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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thousands flee San Francisco while inept, insensitive politicians, keep spewing diatribe - the likes of Scott Weiner, Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, London Breed and David Chu - pathetic.

It is a shame that we have inept San Francisco Board of Supervisor the likes of Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, Scott Weiner, London Breed, David Chu to name but a few.

Good representation means having the ability to deliver and find solutions when implemented - that benefit the constituents who have voted - in a nonchalant manner - and put these "scum bags" into office. It is time to boot them out - out of our City and into oblivion - make no bones about it.

None of the above have the ability to first comprehend because they are not educated on issues.

Secondly they are not culturally competent, they do not understand the many neighborhoods we have in San Francisco.

Thirdly they have no standards, lack ethics, moral, and pander to those to rake in the millions. We, the tax payers pay their salaries, they work for us - and we can boot them out and must. The like of Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, David Chu, London Breed, and of course Scott Weiner - that lanky, wobbly - piece of crap.

For sure these idiots are amazing - more when they bring to the fore - their own petty mentality be it from Taiwan, Korea as is with David Chu and Jane Kim.

Those that sell out the Blacks - those who have a mentality; that rakes with corruption, immoral to the core, pathetic as is with Malia Cohen and London Breed.

Of course little if nothing needs to said about Scott Weiner who had disdain for the poor and loves to push for 100 square feet housing units - where he can shack with his dog.

I have not named the rest of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - because it really does not help.

None of the Supervisors have read and studied well the Housing Element. If they did they would have initiated reforms - meaningful to attaining Quality of Life issues.

On the contrary they focus on the mundane - just to get some attention - and those that love gossip, do not know where their nose is - pander to these "jerks" - one worse than the other.

Jane Kim pretends that she knows something about housing but panders a lot to the developers. Where is her heart really? This fake politician - a transplant from New York - who says a lot and means little.

Malia Cohen she is pathetic - she just has to open her mouth - and soon shoves her dirty foot in it - each and every time. 

30,000 units are planned in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco. This pathetic woman who wants to run for District 10 as the Supervisor - has failed her first term, miserably. She should just fade away - go somewhere and stay there.

London Breed thought she would deliver - but this heifer keeps putting on weight and keeps failing to understand - that City business is not like whoring.

As when you ran your non-profit - and would pander to those that offered you money. You are all about money - and have nothing to represent - when it comes to solutions, analyzing the situation at hand and delivering. You are a pathetic, obese - heifer.

David Chu he loves to talk and deprive those stellar advocates - from speaking their mind - in this free country the United States of America.

Deprives those mostly that have served this Nation - who during Public Comment - have much to offer - but we must not throw pearls at the dirty hog - they love their muck - and let them wallow in it.

It is time this son of a gun David Chu - go back to Taiwan and practice his nonchalant devious tactics - leaning more towards the devious and the malicious. And he wants to represent and go to Sacramento? Good luck!

A one bedroom is now going for $3000 and that puts most of those making under $40,000 priced out and on to the streets.

So, thousands are leaving San Francisco - and "techies" are NOT welcome in San Francisco.

The time has come to make that very clear - than the Main Media has been exposing the "techies" some - more need to done on a daily basis.

Techies should stay in the Silicon Valley - and screw there - all they want.

The should not invade the smaller neighborhood that they did not build - use money to bid higher than those that cannot make over $40,000.

Have the audacity to talk about the "carbon footprint' and other nonsense - when they are sordid in their behavior and destroy the ambiance of good living and taint Quality of Life issues.

Adversely impact decency and good people - and bring in their bland culture - that has little to offer - but software and hardware - that is prone to the the worst type of viruses - and can be eradicated by any well versed - hacker of sorts.

The Cyber world is just that  - anything goes - and more of it goes - where money can be made - in a domain that is free for all - but the "greedy" use - all sorts of machinations and ploys - to use it for gain and greed and that is what the "techies" are all about - vanity and greed.

The tech companies can have these one track "techies".

Keep them closer to your factories, your corporations that do not pay taxes, get big write offs on "Capital gains" and other shenanigans.

Have the audacity to come to places like San Francisco to enjoy our food, our climate, our social norms - that you all did not create - because you "techies" are cold, dysfunctional, and lack cultural competency - you are like molasses.

All over the Mission inner and outer, Mid-market, in the Avenues, Potrero and other places - all that you drab "techies' exhibit is being bland - as bland as cardboard.

In the meantime the City learned its lesson with 8 Washington and all those that support that concept with $10 million condominium for sale.

More on land prone to liquefaction and flooding.

Wanting to deface the waterfront and impede views with tall drab buildings - that the voters a long time ago - said no - nothing above 60 feet. 

What is that you idiots do not understand - Gavin Newsom and the rest of the idiots - many who will go unnamed - just so that you can reform yourselves - before you are booted out in shame.

The many market price units will meet their fate - we are seeing 300 point tumble on our Stock Market - and there is more to come.

With uncertainty on the world markets in Turkey, Greece, Spain, but also now in China and other places - having a ripple affect.

Of course idiots like the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - like Malia Cohen, London Breed, Jane Kim, and David Chu - would not know about the hell played by folks like Scott Weiner and his kin - who rape our economy and control the insurance kingdoms - from the days of the Ghettos - when we know whom stay where and why they lived in Ghettos.

The scourge of the centuries - that some tried to put away - but raises its ugly head - and affects millions - all over the world.

We surely know the make up of the one percent and the Zionists - who plague this world - many of them make their abode in San Francisco and are responsible for the plight of those that have suffered so much.

Thousands have had to leave all because of the greedy real estate "bastards" who want more and more and more than more.

I have been watching this nonsense for a long, long time.

So when I joined the movement and became the Proponent endorsing Proposition F against Proposition G in 2004 - we threw a curve ball - that few expected and many for forgotten but not the astute and those that have sharp minds.

Lennar the Rogue Developer will never be the same - nothing good will come of Lennar in San Francisco - I will say it one more time - for the fools to remember - the next time around you will be put in your place once and for all. Go back to Florida where you belong - corrupt to the core and invited here by the former "thug mayor" - Willie L. Brown Jr.

We, backing Proposition F stated 50% Market Price units, 30% affordable and we laid down the cap, we included 10% low income, and 10% no income.

In each category we laid the cap - and we could have got the funding and brought about progress in San Francisco and in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

But for the Zionists and those sell outs at City Hall - who have created the present - mess.

Sell outs who pander to Richard Blum, Paul Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feisntein - evil to the core - and who have raked in millions - at the expense of the COMMONS.

The present politicians are drab; have no culture - they pretend they know some - but lack the manners and etiquette that comes with interactions of a better kind.

They have the mentality of pimps and whores - always wanting some for nothing. Going down and wallowing in the muck - creating a cesspool of their own creation - and offering to the tax payers - who they owe, everything, even their salaries - nothing.

Remember the government cannot give us tax payers - nothing.

We pay the fucking politicians and we pay our taxes - and until we get this straight - we can do nothing much.

Much of the nonsense we tax payers are enduring - is because we pander to the politicians - hogs who wallow in the muck - and they stink for miles around.

You see a dirty hog - stay away from it. You see a politicians who acts like a hog - like Malia Cohen - you stay away.

For the first time we have more homeless on the streets of San Francisco.

And the situation is becoming chronic. Families with children sleeping on the streets - and facing inclement weather.

Politicians making money - under the table - and spewing diatribe - toxic in nature - and bluffing their way - they cannot deliver - and we tax payers tolerate their abject - nonsense. 

Time to boot them out - out into the street and away from San Francisco. Aho.