

The community did right by informing the Regulatory Agency - the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD). 

The BAAQMD issued the Notice of Violations based on empirical data - the U.S. Navy should be ashamed for faulting the community. 

The U.S. was not responsible - and never acted like a good neighbor -  and continues to this day to defy the community.

After some years the BAAQMD find Lennar over $515,000 for harming the community - failing to adhere by the rules and regulations. What does the U.S. Navy have to say now?

Work at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard which is a federally controlled site - continues - all law broken and our City and County of San Francisco - looks the other way.

This site was  put under the Superfund Site list -  that is Hunters Point Naval Shipyard which has impacted the Bayview Hunters Point community since the early 1950s.

While thousands of minorities worked on the Hunters Point Shipyard - discrimination, lack of safety issues, working long hours with little pay, and  a host of other racial hurdles - were encouraged and fostered by the U.S. Navy at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

The RAB had every right to bring this to the notice of the U.S. Navy - that always wanted to fast track the shoddy clean up progress - always talking about capping - and failing to do the right thing.

When opportunities came about to give contracts to the local truckers - outsiders were given opportunities - first. This continues to this day.

Nothing much has changed - a couple of days ago - a large contract was given to a company from Colorado - who sub-contracted the trucking to a dubious entity.

We could have railed the contents - contaminated soil - Class I - but as usual the U.S. Navy screwed the local company - that could have railed the contaminated contents.

The community and the RAB did right by bring the many illegal activities of the U.S. Navy to the attention of the Civil Grand Jury - which at the end of its investigation issued a scathing - decision.

As usual the U.S. Navy known for its many "jettison" orders - where the most contaminated material was buried here, there, and everywhere on Hunters Point Shipyard.

Large animals and other material that too that was part of the Atomic testing and operations - in the "Atomic Bomb" experiments off Bikini Islands.

Ships brought back to to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - the hull of the ships sand blasted - and the contents - now contaminate Parcel F which is the Bay.

Other residue and contaminated sand - buried all over the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

The shameless U.S. Navy under Keith Forman and the present Naval Commander stationed in San Diego - still continue to adversely impact the community.

Drab community meeting are held - where the U.S. Navy tries to impress those present - that they truly care for the community - while they do everything to screw the community at large.

No one in their right mind - respects the U.S. Navy - and the community has stated this to their face - they continue to shame themselves by their many sordid - actions.

Local truckers are promised jobs - and at the last moment they are told to go to hell.

Millions of dollars were siphoned by IT, then Tectra Tech, and in recent times Arcadis and there are more crooks - too many to name.

The Installation Commander should now re-instate a new Restoration Advisory Board - to monitor the sordid deeds of the U.S. Navy.

Parcel E2 is a time bomb waiting to explode.

Time for the world to know about the U.S. Navy and the local authorities who have no idea - about the dangers awaiting the community. Or pretend that they do not know - the facts.

If  the Big One strikes -  which it will - an entire are where 30,000 homes are slated to be built - will be impacted and there is more.

The Environmental Protection Agency - Region IX is looking the other way. 

The Regional Water Board, the Department of Toxic Substances Control, the SF Health Department - have failed to do - due diligence.

When the Big One strikes - they all will say - they did not know about the facts - but they do know it and are NOT doing anything about it.