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Tuesday, February 4, 2014


All over San Francisco we see construction of our infrastructure - I have been documenting the projects - and have thousands of photographs - to reveal the truth at the right time.

As much as our City and County of San Francisco brags about this and that - we have no way of showing in real time - how we perform - and NO standard what so ever - to evaluate the performance of our contractors - be it the sub-contractors and the more the very crooked - Primes.

In recent times we have seen one Prime Contractor - go down hill, after - not performing and double dipping the City and County of San Francisco.

The City and County of San Francisco - may be in good faith - did too much for this Prime. The Prime decided to bite the hand that fed his company - creating a turmoil and creating bad - energy.

The Prime took advantage and performed inferior work.

When many complaints reached the heads of Departments, when those dealing with payments - noticed invoices submitted twice or three times for the same work.

One thing led to another - and today that PRIME - cannot get any BONDING.

We are watching how the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission performs with the many developments and developers vying for favors.

The new Infrastructure linked with Mission Bay is well known.

The land prone to liquefaction and flooding - created major challenges.

Some of the challenges have been solved - there are more challenges - because it is very difficult to deal with poor soil, more loose soil - prone to extreme liquefaction and flooding - compromising brand new infrastructure.

Most of Mission Bay unknown to most people was designed as Public Trust Land.

First given over a hundred years ago the Santa Fe operations. 

For those who do not know about the Santa Fe operation - they operated our first trains - and the United States Government and the State of California  - gave those operators a lot of lee way.

Santa Fe - became Southern Pacific and most people remember their operations - then Catellus got the property - and used " Land Banking " and raked in billions. All Public Trust Land belonging to all Californians.

Public Trust Land belongs to all Californians - and most people do not know that. Most people do not know because they are NOT educated on issues. Once they learn about Public Trust Land - they wonder - who permits the crooks - to do as they please.

As a voting citizen  - once you comprehend Public Trust Land - you will notice how the "crooks" - gravitate to such land.

Land they got for free - by going to Sacramento and exercising some legislation - land meant for the Public - is sold at a premium by the crooks - and those few "crooks" - rake in the billions.

Many of those crooks have their headquarters in San Francisco - and our heads of department do their bidding - we can name them - if some one will send them to jail - we can use the RICO ACT.

The same is happening at the Water Front in San Francisco - 7.5 miles - all Public Land - where a lot of wheeling and dealing is done. 

The Ferry Building, the Parking Lots, the many Piers with office and other space for other uses, Pier 70, Pier 92 and Pier 94, and all that is Fisherman's Wharf with the 7.5 miles.

All Public Trust Land - land that belongs legally to all - Californians.

Our City and County of San Francisco brags we have 38 cranes in the air.

We brag that we have ability to deliver - but right now - we cannot work on the required permits - to authorize the pertinent permits - to build the required - infrastructure linked to "clean drinking water" and " sewage pipes " .

We talk talk the talk - but fail each and every time - to walk the walk.

The Primes who get the work - use bribes - which then allows these Primes to take short cuts.

Do as they please - with few honest, inspectors, be it from the Building Inspection, other related agencies doing - strict inspections - failing our tax payers.

Those inspections that fail should be posted on the Internet so that we know what really is happening - linked to all these many major - projects.

This nonsense has been going on for a long time - with some raking in the money - through big bribes. As I said this nonsense must STOP.

Why is this City not giving opportunities to those that have Job Order Contracts?

These contractors  - applied for such work - but now those that qualified - have to beg for opportunities.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission brags through its presentation that it has attained so much success.

This is NOT true - we have serious concerns - with the Water System Improvement Project - not only at Calavares but in other areas.

More with the departure of Julie LaBonte - and others holding the bag - a time bomb waiting to happen.

Again and again we have had complaints of poor welding, valves poorly installed, we have had some huge pills on brand new installment of huge pipes.

We know about these major faults - that will only exacerbate as the weeks turn to month, and months turn to years.

Again and again it takes months for those Primes given work to complete their work. These Primes are "master crooks" at making "change orders" and fleecing the tax payers.

Remember the government pays for nothing - the tax payers do.

Always remember "Big Government" - more crooked government is not to be trusted.

We pay the Board of Supervisors - the idiots who sit and do not represent.

The ones like David Chu who will not permit the constituents to speak at Public Comment. He does this because he is afraid of the Truth - this is not Taiwan.

Ask these idiotic SF Board of Supervisors - what is happening on the ground - with horizontal infrastructure and vertical infrastructure - and they know nothing, much.

Malia Cohen recently at the "Land Use Committee" asks the City Planner - about "benefits" linked with the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Malia Cohen is as dumb as the come - when it come to comprehending the basics - Hunters Point is linked to the Successor Agency to the SF Redevelopment Agency and the other many related crooked agencies - she works with conducting "nefarious" activities - like Tiffany Bohee.

Malia Cohen you will not get a condominium for free anywhere in the Eastern Neighborhood.

Even if you get one for "free" - you will be investigated. We are watching you like a hawk - and have sufficient on you - to build a case -at short notice.

Remember for the rest of your life - you are a sell out - that is not respected by the community at large.

The infrastructure laid at Parcel A is contaminated.

Daily reports sent - show very high levels of Asbestos readings.

The workers exposed and very few wearing masks and wearing qualified safety gear.

Malia Cohen does not even comprehend what I am talking about - the spineless, inept,  good for nothing - buffoon.

Malia is one of those that get the funds to fill her campaign coffers - crooked Prime doling out checks - $500 here - dollar $1000 there - for a table of ten - where Pork is served and coffee served to wash down the evil doings of the day - breakfasts of a kind - where hogs gather and ponder.

We have one Prime contractor inviting those that give him contracts to Mexico - where the crooks are treated to a "gala time" - wine, women, and what have you.  He has several ranches and mansions of a kind. Seeing is believing.

We can provide the names - but do you think that will help. 

Right now we have over 1000 miles of sewer lines that are in poor shape and over 75 years old - broken pipes - leeching into the ground - and adversely impacting our Water Shed.

This project should have been done years ago - but we do not care about Mother Earth. And guess what - Mother Earth will not be kind to you - who destroyed all that was pristine - in less than 200 years.  Thinks about it.

It is the same with the clean drinking water with over 1200 miles of pipes - some over 80 years old - and leeching millions of clean drinking water into the ground.

Water that is GOLD. More now when we are experiencing a DROUGHT.

There is technology that can monitor real time leakage - but those in charge are involved with ploys, machinations, and shenanigans.

Of course we will not be giving any of our plans, ideas in detail for free - you cannot do that we those that have no decency and less comprehension, lack manner, etiquette and are arrogant.

Community Benefits all tax payers money - doled out to those that do not deserve a penny - while those that participate in keeping the crooked Public Utilities Commission honest - are kept at bay - but not for long.

Juliet Ellis who admitted to every wrong she committed receiving pay and remuneration while working for the SF Public Utilities Commission - and making a salary of over $200.000 plus benefits.

All this at a public hearing before the San Francisco Ethics Commission - in room 400 at City Hall - not long ago.

Juliet Ellis used her office as Assistant Manager of External Affairs as a conduit - to move $200,000 to Green For All - a non-profit that she had close relations, with.

Juliet Ellis was on the Board at the time she was still working for SF Public Utilities Commission -  when with intent  -this illegal transactions took place.

Here again we have reputable organizations in San Francisco - stellar and educated people in San Francisco. 

So why are we hiring these "crooks" with connections in the East Bay - trying to fleece our tax payers in San Francisco.

Juliet Ellis has further illegally hired four people all women from the East Bay to aid and abet her - in her nefarious activities.

Juliet Ellis continues to "gang up" on some employees who are well informed and decent - and brags that no one can stop her - time will tell.

We the tax payers fought for 5% of the 6 Billion dollars - linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project - a major infrastructure project.

We want to know - how this money is doled out. We want an accounting for all this money - tax payers money.

Remember the government does not give anyone money for free - the money comes from the tax payers. You pay taxes. if you served this Nation - you have a right to know.

Today, Juliet Ellis controls these funds - much like a fox in the chicken co0p. 

The General Manager and other looking the other way - and what is more defying the Bayview Hunters Point community.

The Southeast Facility Commission Building at 1800 Oakdale - belongs to the people. We have the documents to prove this fact and more. Aho.