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Thursday, February 20, 2014


There is a deep connection with the John Stewart  Property Management Company and Nancy Pelosi.

It does not come as a surprise - that Nancy Pelosi the minority leader now and once House Speaker that lost the house - had and is pandering with the very corrupt - Nancy Pelosi will be there to cut the ribbon -  on April 17, 2014 at Huntersview - up on the hill by Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in the Bayview in San Francisco.

If you are present - one of the many sell outs invited - wait to hear Nancy Pelosi - a despicable person - say some rosy things. She will lie through her teeth - as she has so many years.

Nancy will help spread cheer among the many sell outs who will be present - at the ground breaking at Middle Point to be precise - the better know name for the site on which some unit will be built - as Part of Phase II of the John Stewart Property Management - shenanigans.

Be there on the Hill - that is by Hunters Point overlooking the Bay. Nancy is good at talking the talk but fails - each and every time - to walk the walk.

The wind blows in many directions on the Hill at Hunters Point - and if you are around there - at the wrong time in the right place - and happen to breathe the Asbestos Fribables - then, God have mercy on you if you fall prey - to Misothelioma.

The John Stewart and Nancy Pelosi bond go a long ways - when both these entities - delved in nefarious activities.

Some of it can be found on the internet - and others in details - in files that have been redacted to keep some dubious information - getting into the hands of those folks - we call journalists - the few still left who have the balls to do - "investigative" - reporting.

Today, few journalists do "investigative reporting" - so many of us are used to read the "drab" news and think that what we are reading - what the Main Media is spreading thin - is the "truth".

The main media controlled by the Zionist - of which the culprits I am mentioning above are part of the click.

IN reality most of the garbage written and stuff we see on the television is plain - "hog wash".

Middle Point is very close to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Very few people have the ability to study and understand - what really is the make up of Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - which has been designated as a "Superfund Site".

Why is it that Hunters Point Naval Shipyard designated as a Superfund Site?

Well the most contaminated sites are listed as Superfund Sites -  most Department of Defense bases - that participated in the War Efforts - and linked to operations - with atomic and other hazardous materials - too many to mention.

If anyone - who can read English - and more comprehend English - whatever English that is they comprehend - all they have to do is "google" - the details about SF Hunters Point and  the many hot spots - contamination".

What is pertinent to note is that Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - has hundreds of hot spots - with high levels of radioactive elements. The Environmental Protection Agency knows it - but is doing nothing about it.

In many areas at Hunters Point but one in particular Parcel E2 - vents - help methane gas - spew into the air. Underneath is a on going fire - burning right now - and adversely impacting the constituents - who live on Kiska Road, the Mariners' Village, on Cleo Rand - and of course Middle Point and Hunters View.

Does Nancy Pelosi comprehend what is really happening to her constituents that she has NOT, represented - you bet she does.

The present Director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) region IX - that is Region 9 - is is very good friend of Nancy Pelosi .

Suffice to say - one of her aides - a white woman - took the place of Jared Blumenfeld at the San Francisco Department of the Environment - a San Francisco City Department.

Jared Blumenfeld (who is my good friend and I - a admirer of this father - one of the best photographers from the World War II era) - was given the job of Regional Director of Region IX at the Environmental Protection Agency - headquartered in San Francisco.

The point is if you have the right connections - you can get what you want. 

You scratch my back and I will yours.

The John Stewart Company a rogue Property Manager already controls a lot of housing units - at the Presidio of San Francisco by the Golden Gate Bridge - property that comes under the jurisdiction of the Presidio Trust - and comes also under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service.

At Treasure Island the John Stewart Company controls hundreds of units and plays hell with the indigent population.

At Hunters Point - Huntersview and North Ridge cooperatives, hundreds of units in the Tenderloin - here, there, and everywhere - all under the control of this rogue - Property Manager.

The complaints against these rogue "Property Manager" are many.

The John Stewart Company likes to target the poor, the indigent, those physically and mentally challenged - and those in authority - look the other way - while the devil himself does his sordid work.

Some of the cases that have come to my attention - linked to the John Stewart Company - are horrendous - I make it a point to send my blogs to Mr Gardener who is a top executive working for the John Stewart Company - so that he fully understands how I feel about the John Stewart Company and related issues .

People say why is this entity - the John Stewart Company - getting control of so much?

Well - it is like the "Mafia" - they strong arm, they bribe, they do what they have to do to get the piece of the cake.

Nancy Pelosi gets some pay off for sure.

So did Gavin Newsom, so did Sophie Maxwell, so did Malia Cohen, so did the present City officials who wanted some money - to fill up their sordid campaign coffers - to help their efforts before and after their respective - elections.

I know too much about the John Stewart Company from my Army days - and a huge bust of cocaine - on the out skirts of San Francisco - and the manifest - had the names of some of those - I have mentioned in this article.

Back to the point - Middle Point  - at Hunters Point - is too close to the worst contamination. 

The City and County of San Francisco is playing with lives - lives of our children, our seniors - those who lives have already been compromised.

On Parcel E2 - there is an on going under-ground fire - right now.

Who is kidding whom - that everything is well.

 On Parcel A there are high readings of Asbestos - many of us get the day to day information and the know about the high Asbestos readings.

Do you think the San Francisco Health Department is doing their job? Do you think Jack Broadman from the Bay Area Air Quality Management  District (BAAQMD) is doing his job? 

Do you think Tiffiny Bohee will tell Nancy Pelosi about the high readings? I hope on the day - April 17, 2014 the wind blows in the direction of where Nancy Pelosi has she ass - perched - even if she is placed under some canopy. 

These evil people are pathetic and their works evil - money and greed is all that they care about.

Do you think the Supervisors who sit on the BAAQMD are doing their job?

Today at the San Francisco Planning Department in Room 400 at 12 noon - the SF Planning Department will be given a presentation on Phase II linked to the John Stewart Project.

The SF Planning Commission will listen - and guess what - pass it - and send the voted agenda item - to the full Board of Supervisors for consideration?

But guess what at the Land Use a 30 day notice was given before the Land Use - that is all that it required - for a sordid and crooked SF Board of Supervisors - four in number to approve such a request - then without any discussion - without any Public Comment - it is sent directly to the SF Full Board of Supervisors.

Our City of San Francisco has a sordid past - the most significant to note - the "STEALING" of the land that belongs - rightfully to the Muwekma Ohlone.

The Mayor Edwin Lees understands this but has little to say.

The corrupt Senator Diane Feinstien understands the repercussions as and when the Muwekma Ohlone are put on the Federal Register - and looks the other way. Your time is coming - because "TRUTH" - is on our side.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors - leading the charge David Chiu a transplant from Taiwan, Jane Kim a transplant from South Korea, Malia Cohen an inept, spineless, Black woman from District 10 - who has sold out the community - one worse than the other - failing to represent the constituents of San Francisco.

London Breed another Black woman from District 5 - who knows some about Middle Point and the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - but will choose to go with the flow.

London Breed the heifer - who favors the many crooked Developers - much as she is in bed with the Fishers - who have been assisting her current and past - shenanigans.

Scott Weiner who has disdain for the poor - and does not care about helping those - that most need help.

Scott Weiner has some advice for everyone - accept - himself - we the people have no respect for a person - that lacks morals, has less ethics, and has absolutely NO - standards.

We are watching him like a HAWK.

There are others from the SF  Board of Supervisors - that much has to be said about - we will save reporting on their sordid actions  for now - but address it at the appropriated time. 

The SF Planning Department has not done due diligence. Some of their shenanigans will be revealed today.

We know the SF Planning Department - has not implemented the many Housing Elements reports and has failed to curtail the rampant building of Market Rate units.

Failed to build ' so called affordable housing " - more for low income and no income.

Some of advocates want to know - how did the Academy of Art University - convert hundreds of "rental units" - to "dormitories".

Dormitories - to cater to mostly foreign students - who are promised one thing - get nothing - not even a "valid" certification for all the thousands of dollars they pay.

If you know the former SF Planning Planning Czar - Larry Badiner who now has his own consulting firm - Larry was involved in the many ploys and machinations - with the Academy of Art University.

Larry - overlooked the many illegal construction activities - with the San Francisco Planning Department and the Department of Building Inspection - fast asleep at the wheel.

When is this matter with the Academy of Art University going to be adjudicated. I will be addressing this issue to at the the SF Planning Department - and also related planning - subjects and projects.

In the interim the Mayor Edwin Lee is touting his many cranes in the air - some 40 plus.

Less talk about congestion on the streets.

The many who die - crossing on our streets in San Francisco.

The many homeless some 10,000 plus - facing the inclement weather.

Anyone can smile - anyone can paint a rosy picture - but if you have a conscience you must live with it - if you with "intent" could do better - but chose of your own violation - to screw things up - someone has BLOOD on their hands.

First we had to deal with the Rouge Developer - Lennar.

Now, with the Rogue Property Manager - the John Stewart Company - linked to the Geneva Towers and many other nefarious activities.

Read more about the " thug " - John Stewart Property Management Company: