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Thursday, February 13, 2014


You would think that in San Francisco we would have a Board of Supervisors - that represent the eleven district we have - that these Supervisors - would be sound leaders and do the the right thing - but most of them - do not.

Malia Cohen has now embarked on doing things contrary to the wishes of the people. Much like Sophie Maxwell, before her - finding loop holes - where she demands money - for favors - granted.

Malia Cohen is pathetic - her behavior totally uncalled for - we are monitoring the recent happenings - at the Land Use - where hundreds of acres - will be developed without any input from the community at large.

Some developers do have the better interests of the community - these are in the minority.

There are those that are into hoodwinking, exercising corruption of the worse kind - bribing the SF Planning to do their bidding - and leading this group Lennar Urban that has caused our community in the Bayview and San Franciscans in general - untold misery.

Kofi Bonner the President who heads Lennar Urban - is not new to our community - he understands the harm he did when batteries were removed from Asbestos monitoring equipment at Parcel A.

Adversely impacting our children, our seniors, and those that were vulnerable - more already prone to chronic respiratory diseases.

Lennar Urban was fined $515,000 the largest fine imposed on any entity - and Lenanr Urban paid for it - but today daily the reports at Parcel A - and high and the workers exposed to Asbestos structures - a phenomenon that most do not comprehend - accept those familiar with MESOTHELIOMA.

The Serpentine Rock when crushed releases Asbestos Friables and we had excessive reading over 200,000 Asbestos structures per cubic meter on occasions - in 2004 when large scale grading was done - and a 33 foot Serpentine Rock - demolished. At this time is was common to registered over 120,000 structures per cubic meter - regularly.

Our dear children suffered and suffer to this day - our vulnerable seniors suffered and suffered to this day - the many who had compromised health before suffered and many of them slowed suffered and died. No on seems to care - not any of the regulatory agencies, not the SF Health Department - not even the many so called Environmental Groups in San Francisco - who look the other side.

Malia Cohen does not understand the plight of the community. She does not work on "cultural competency" - more having the mentality of a "house negro" - one, that panders to the highest bidder - with NO morals, less ethics, and absolutely no standards.

Every single committee meeting she attends - she opens her mouth and shoves her foot in. So much so that I and others have stopped going to the important meetings.

I would not tolerate the nonsense - and the public would be shocked to hear - what I really think of this woman - inept, spineless, and absolutely worthless - bland like cardboard. Stupid too!

Again we are at a cross roads - there is much to be done - but we lack the leadership, people who are educated on issues - people who have high morals, ethics, and standards in general.

London Breed, Jane Kim, Scott Weiner, Malia Cohen, David Chiu are among the worse - they do not represent the constituents - and have failed all San Franciscans.