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Friday, February 7, 2014


San Francisco with a population of 805,000 with thousands of families leaving San Francisco - with one apartment units going for as high as $3500 - pricing out those that once were the fabric of San Francisco.

San Franciscans - ordinary San Franciscans made San Francisco - never the folks that came and went - and the "techies" that are detested. Hate is Hate and Love is Love - San Francisco is about Love and not the mundane - "techies" - bland as cardboard.

The "techies" are here and TWITTER just got their first shock - 20% of its over all stocks - down on Wall Street.

Really - what goes up comes down - but in the case of TWITTER that our City gave large tax breaks - TWITTER did not deserve those breaks - but Jane Kim and her minions - did it anyway. 

Took million of our tax payers money - and gave it to the fake, failing TWITTER. Sing your blues Jane Kim - you can hoodwink some but cannot fool all the people all the time.

Salesforce, Google, FaceBook, Apple, the other many companies who really have assets and their crooked earnings, more outside the United States and less here in America - these corrupt companies - have done nothing much for San Francisco and less for our Nation.

These suckers come here to San Francisco - enjoy our ambiance - take all the good we have - and have turned their back on the people that made San Francisco.

There is not one San Francisco Board member that has served our Nation - in the Armed Forces. That says it all.

Mark may say that his father was in the Air Force - but that means nothing - he gets paid from an outside firm - then get his $120,000 from the tax payers - he talks the talk good - but cannot walk the walk.

The slime balls from New York; Scott Weiner and Jane Kim - are the same.

They come up with all sorts of mundane concepts - but no one in the City and County of San Francisco - worth the salt - respects them.

The worse of them all Malia Cohen - who is pathetic to say the least.

She has done nothing - absolutely nothing - and today at the Black History celebration at City Hall - you all will hear the jackass open her mouth and shove her foot in.

These San Francisco Board of Supervisors London Breed, Katy Tang, David Campos, Eric Mar, Norman Yee, David Chu and John Avalos - have had a good ride - hoodwinking San Franciscans - not for long.

One of the worst things - behind the scene is the Democratic Machine - behind the scene Willie L. Brown Jr and his side kick Rose Park, others all greedy, vicious, and lacking any fortitude - less ethics, morals and standards.

Election time each of the above - the drab San Francisco Board of Supervisors will promise the constituents the world.

We, the tax payers pay their salaries - but these vermin - keep on sucking the living hell - and doing little good.

We still have a few good San Franciscans who still think that we must step up and do what we have to do. The love for this City is deep within us - and we must speak up and do what it right. Even though what we see and witness - is too difficult to bear - the machinations and the ploys - galore.

And we few do it anyway - if you can do good - you do not do it to please the devil and his entourage - and I have named them above.

We do it because we have grassroots support. We do it for those in the community that deserve it . First and foremost our children, our Seniors, that that cannot defend themselves - we do it with the help of God.

We did it when we brought Lennar the Rogue Developer down on its knees.

We are monitoring Lennar - like a hawk.

Much as we are watching Scott Weiner the Zionist - and Malia Cohen the Black - sell out - who speaks from both sides of her  dirty mouth.

Malia Cohen will not leave a legacy - she is a panderer.

You, Malia Cohen and all those that attend the fake Black History events - enjoy your one and half seconds of fame - and then it is back to the usual, routine - pandering. Pathetic.

A segment of the population that has stepped up to stop crime an violence - are the Polynesians.

They have partnered with the Latinos and the Blacks - tried to think outside the box and have done yeomen service.

The Mayor Edwin Lee has been informed of the work - but he really has not fathomed who is behind this operation.

How many hundreds of volunteer hours have been put - to stop the violence and help his administration.

In his office Diane Aroche and her side kick Henderson - keep talking to the Mayor who I think - listens some.

The real workers do not have easy access to the politicians and less to the Mayor - who purports to serve San Francisco - and he thinks he does that - more in the year of Horse.

 I can send me a message, email him - and pray to God that some good will happen.

On the streets of San Francisco - Simi Iulio has saved many lives - and those in the know - such as I  -know that.

Simi Iulio is one individual who can go into any situation and buy time. Anyone who can buy time - be it a few hours - can allow some of us to save many - lives.

The San Francisco Police Chief knows what I am talking about - because I looked him in the eye and told him a few things - and he knows Simi Iulio and he knows those that work with me.

We get little support from the City and County of San Francisco - who channel millions to Mercy Housing and Hamilton House - that Salesforce gave a $500,000 donation to help the indigent and those that need housing.

These  "techies" have taken all the rental units that we once had access to.

At the Presidio of San Francisco the John Stewart Company is raking in millions. He controls over 2500 units and more. $4000 for a two bed room and more.

When I was at the Presidio of San Francisco that two bedroom - went for $600.

The units all paid for by the Department of Defense - years ago.

The John Stewart is at Treasurer Island, control Huntersview, Northridge Cooperative at Hunters Point, hundreds of units in the Tenderloin, here, there, and everywhere - one of the largest Property Managers in the Bay Area.

For those that have long memories this John Stewart once controlled the Geneva Towers - where whores were plenty, drugs all over the place - and thug roamed with machine guns freely - blessed by the then John Stewart company.

The John Stewart Company is a devious company - that got over $500 million when the State of California was broke to build Hunterview Phase I.

Another $300 million plus from the Mayor's Office of Housing - to build Huntersview.

Many of those that moved in - have been evicted - there is NO one tenant organization that can stand up to the John Stewart Company - that must be booted out of our community.

At Treasure Island housing is going for big money - once again the United States Navy built that housing - all paid for.

Now, organizations like Hamilton House, Mercy Housing, Catholic Charities, the John Stewart Company - are raking in the millions - forcing indigent people, poor people to shell out - or get evicted.

I have studied these so called Charities; pretending to do good s - right now Mercy Housing is having a ride - with Jane Kim and others backing them up - and someone like Jane Kim is not to be trusted.

What is this nonsense that in giving charity of any kind Hamilton House insists you pay your dues by attending some classes.

When such a mandate - is made compulsory - and in some unique situation - an sound explanation given - an exemption should be in order.

Simi Iulio works two jobs - he has a wife and three children.

I keep in touch with the children who call me "Grandfather" and they promised me to study hard and bring in good grades - this they have done. Hamilton House should have a means of know this - rather than impacting the entire family - on a principle the insists on - which can be tailored made - to bring about a holistic solution.

If a family can be saved - a lot is accomplished - there is always a way to do good and bring about grace - to a situation that go hay wire. Think about it Hamilton House - and I can come as speak to you all.  You scratch our back and we will yours - fire begets fire - and we do not want to go there.

Simi's wife in an angel who has stood up well - has gone through some trials and tribulations - but kept her family together.

Supported and joined by Mitchel Salazar and a few of us who stand shoulder to shoulder with John Nauer and I - that is how we work in San Francisco.

I am requesting Chief Greg Suhr and I will not call him - he can read what I am writing here and request Hamilton House to work with Simi Iulio.

May  be Hamilton House can use a small portion on the $500,000 donation to contribute to the situation at hand linked to Simi Iulio and more his family.

Chief Greg Suhr who is my friend can step up - find out what is going on - hit a home run - and aid Simi Iulio when things are getting out of hand - for no real - reason.

It is not easy stopping the on going violence in San Francisco - just a few day ago - right by the Boys and Girls Club - at Hunters Point some one was firing a machine gun.

Innocent people were targeted - just for Simi who was passing by - doing his work - Community Policing - to get out of his car - duck as bullets were flying - and save lives. Take many children to a safe haven and have no time to reflect - while he put his life on the line.

Had four or five innocent children died - what would that have done for our City and County of San Francisco.

Of course I am sure the Mayor Edwin Lee does not know about this incident -  he was in Washington DC listening to President Barack Hussein Obama speak.

Why would he know or care to know - what is happening by the Boys and Girls Club - where there is Police Station - and the Boys and Girls club named after Willie Mays - you all know who he is.

Willie Mays and another Willie L. Brown Jr should go by Hunters Point - up the Hill - and watch the charade and the parade of the day. How mostly Black people are dying - slowly.

People are evicted daily - poor people cannot make it pass the fifth day of the month.

We try to help the people as much as we can - while the City brags about 38 plus cranes in the air - building Market Rate Housing for the filthy rich and pandering to TWITTER wasting millions - in tax breaks and providing them free transportation.

This is ridiculous - the Main Media must do some - investigative reporting.

The John Stewart company is getting ready to build Phase II at Hunter Point - having messed up with Phase I.

Small rooms where it is difficult to fit in a King Bed not even a Queen bed with room to move around.

Windows leaking and the air vents - not working - the Mayor Edwin Lee knows about this - and it was reported in the Main Media - for those that care to read.

Some of us some months ago - requested those that could help - to help us with the Simi Iulio situation.

Much like so many time - on so many occasions - much like any other situation - when no one can get things done - they call Simi for help.

Sime never says no and gets the work done.

He has saved lives hundreds of lives - repercussions that the SF Police Department, the Mayor Office, others in the know - know about.

Can this City and County of San Francisco with a $9 Billion plus budget - step up and resolve this situation.

Where Simi Iulio - well known all over San Francisco and beyond - should be permitted to keep his home and family intact.
Is that too much to ask

I say home - because his family has made that house a home - you can check it out.

I am requesting Bevan Dufty and Trent Rhorer to see what they can do. If Simi Iulio is evicted - it will NOT be a pleasing to many - and believe me - it will not be pleasing to me.

I am working hard and focusing on Quality of Life issues.

Politicians and politics in San Francisco suck - it has reached such a point that it makes me puke.

More when I see folks like Scott Weiner and Malia Cohen - who talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

So, who will resolve the on  going pandemonium that Hamilton House - can solve - but wants to prolong and bring about confusion.

I have done all the research and can say more - but should I?

The good work Hamilton House does -  saving lives and gets a lot of donations in the millions - to help those that need a little help with their rent: