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Sunday, February 2, 2014


In 2004 we all remember how we all gathered, united, and fought Lennar, the Rogue Developer.

We spent $5000 and backed Proposition F - Lennar spent over $15 million and backed Proposition G.

Now, today in the year 2014 much like the year 2004 - Lennar, the Rogue Developer - continues to bombard the community with Asbestos Structures or Friables.

The readings two days ago - over 5500 structures per cubic meter - and the workers wearing NO masks - no safety gear - and what is more no enforcement.

The San Francisco Building Inspectors must be ashamed of themselves. The Contracting Monitoring Division must be ashamed of itself. The City Administrator is asleep at the wheel. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors - talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

In 2004 Lennar with intent removed the batteries from the monitoring devices registering Asbestos Friables - for over 4 months.

A 33 foot rock was graded and Asbestos Friables bombarded the near by community and a large neighboring area. To this date people are suffering from a number of very serious ailments.

 Lennar, with intent poisoned our children, our seniors, others who were already vulnerable - many suffering from chronic respiratory diseases.

The Federal, State, and Local agencies looked the other way - much as they do today. It is time the Federal Bureau of Investigation - and their Environmental Department look into this matter.

It is time the many Environmental Entities that give large amount of grants to entities all over the world - stop, ponder, and take a look at what is happening in their own backyard.

It is time that Senators Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer and Congress person Nancy Pelosi - do the right thing - and stop adversely impacting our workers, our citizens, and what is more innocent children and the seniors.

The Environmental Protect Agency - Region IX is asleep at the wheel, so it the Regional Water Board, so is the Department of Toxic and Substances Control, so is the San Francisco Health Department - that has NO Toxicologist on board.

The University of San Francisco and all those so called medical experts at near by Mission Bay - know about the on going nonsense - but will not lift a finger to help the thousands who are bombard by dangerous particulates, asbestos structures, and other dangerous radio active elements registered at very high levels.

We the community in year 2004 and for 4 years after that  - took Lennar on; and had to take our children, seniors, those who could take leave of absence to the many meetings on Ellis Street and Van Ness in San Francisco - to attended the meetings before the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

We testified the children, the adults, the many advocates. We did what we had to do - but our local government did not and continues to look the other way.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District listened to our pleas - and the end result was Lennar, the Rogue Developer was fined - over $515,000 .

The largest fine ever imposed on any developer - an example made of Lennar - that has not learned its lesson. We will be on their case.

Obiyashi continues to build some units on Parcle A today - with high readings of Asbestos friables - those in the know; know about the high Asbestos recordings.

The San Francisco Health Department, the Project Manager representing the Successor Agency to the SF Redevelopment Thor Kaslofsky in charge of Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, the lying Director, Tiffany Bohee, Lennar and its minions - including Kofi Bonner and others - have BLOOD on their hands.

It is a shame that the workers - working on the site at Parcel A - are not educated on issues. Lack minimal safety orientation - you can get some money now, but you all will die a miserable - death. In fact you are right now.

These workers are daily exposed to the Asbestos.

All you got to do is disturb the earth - and the friabels invaded the environment - and if you are there - they will invaded your system - lodge in your system - find their way to your lungs - and you will die a very, very, painful death. Misothelioma.


How greedy can the developers be and how negligent can the authorities be? 

San Francisco does not have a TOXICOLOGIST on board - now, we must ask our City and County of San Francisco - that has a budget of over $9 billion - why are they treating human beings with disdain? More minorities.

There is vain talk about 38 cranes in the air - in San Francisco - but no one talks about the increase in the Carbon Foot Print.

The inferior quality of air we are breathing, the congestion on the roads and the increase in dangerous particulates.

The thousands of tons of Methane Gas - spewing in the air - from the thousands of acres of inferior land fill - prone to liquefaction and flooding. From 4th and King all the way to Midway Village by the Cow Palace - on Geneva Street and closer to Daly City.

One ton of Methane Gas equals 22 tons of Carbon Dioxide.

San Franciscans are kept in the dark - and our San Francisco Supervisors - all of them have BLOOD on their hands. 

It does not help that Malia Cohen who represents District 10 is on the take. A disgrace to the human race. 

The City officials and departments with intent  are exacerbating the situation at hand.

Malia Cohen has NO clue about the Asbestos Readings - which we get every other day - higher readings by the Trailer and the Gate leading to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - at Parcel A.

The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - all of it is a SUPERFUND SITE - do not call it by any other name.

Only the worst sites that are contaminated - in this case by high readings of Radioactive Elements at very high levels. 

We cannot ignore the facts, the empirical data is there - but who has the guts to do the right thing?

How many of our children, our seniors, decent human beings, must suffer and die. Much of all life in the area is adversely impacted, we must evaluated the situation at hand - how long must be wait in vain - before the matter is adjudicated? 

We in the minority who abide by ethics, morals, standards, are educated on issues, are caring, have fortitude, and the guts to take on the crooked -  we want to know - how long must we wait - before something is done?

Waiting for Godot?

This City and County of San Francisco once had some standards - no more.

It is all convoluted. We must conserve water - but we keep on building without implementing proven conservation models. 

Millions of gallons of our precious water leak into the earth from the many miles of leaking, old water pipes - why are we wasting our precious resources?

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission keep patting itself on the ass - while foolishly wasting our precious resources. They are playing with fire.

In the year 2014 we continue to flush our toilets with Hetch Hetchy water - pristine clean water that we stole from the Miwoks and the Piutes - why does the City have no decency to do the right thing?

We have the "Precautionary Principle" on our books - yet, with intent we harm all life. 

The Precautionary Principle guides us and advises us to stop any program or project - we if encounter any adverse impacts that affect all life - animal, bird, fish, human - all life.

The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is a Superfund Site.

The United States Navy controls the site and the United States Navy must clean it to residential standards.

In the year 2000 -  the San Francisco Voters  voted well -Proposition P by a margin of over 87% mandated the entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard be abated, mitigated, cleaned up to residential standards.

Who is asleep at the wheel? Why are we looking the other way?

Lennar is a Rouge Developer that we do not want in our community?

We the community are watching them like a hawk - and we will act - and bring about holistic changes.

It is not too difficult to deal with Lennar, the Rogue Developer - who lies, cheats, steals, hoodwinks, and cannot be trusted, ever.

Since 1998 when Lennar first incorporated in Sacramento I have been watching them.

Brought here by a "thug mayor" - Willie L. Brown Jr - today they are incorporated in Delaware - the home of Credit Cards and the devil's workshop. 

This is their sixth incorporation and now they are a LLP. Time will tell.

I have said it before and I will say it one more time :
" No good will ever take place at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard". Aho.

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