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Monday, February 17, 2014


This land all of it belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone in San Francisco.

So, do not listen to anyone who says the the land on which now exists - Public Housing - grand plans are afoot supposedly - to give everyone - hope - as in HOPESF.

Where the indigent, the poor, our elders who get little income - are all part of the plan - as in a conceptual plan.

" A conceptual plan is like a dream - you wake up and it could be your worst nightmare. "

As I said the land belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone - that is critical to comprehend.

The thieves who stole the land - just took it - and today brag that it is theirs. 

It is not their - more it is land that belongs to the "COMMONS" the Commons who favor the poor, those that are low income and no income.

This nonsense of mixed-housing - is all muddled up to confuse people - and again and again we have seen that those that were promised some housing - are asked to their "credit score".

As you know - most people do not have a good "credit score" in public housing.

Middle class people have eroded their "credit card scores" more during the spiraling of the economy in 2008 - where many lost much of their savings - and today are just beginning to recover.

So, just like that most people - whose hopes were raised - are told "sorry" - " we could have helped you but sorry we cannot - you do not have a good - credit score".

This is happening everyday and no one is addressing the situation at hand.

Hundreds of our people - poor people - many who have fallen on bad times - are now sleeping on the streets of San Francisco. Pathetic.

Over 10,000 people crash in places to survive the inclement weather.

 The situation is exacerbated when children have to suffer with their parents - at times some adult cares to protect them - if their parents happen to be incarcerated.

The California Department of Finance has been hoodwinked by the Commission on Infrastructure and Investment in San Francisco.

The Board to the Successor Agency to the San Francisco Redevelopment too - has been pushing paper - to cater to the San Francisco Mayor's Office of Housing - and one Olson Lee.

We are now at the crossroads - and it is important to note - most people - laymen and laywomen have no clue - what really is happening - with regards to Public Housing.

In all the areas that were once Public Housing - and are now being raided by those that have NO intention to help the poor, the indigent, our Seniors mostly women who worked hard - but get less than $800 a month to survive.

San Francisco is named after Saint Francis of Assisi - a compassion saint - that our City has chosen because San Francisco - embraces all - we have a track record of embracing those that most others shun.

However, today San Francisco authorities - think that by embracing large corporation and giving corporations large tax benefits that the expense of the San Francisco tax payers - that all is well.

These large corporation - the likes of TWITTER are NOT sincere, have nothing positive in terms of culture to contribute to San Francisco.

The people of San Francisco have been tolerating the nonsense for long - but now will NOT keep quiet and tolerate the on going nonsense. No way.

For years; more those living in Public Housing were NOT accommodated - they were not kept in the loop and encouraged to embrace progress.

We know for a fact in the 1960s until the mid 1980s - those living in Public Housing had opportunities to good jobs - and most worked hard - and contributed to this great City and County of San Francisco.

Then racism of the worst kind was inflicted on all San Franciscans - more people of color.

Until today - it is in your face and the paradox is - as long as we have folks like Aurelious Walker, Doris Vincent, Malia Cohen, Sophie Maxwell, Calvin Jones, Linda Richardson, Dwayne Jones, Lola Whittle, Gina Fromer from the YMCA - and there are others I can name - we as a people will not be able to move forward.

The poor we will always have - we must learn to help the poor - and eradicate poverty in San Francisco.

The present state of affairs - is not the fault of the poor. It is the fault of those that prey on the poor.

And when the authorities need to get rid of the poor  - Law Enforcement and other ploys, machinations, and shenanigans are used to treat the poor with disdain.

It is a shame that GENTRIFICATION right now in San Francisco has reached Saturation Point - and the many pastors, more Black pastors - most of them sell outs - are NOT speaking against Gentrification.

Again and again the statistics, the empirical data - find Black lingering in jails - arrested for minor infringements - more than 50,000 of the 71,000 arrested in the county jails on an given day have NOT be convicted of a crime in all of California. Think about this fact.

Judges now have mandated to bring down the population in our State and Federal prisons. 

Realignment linked to AB 109 - is forcing many counties including San Francisco to think outside the box. However, nothing much has been put in place that is working - " fine tuned " - as you often hear - it is a work in progress.

Work in progress my foot.

Time waits for no one and when those arrested for minor offences go to jail - that is the beginning of their down fall. Not through their fault - but because of the "traps" - the "ploys" set in the path of those youth, young adults - that need help most.

Thousands of those incarcerated are from Public Housing - and when they are released - most of them are mentally challenged.

I know what I am talking about - because I have gone out of my way to help the sisters and the brothers - who once were incarcerated and now are thrown into the streets - with little or no help - worth the salt.

There is little so called "rehabilitation" in our jails.  Those of us who are advocates know about this fact.

In San Francisco I personally know the Sheriff - Ross Mirkarimi, I personally know the Chief of Police - Gregory Suhr - they try - but the politicians are the ones - that are the pain in the ass.

We waste millions on programs that Young Community Developers use to run and now are being shunned.

City Build - which is a joke - the Contract Monitoring Division - which has yet to see the light of day.

We have over 90,000 workers mostly from outside coming to work in our City on projects - mostly building Market Rate Housing - yet we have youth, young adults, and many journey men and women of color without jobs. This makes no sense.

No one really knows in San Francisco - what is the true role of the Contract Monitoring Division.

 I addressed the Contracting Monitoring Division once - and what I told them - they did not like - because all they do is - rubber stamp.

Youth who are not given opportunities - women and men - sooner of later get into trouble - and when that happens - all hell break loose.

Once incarcerated forget about it - it is as if you have a tatoo on your forehead.

People who can give you a job - prefer not to deal with you. You can say that it is discrimination - but that does not help - it is what it is.

Once you make wrong choices it is on you.

 I have to fight to get someone a job - and often times - after giving one a job - I have to suffer the consequences - because they say they have the skills on some paper - but they do not have it in practice. And if one is not punctual to work and do not have sound work habits - then watch out.

Imagine we now have hundreds who have no homes - no roof - they sleep where they can.

Some of them work - and how they manage is anyone's guess - but we have such people irking out a living - and surviving.

Survival of the fittest - as if they are in the forest - and live much like wild animals do.

All this is San Francisco - while we brag - we have 38 cranes in the air - and experience daily  congestion on the streets of San Francisco.

Lack of  Quality of Life issues - and some one in raking in the millions - while poor people, decent people are booted out - out of San Francisco.

You must watch the San Francisco Board of Supervisor the likes of Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, Scott Weiner, David Chiu, David Campos - others - they talk a good talk but fail to walk the walk. Aho.