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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


It is not uncommon for deals to be made by those that have no concern for the people at large and less about history that plagues Candlestick Park and the surrounding area. More the Southeast Sector where 30,000  unis are planned - without any meaningful discussion - in our community.

It is not as if - we in the community do not comprehend Urban Design and Planning - and that we cannot seek out the "crooks" who are constantly - making deals - and shafting the community at large. We are fed up and we are going to do something about this situation - on a War Footing.

The entire history of Candlestick Stadium for example is ripe with intrigue - you must read it and more know about it. Soon Candlestick will be history - its structure brought down - and its legacy blown in the wind.

Will that wind go in the right direction and to a better place in the 66 million dollar question? How are Quality of Life issues being evaluated - and who is in the cockpit - hopefully not the crooks - whose bottom line is to rake in the millions - and shaft the community.

Candlestick will be "imploded" and when that concrete comes tumbling down - the entire area will be graded - and there will be consequences.

The health of the community is already compromised. Lennar bombarded huge areas with Asbestos Friables. The constituents already have their health compromised. Respiratory diseases are rampant - and chronic lung diseases have visited practically every home in the area - near Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - which has been declared a Superfund Site.

Only the worst of the worst contaminated sites - and put on the Superfund List. The constituents think the Government will take care of the constituents - the tax payers - the reality is that "thugs" rule the roost - and the "thugs" have been raking in the millions - without any compassion - and this is - pathetic.

Foremost the Precautionary Principle mandates that no harm comes to any life. Since Lennar with intent in the past has harmed life - more human life - we the people are very concerned.

This time around with the utmost precaution - some human life will be adversely impacted. Thousands of people live in the vicinity - an Environmental Impact Report has not been done. The residents live in very close proximity to Candlestick Stadium - the City and County of San Francisco - and more San Francisco Recreation and Park - are looking the other way - while Lennar is saying one thing and doing another.

Since we have a "grass roots movement " - that has NOT sold out to any entity - we can - if there is NO meaningful dialogue - bring any project - however big - to a standstill.

This is not a threat - this is a reality that has to executed with precision and will be - because we have been planning for this day. We will shut down the operations - if we do not see a Blue Print that demands high standards - and that involves the community at the table.

Again and again those that do not have the best interest of our community - and making decision - bad decision - and more these folks are from outside - have no compassion - and lack the ability to discern - because they are NOT educated on issues.

While those who have "profited" from deconstruction - clear cutting of trees and construction material recovery in the past - think, they know it all - they must be fully transparent; this time around - more when we are dealing - with a Rogue Developer - like Lennar.

We all must remember in the year 2004 - Lennar began grading Parcel A - and LENNAR with "intent"  did not to do the right thing. Kofi Bonner knows this - and Kofi Bonner must remember - we the community are fully cognizant of the facts.

Lennar has hurt the community too many times - and this time around there will be NO - hurting. The sell outs will be fronted and we will deal with them - in a forthright manner.

The monitors meant to register Asbestos Friables" - on Parcel A one of the parcels conveyed to the City and County of San Francisco by Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - had their batteries removed - to deceive the world - and adversely impact thousands.

Our children suffered, our seniors suffered, and the community at large rose up - a MOVEMENT was created - and LENNAR was fined $515,000 - for being a "bad developer".

The entity that fined them was the Bay Area Air Quality Management District - this article will be read by the key authorities that govern the BAAQMD - foremost Mr Jack Broadbent - who knows me, personally.

The Candlestick Stadium - implosion and material recovery - comes with a heavy price to the community.

While outsiders may profit from its deconstruction - the community that cares - must not be left - far left out field - in the dark - while those with sordid plans, meaning to do NO meaningful outreach - pretend to say something and do another.

From lessons learned - those planning the operations of the recovery - should monitor the dust, have state of art water sprayers - to keep the dust down. Have a traffic management plan that has some standards. We will be monitoring the shenanigans, ploys, and machinations. Make no bones about it.

An outreach plan is mandated with full transparency and even more full accountability.

Those doing the outreach must have no link with the project itself - double dipping - and pretending to serve the community at large.

A sound outreach plan with goals and objectives - if you cannot deliver I can - and I will - to the authorities that are involved in enforcement. I have an office at Executive Park and am cognizant of the many factors that go into any large operation.

We have dealt with shenanigans before, know the players well - have dealt with them in good faith - and serve notice to all in the game -  this time around.

Meaningful dialogue, with empirical data, a sound business plan, mitigation and abate measures - must be in place and more fully implemented - within sound environmental practices and reports.

Of paramount importance is the traffic and congestion to and from Bayland Soil Processing and those that purporting to do business with the bringing down of the Candlestick Stadium and grading of the adjoining - site.

I have gone out of my way to help curtail the dust, the wear and tear of the road - and have achieved some success - with the present operations - raking in millions - with thousands of trucks plying in and out of the Baylands Soil Processing (BSP) - facility.

While San Francisco has been tolerant of BSP - Brisbane has fined the company that is a LLC - on several occasions - and recently issued a Notice of Violation and shut the operations down.

Within the last two months Baylands Soil Processing a multi- million operation - has made some improvements.

In months previous - BPS has created dust problems, pot holes on its private road, the roads enjoining that are San Francisco City roads, and Caltrans roads leading to the highway 101 - North and South.

I have called in work orders and used my connections to repair the pot holes. Those that I have addressed and were party to some meetings - know what I am speaking about.

Baylands Soil Processing (BSP) so called Public Relation has been asleep at the cockpit.

Others who work with BPS - in good faith have worked with me - to maintain some standards - curtailing the dust - helped by BSP who in the past two months - has invested in a brand new street sweeper - at a cost of over $250,000 - and a washer that sprays to clean the many trucks that leave the BPS compound at a cost of over $60,000.

Credit must be given - where credit is due - but, there is more to this situation. BPS must meet us face to face - and work to a solution that is bigger than the Candlestick Deconstruction Project.

A Causeway is planned, 30,000 units, a road with six lanes by Harney Road and much more - that are in the plans - and the community has been kept in the dark.

Lennar, Universal Paragon Corporation, Ocean Landing, and a host of other developers - are fully aware that they must address the present traffic concerns - the area prone to liquefaction and severe flood - with the impending - climate change. More the Big One that will hit us - sooner than later.

Some months ago some measures were put in place - through delicate negotiations - other mitigation plans - that through my intervention - we given to BPS free of charge - by decent and qualified individuals - taking their time off - and spending hours - to help the dust situation and mitigate other serious, adverse impacts.

A plan to upgrade the private road and curtail the many hazards, dust, pot holes, and a private road that needs - urgent repairs. The thousands of trucks carrying dirt into the BSP facility, and leaving many a time at high speeds - is a time bomb waiting to explode. 

The roads maintained by the City and County of San Francisco and Caltrans are impacted and this article will be send to the Director of SF Department of Public Works, the SF City Engineer, and other entities that I tried to work with - on the private roads that is a hazard - much as minimal care is taken to curtail some dust, the road must be upgrade - money in this case is not a problem.

While Brisbane County has fined BPS on several occasions - the Bay Area Air Quality Management District - has been tolerant of the dust, wear and tear of the road - and thousands of trucks that ply in and out of the Brisbane facility - bordering San Francisco.
And as I said using our San Francisco - City and County roads and Caltrans on the way to the Highway 101 South and North.

Universal Paragon Corporation, Recology, Baylands Recycling, and others have been apprised of the situation at hand - not by the Baylands Soil Processing so called Public Relations entity that I am fully aware of - but by myself.

Environmental Justice Advocacy is well recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency and its Director Jared Blumenfeld.

The Department of Toxic and Substances Control, the Regional Water Board, the San Francisco Health Department, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, and the authorities who control Brisbane - who I have addressed my concerns to.

Lennar must make a choice to work with the community with full transparency and not hoodwink the community as it has in the past.

Clear cutting over 400 mature trees on Parcel A without any permits.

Bombarding the community with Asbestos Friables - harming our children, our seniors, and thousands of others.

I have reached out to the parties who have any dealings direct and indirect with the Baylands Soil Processing LLC - facilitated and brought out meaningful solutions - all without any charge - in other words by my actions.

I have grass roots support and fully comprehend the operations that will be undertaken at Candlestick Stadium.

We all can work together - or we can chose to take our own paths - and bring about "divisiveness" - which is the path the sell outs take - trying to hood wink, make deals to fill their own pockets - in the millions of dollars.

The Baylands Soil Processing operations are part of 733 acre plan - the initial Environmental Impact Report needs a lot of works to to be done - I have reviewed the documents and I am carefully monitoring the situation at hand:

In the case of the deconstruction and recovery of the materials from Candlestick Stadium and the grading of the adjoining site - better sense must prevail.

I would like to meet face to face with the operators who control the business - and have them review the "empirical data" - I have at hand.

All of this time - I have been patient much as I was with Lennar - but when Lennar crossed the line - thinking it could - screw the community - we, the community took Lennar on - and brought Lennar to its knees.

In this case - the entities - have agreed to do business with Lennar - and Lennar and the entities must sit down and look the community in the eye - not the sell out to those that pander - but those who have stood by the community with the community's best interests.

At Candlestick Stadium - once dirt was removed from the near by Bayview Hill - and with the dirt - the sacred remains of the Ohlone - and used as fill in - on which thousands of games were played - on these many years - at Candlestick Stadium.

Desecration that cries to heaven for justice. We know our history - the crooks that want to make the money - serve the own selfish interests and we are not afraid of them. We fight for the people, for decency, and to address Quality of life issues.

I represent the Ohlone - and I represent standards - and I am NOT afraid of Lennar or any entity that is trying to take short cuts and hoodwink the community.

This is the time to show the community good faith.

Have state of the art water sprayers - place 20 monitors - away from the bushes, the water, other encumbrances  - and do the right thing - by the people who have suffered so much.

There are good people who can do the job and I know them.

What I am not certain of is how much of the history, those who want to work on the project linked to the Candlestick Stadium know.

More how do these entities attracted to making money know about contemporary best practices.

We the community have not been assured that the Primes have a plan that has some standards. The Prime is remaining aloof - sending others to do the talking - failing to be upfront.

Lacking the gumption to have a meaningful dialog.

Bayland Recyling, Recology, Universal Paragon Corporation, North Team Truckers, Kofi Bonner and others all know me - there is nothing to hide.

 I believe in standards, best practices, and serving those that most others - fail to serve. In this case the project is in San Francisco and San Franciscans must be treated with respect.

Lying, hoodwinking, taking short cuts, making deals behind close doors, pandering to corrupt politicians, evil practices is not my forte.

I have grass roots support - and can facilitate and bring about solutions - and I can also shut down any project. Make no bones about it.

 I will be monitoring this project and all aspects - traffic monitoring, dust control, wear and tear of the roads, job opportunities, meaningful community outreach, noise abatement, 
and a host of other issues - linked to Quality of Life issues. Aho.