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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


We all know the many Black sell outs who have harmed the Southeast Sector - but the worst of them all - is Malia Cohen.

Malia Cohen is the Black representative - the District 10 Supervisor - who is in bed with the developers to rake in the millions - with only one objective in mind - selling out the community.

The many Black in District 10 have seen their population diminish this one singular fact that not faze Malia Cohen. The increase in crime and focusing on Quality of Life issues - does not bother Malia Cohen.

Cultural competency and understanding the needs of the Polynesian community, the Asian community, the Native American community, the White community those that are poor and need help - of course the Latino community that is increasing in population the first being the Asians - Blacks are evaporating - before our eyes - Malia Cohen has put on her blinders.

The paradox is that the most impacted segment of the community are Blacks - and Malia Cohen sees no harm pandering to the rich Whites living at Potrero Hill, other sell outs like the greed developers, and the rogue developer that we do not want in our community Lennar Urban. These and other that will buy her soul - with sordid money.

Up at Hunters Point hundreds of innocent people are being evicted. Once evicted there are no shelters nor are there some emergency entities or organizations - to help the people and address their immediate - needs.

Once the folks are given the notice - they go into shock - and there is no one entity - that has rap around services, sound case managers - that can take in a client, a claim - and process it with results - more in a holistic manner.

Hundreds of people move closer to District 6 - where they are found sleeping in the streets - closer to Sixth street.

Shacking up in Single Residency Occupancy (SROs) hotels - infested with bugs - and exacerbating the situation that already exists in District 6.

Malia Cohen is as fake as they come - she has little understanding of anything. Less of accountability - her own personal affairs.

She herself bought a condominium at Executive Park by Candlestick Park - for about $580,000 and could not make the payments - and went under.

Right before she won her election in District 10 - running with a group of 23 candidates - all stacked up to defeat the good candidates like Tony Kelly and Marlene Tran.

Then out of the blues - Malia Cohen won - because Rank Choice Voting - does not work and will never work - in areas - where crooks - use crooked methods - to entice people to vote - for all the wrong reasons.

Malia Cohen who has no sound relations with the Chinese community - had posters made in the Chinese language - begging them to vote for her - as the second choice. Many Chinese voters fell of the bait. 

In the end when the many other candidates divided the votes - Malia Cohen won by a few hundred votes.

In the lead was Marlene Tran who is well respected - and for sure not a crook, a cheat, a liar, and for sure not a fake - as is Malia Cohen.

Malia Cohen on winning by a narrow margin - had the audacity of living with her parents in District 9 - while she was supposed to live in District 10 - but could not - because she had to vacate her condominium at Executive Park.

Malia Cohen had no place to go and decided to live with her parents in District 9 at Silliman Street in the Portola District -  go - some of us knew this - and for a long time - we looked the other way.

Previously another Supervisor from District 4 made the same mistakes winning the Supervisor's election - and living outside his district. He was removed from office. Why not Malia Cohen the most despicable politician - who talks from both sides of her mouth.

Malia Cohen now lives in Potrero Hill - and does not serve the majority of her District - more the indigent Blacks - who she looks upon with disdain.

Recently she challenged expanding a shelter at Mother Brown's - benefiting Mother Brown with much need 100 beds. We the community had to fight for these 100 beds. Saving the many indigent and poor - facing inclement weather - we knew better but for the grace of God - any one of us can fall into the same predicament - but not the ignorant, very arrogant Malia Cohen.

Those who voted for this despicable woman - better learn a big lesson. Malia Cohen is not to be trusted.

Many of the disturbing evictions, the increase in crime, the poor health and educational programs and facilities in District 10.

The broken transportation system - lack of healthy eating places and supermarkets with fresh food plague District 10.

Prostitution, AIDS, pedophiles in the hundreds, and all sorts of adverse impacts are rampant in District 10 because Malia Cohen is asleep at the wheel. She lacks transparency and more accountability.

Recently, against the will of the people - using convoluted methods - large areas - have been put at the disposal of the crooked developers - and using HOPESF as a ploy - the poor and those in need of housing kept out - of any meaningful planning and dialogue. Plans are afoot to hoodwink the people.

Malia Cohen simply does not get it - she is not respected - and the time has come for her to move on - go somewhere less where she can live with her sordid life - and carry on her evil and devious ways.

Malia Cohen has no clue about a Superfund Site.

Only the worse contaminated sites are placed on the Superfund Site. Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is one of them - one of the worse contaminated sites. Who will make Malia Cohen comprehend? When will she wake up? What kind of legacy will their evil woman leave - she has surrounded herself with crooks - that she openly brags about. Head strong and evil to the core.

Malia Cohen care less about hundreds of acres prone to liquefaction and flooding - all Malia Cohen cares about is raking in the millions under the table - illegal bribes.

We the people pay your salary - we the people know you are a air-head - we the people know all about the hoodwinking - we the people want you out.

Malia Cohen has NOT had one single meeting on the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - where, even today - most of the parcels are under the jurisdiction of the United States Navy.

The U.S. Navy is dragging their legs - trying to do a shoddy job - trying to cap the land - and keep the contamination - more radioactive elements.

All the parcels and some in greater measure have recorded radioactive elements at high levels.

The U.S. want to take a short cut  and address the serious situation - in place - covering it with some clay, some gravel - and then putting two or three inches of clean imported soil.

The watershed is contaminated and Parcel E2 - is a time bomb waiting to explode.

Depleted Uranium was tested at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.
During the World War II - war effort the U.S. Navy contaminated the base - dumping, burying all sorts of high contaminated material - much of it radioactive and dangerous to all life.

What makes the situation dangerous is that Parcel E2 in within one eight of a mile.

A residential area within easy reach - if the Big One strikes - the impending Earthquake - thousands of people with a 3 mile radius with be adversely impacted.

The U.S. Navy know this - and has been using Lennar and other devious entities on the take - to prop up idiots like Malia Cohen.

Malia Cohe - who will sell out her soul and in the bargain the community at large - encouraging Lennar, a rouge developer - to build homes on very contaminated soil.

Those who fall in the trap and buy the homes - will have to sign fine print waivers - they will NOT be able to grow anything in the dirt by their homes. The will have to truck in the dirt and use box-planters to grow.

Those that buy the homes now being built on the contaminated soil - will NOT be able to go near the beach. The may see the beach, look at the Bay - but NOT go anywhere near it.

The Bay which is in close proximity is contaminated. The Bay in close proximity of Parcel E2 and other parcels - is named Parcel F  and is very contaminated.

Malia Cohen the Black sell out is not fully aware of this situation - she is a joke - and a panderer - but in this situation - dangerous to the community at large.

This woman is a joke - and the time has come to expose her - and more for her to be investigated under the RICO ACT.

Once and for all this laughing jack ass must be silenced - and she can move elsewhere to pander to folks that agree with her - those favoring her are using her like a dirty- rag.

They will use her and throw her in the bin - as do most people with their dirty, stinking - rags.

Malia Cohen each and every day has no intention of representing the constituents of District 10 or San Francisco.

Malia Cohen wants to rake in the money illegally - while adversely impacting thousands in District 10 and beyond.