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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


This is not the first time that the constituents - most tax paying citizens of San Francisco - have been taken for a ride.

Hoodwinked by forces that are steeped in greed, having no compassion, and thinking - that we the few left, decent advocates - our hearts in the right place - are NOT watching the crooks  - we are like a HAWK - watching it all and more.

Most politicians are drab - the kind we have in San Francisco like Malia Cohen - who will smile at anything - air-headed is inept and shallow to the core.

Malia Cohen's time is coming and her time has come - this time around she will have to eat her lies - and lie in the open bed of trash - that she has herself - created and made her bed in - with intent - she has sold her soul to the devil.

Malia Coihen and her side kick one Nadine Burke have opened a Wellness Center - right at 3450 Third Street.

Where supposedly these two evil Black women - one a Jamaican and the other a House Negro - think they can conduct business - surrounded - by the worst pollution and contamination - ever.

More adversely impacting our children, our mothers, more our single mothers - who want help and are taken advantage of.

Our children need the best but these two crooks with $4 million given to them by California Pacific Medical Center and $300,000 by the 49ers - the football team that has made its home in Santa Clara - these two women - have sold out the community - and filled their own pockets - with BLOOD money.

Malia Cohen the District 10 so called Supervisor - who came in power - with 23 other candidates - in the running the last time around - snuck herself into victory - through deceit and blatant lies.

Malia Cohen has NOT lifted a finger to help the constituents she must represent - more, the most indigent community - most of them Black that need help.

That is why she is known as a sellout and a House Negro. Time will tell.

We saw when Mother Brown was getting some  help to build some 100 beds to help our poor and those facing inclement weather - how Malia Cohen and her minions opposed it - and still look at the poor and those that need help - with disdain.

Our message is simple - our vote counts - and you Malia Cohen and those that you associate with - corrupt and evil to the core - your days are numbered.

Soon you will be tossed - like a dirty rag - tossed in a stinking, dirty, filthy - thrash can.

Our City and Count of San Francisco has chosen a task force to look at ways to help those that need housing - low housing, no income housing.

Housing for those that make under $30,000, under $40,000, under $50,000 - the Task Force is just that - a rubber stamping, vain and full of disdain.

The Task Force is rubber stamping cliches - generalities, vague promises - made by folks that sit on this particular task force - put together by those that do not have their hearts - in the right place - are what I term - "heartless and without compassion".

Such folks - who deem that they can lead - must think once more - if indeed they must step out of the way. More fade into oblivion.These folks - do more harm than good and what is more adversely more those that need help - most.

The Task Force formed to address - the lack of affordable housing - are set to shout and scream that something will be done - but since they have NO clout - all their huffing and puffing - goes no where.

In the interim our poor, those that need help most our children, single mothers, those that are on limited income suffer.

This is the City of San Francisco named after Saint Francis Assisi. Think about it - those of you who can read and have some heart must to do something.

The Academy of Art University deprived San Franciscans - thousands of legal - rental units - all converted for other uses - one of the main uses - "dormitories".

Dormitories for foreign students - who pay thousands of dollars - to shack in small spaces - and more for some certification that is not fully - recognized.

We wanted to know who is protecting the Academy of Art University.

The Academy of Art University in San Francisco - who have bought hundreds of buildings - all over San Francisco - and converted legal rental units - into dormitories and other drab - uses.

We ask when will the City and County of San Francisco - when will the San Francisco City Planning - do the right thing?

When will the above two entities provide rental units to our low income, no income, and those that clean our homes, work in our restaurants, work as janitors, laborers who do construction work, blue collar workers who are suffering - others who do - so called menial work.

All, under difficult conditions and have to survive to put bread and butter on the table - with great difficulty.

The rich and those that are crooked - would not understand the plight of the poor.

We advocates must fight those that think - they can get away with murder - and expose them for what they are - worthless - scum of the Earth.

We do have 40 cranes in the air - too much congestion on the street level in San Francisco.

Daily of Quality of Life issues are compromised - and those in power think they can lie - deceive and say rosy things - to cover up their deceit.

We are watching you all like a HAWK.  Aho.