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Monday, February 17, 2014


There are many studies done - by so called experts trying to delve into the facts why so many women are prone to violence in today's society and why so many women are incarcerated. More in our California - jails.

Nationwide women who are being incarcerated is a worrying problem. Closer to California - more.

Many of the women incarcerated have children - and this one unique factor - compounds affecting the lives of many - family members and close friends - more, the children and close ones.

We all know of some woman or women who have been incarcerated.

We know of some women who were used as pawns - and these cases are difficult to adjudicate within a flawed judicial system - that is flawed with drab polices and and adjudication system - that mostly prey on women.

The main factor that stands out when you study these case is - who is "representing" these women. When you find out that - most women - do not get sound representation - the matter at hand exacerbates - and in many cases in mind boggling. I see this again and again - and it does not matter that the facts are there - and the person is innocent - it is how these lawyers - handled the case - and in most cases - women suffer the most.

Daily in life we meet women from many walks of life - and these women who live regular lives - know little about their sisters who are lingering in the many jails.

As I said many of them framed and others who did not have anyone to represent - a good attorney or lawyer - are left to their own accord. Many of them get no visitors - for a variety of reasons. The jails are far away - there is a process to be followed - and if you have some cases that is pending - as is often the case - then you are barred from visiting.

In the Black community for hundreds of years - women kept the family together - today this one poignant fact has not been studied to find out "incarceration" and its impact on today's  Black family.

Missing some strong women who are now lingering in the many jails - while families are being destroyed. These same women - if they were diverted into some program - could contribute a lot to society. As usual the talk is there in plenty - but few walk the walk.

We know from hearsay the impact on the introduction of crack cocaine on the Black women.

Have we taken the time to think deep why this was introduced - more to entice women - and the paradox that many Black men - in order to make a few bucks - took part in the destruction of many Black families - selling drugs to Black women - Black women who traditionally kept the family together.

In today's world we have few - if not fewer Black brothers who have joined forces to help our women who are incarcerated.

In fact there are even fewer Brothers - Black Brothers - working to support our Black brothers - behind the wall.

Law Enforce much to their chagrin loves this fact - a domino affect that takes care of business - the more the communities of color are divided - the more work for Correctional Officers and Law Enforcement in general.

There is more unity when it comes to the Latinos, the Asians, the Whites - how do I know this fact - because I have visited the many jails and observed - and observed closely - and this fact is very disturbing - when the Blacks are shafted.

The powers that be have long been dreaming how to destroy families. How to destroy families of color.

You just have to study the fines imposed on those that sell cocaine and the fines imposed on those that sell "weed". Many whites caught selling large amount of "cocaine" - pay a fine and are let go. If a Black is found with the pound of two of "weed" - he will easily get 10 to 15 years - and when in jail - get into some trouble - and get more.

You can look at any law is being applied to Black women, women who are minorities - policies and laws that have not been vetted.

Policies and laws that destroy families - more minorities - policies and laws that are " fast tracked" to create divisiveness, discord, separation - as if "slavery" and the consequences of slavery - did not in itself - leave a lasting - scar.

Logically, when a mother is incarcerated - if she has children - we all know the  consequences.

Deeper still if she had a husband and he is incarcerated - and if she was out in society making a living - most of the time - it is dabbling with "drugs" - prostitution - and we all know the end - results. 

There are a number of stellar documents and I will be posting one at the end of this article.

There is more to come - incarceration is a difficult topic to address - if the one addressing it has compassion - most address it without compassion - and less trying to give - our women consideration putting their children first. Time for a drastic change.

Read this document to better understand the situation at hand about incarceration:

Public Safety Realignment California at a Crossroads: