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Saturday, February 15, 2014


Any one who has lived in the Southeast Sector knows about the infamous "Geneva Towers".

The John Stewart Company - a white property manager - who is one of the most despicable Property Managers - in San Francisco - run that sordid operation at the Geneva Towers.

Drug selling, prostitution, and you name it - the John Stewart tolerated the nonsense - and brought disgrace to our City and County of San Francisco.

The Geneva Towers was imploded - the people living dispersed in all directions - and all but 5% of those that lived in the "Geneva Towers" - got an opportunity to live in the Town Homes - that replaced the infamous - " Geneva Towers".

The John Stewart has come into the community uninvited.

Since 2002 the John Stewart Company keeps - dividing the community - with mostly Black "sell outs" - dividing the community.

The sell outs - fed with stale bread crumbs - lacking spirituality - more hard work and a certain finer compassion linked to the South from whence many came to see a better - life.

Now, those people having made their dues - have to watch the John Stewart Company and its minions - encourage and foster -  gentrification of the worst, kind.

Phase I at Huntersview is a mess - inferior housing - even though the John Stewart Company had the opportunity to do good - the blew it.

With over 150 million invested by the City and County of San Francisco, another 100 million from the State of California, Stimulus money, Nancy Pelosi a partner in crime with the John Stewart Company - using her influence when she was the Speaker of the House - to funnel more millions.

Now the John Stewart Company is about to embark on Phase II - bragging it will build another 800 units.

In the interim - people are evicted - most without cause - and if this is not "gentrification" - I do not know what is. A crime crying to heaven for justice.
Someone has BLOOD on their hands.

Of course what will the ignorant people say - but huff and puff and sit down and drown in their sorrows. Why? They are not united. Less they have no clue how to redeem themselves. Less take on the crooks - who are in their neighborhood - without their permission.

How would anyone like to come into their living rooms - and rearrange their furniture - without their permission.

There was a time to form "tenant organizations" but the Polynesians, the Blacks, the Latinos, others who live in Public Housing - were nonchalant - and the result is that they are treated like dirt.

They missed their chance to be at the table - and have meaningful discussion - be "stake holders" and take control of their - destiny.

Whites would not permit - people of color to go into their communities are do as the John Stewart Company and Divine and Gong an incorporated entity - are doing to mostly people of color.

Under the guise of mixed-housing whatever that means - mostly poor people - others who have lived at the Hunters Point - known better as Middle Point - are now wondering what will happen to them.

The signs are written all over the place - and it does not help Gina from the YMCA - that has nothing to do with housing - and others - crooked to the core - who are helping the devil - harm those that most need help.

Leading the charge is Olson Lee from the Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development - the dubious Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure - and other city agencies - mandated to follow the lead of Olson Lee.

The land all of it belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone - and I have said it many times - those that do not respect - what is wholesome - do what is right - will bear the wrath -  and there is a lot in store for them.

At Huntersview that was Phase I - many of our seniors were exposed to Asbestos friables - and the same will happen to those living close by - when Phase II begins - construction.

February 20, 2014 in Room 400 at City Hall at 12 noon - the San Francisco Planning Department will address Phase II.

This is your opportunity - those of you that are arm-chair critics - to do your part.

The problem is that most folks are ignorant - so to help you all - who can read and think - I will post a couple of documents.

Please highlight the link - right click - and you can read or print the document.

The information will permit you to understand better what is at stake - and if you care - are compassionate - you can make a difference.

The John Stewart Company is a Rogue Developer - there is no doubt about that.

The District 10 Supervisor - Malia Cohen has sold out the community - time will tell.

The few advocates that are alive and kicking - have to deal with the "living dead" - the enemy has divided the community.

The children, the youth, young adults are fed up - because no one is guiding them.

The adults did not do what they were supposed to do. Teach the children and bring them up with sound morals, ethics, standards.

The Civil Rights movement did not happen just like that.

In the Bayview when the Stop Lennar Action Movement (SLAM) - taught Lennar  the Rogue Developer - a lesson - that episode did not happen - in a vacuum.

 Sisters, Children, Brothers - stood united with some stellar leaders - and made good things happen.

It is not too late  - but, first we must put the "Sell Outs" on notice - we know who they are.

The YMCA must be told to stay out of the present - ploys, machinations, shenanigans - we are not going to take these deliberate insults - sitting down. No way.

Please read this document carefully - and you will understand what is in store for our community - asleep at the wheel - with crooks doing harm in broad daylight:

HopeSF and what it really stands for - read between the lines: