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Monday, February 10, 2014


Millions of dollars are wasted every single years by the City and County of San Francisco - where with intent - little is done with a holistic model in mind to get the thousands of homeless - off from our streets in San Francisco, under the bridges, under the bushes, living in cars and crashing anywhere they can in San Francisco.

Recently I was listening intently to a presentation on the 10 year housing crisis plan - that is going no where.

Mostly white folks who make good money - trying to present what they have done in the past - Care not Cash, Project Homeless Connect - where on certain days - the homeless are gathered and given care - doctors, nurses, barbers, other in the medical field offer their services. They even get massages - just for that day - pampered and then left to the elements.

Clothes, shoes, other essentials distributed - free on charge. Some temporary benefit - for those that know - how to get the spot - where the services are offered.

The Mentally Challenges - are left out - often they do not take their medication - are left on the streets - and do whatever the voices they hear - tell them to do.

It is becoming a chronic situation on the streets of San Francisco. The few mentally challenged that have a roof over the head - are the very, luck ones. I have been fighting for the mentally challenged, the physically challenged - others challenged for the longest, time ever in San Francisco.

We must be ashamed of ourselves when our filthy rich City and County must and can do more - but treat the homeless and that need help - with disdain.

Especially folks like Malia Cohen - those people she says - when she rakes in the money - illegally and will soon be exposed.

No one has done an investigative reporting linked to the thousands of rental units - taken off the market by the Academy of Art University - all these many years.

It has taken the San Francisco Planning Department over four years to adjudicate - revert those buildings to rental units - and give them to the poor, the indigent, and those that need the units.

The Academy of Art University - without permits - converted rental units - to other uses - depriving thousands of rental uses - taken off the market - before our very eyes.

No one has done an investigative reporting on the thousands of Public Housing nits - left to fall into disrepair - using evil tactics - like deferred maintenance - at Potrero Hill, Hunters Point, Oakdale, Sunnydale, and in the Western Addition - all in San Francisco.

We must stay away from building units - high density units - small rooms that do not favor families.

Putting people to live in these dense units - in close proximity - paying rents as high as $4000 for a single bed room - more for a two bed room unit - and thinking we are address Quality of Life issues.

This land in San Francisco belongs to the Muwekma Ohone - I represent them - and the land was stolen. That is no valid deed - which the City and County has in its possession that says the land belongs to them.

18 treaties signed by the United States government and the Ohlone and other California tribes - were never - ratified. Of course the ignorant would not do that - because most of them are NOT educated on issues.

Before our eyes using the pretext of Mixed-Housing whatever that means - bragging about affordable housing - affordable to whom.

No one knows the many - ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - hoodwinking the constituents of San Francisco - all to rake in the million and compromise Quality of Life issues.

Thousands of decent families - have already left San Francisco - there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Much like the era when thousands of artists left San Francisco - others too - there is nothing anyone could do about it - then.

The San Francisco Planning and other devious people - are encouraging devious entities - giving tax breaks to entities that do not deserve a single penny - case in point TWITTER.

Even giving TWITTER - free transportation.

Huge corporations who get all the breaks - make up most of what is Mission Bay - but there are no career jobs for those that need them - just some token jobs - and that too mostly part time jobs.

The City Economist rightly point out that our City and County of San Francisco needs at least 100,000 units to accommodate those that need housing badly - and then only - will our City and County of San Francisco - make some, little dent in the homeless - population.

It is not as if all the homeless are bums, filthy women and men - that love sleeping in the open - facing the inclement weather - and enjoy that type of life.

Most of them have fallen on bad times - a series of misfortunes - that when they tell you their life horrors - gives anyone who has compassion - time to pause - and say " but for the grace of God - I too could have been one of them".

Not too long ago after the 2008 spiraling of the economy - we had over 50,000 vacant units.

We could have done taken a stand - using the 10 year plan to address homelessness - I attended some of those initial meetings - with Angela Alioto and others present.

Our City and those pretending to help the homeless - have cheated the lives of many who have died on the streets of San Francisco.

Vigils have been held on the steps of San Francisco City Hall to make us pause and a county done on the hundreds who die - each and every year. Over the years - thousands have died on the streets of San Francisco.

So called Community Based Organization and Property Managers are raking in millions - Mercy Housing, the John Stewart Company, Hamilton House - all run by whites - and all leaching on mostly - minorities.

This game must stop - because we are playing with the dire lives of human beings.

All sorts of games - people have a right to a home and decent living - our Constitution says so, the United Nation - and other stellar organizations and bodies - stress that every human being has a right to a home, shelter, food.

Much as a human being has a right to education, hospital care, decent transportation, safety, and all those things that in the United States of America - we call Quality of Life issues.

Recently there was a program shown on 60 minutes - where the target in New York is to provide 1000 housing units - yes, giving one thousand people - a place to live.

A rental unit - a place in a home that people agree to give some indigent, some poor person - a second chance.

T he Federal Government has of late vested - in our homeless Veterans, others - that the Federal Government sends money to all the States - and that includes California and more San Francisco to help those in dire need.

We should not have so many homeless on the streets of San Francisco - and more in Districts 3, 5, 6, 10, 11, and 8 .

The Supervisors from those district have not represented the constituents - and they only react - when there is a crisis - that is not good, sound representation.

So David Chiu, London Breed, Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, John Avalos, and Scott Weiner - you all have shot yourselves in the foot.

When you talk from - both sides of your mouth - you are a disgrace to the human race.

If any investigative reporting is done - millions are wasted - in emergency rooms, hospital care, transporting the homeless to be given emergency care.

Law enforcement for all kinds of reason - nuisance cases and what have you - that our City and County of San Francisco shell outs - and thinks that it is fine.

We can build units, rehab units, and have in house services with nurses and other experts - case managers and so on - and eradicate homelessness. 

We do not have the leadership - we have those that talk the talk but cannot and will not walk the walk.

There is racketeering going on about some entities dealing with the homeless - be it the shelters - where a chair is offered to sit down - all night long and one sleeps or doses off or whatever, someone can call that some help - that is disgusting to say the least. More when these folks need a bed to rest - and suffer from chronic diseases.

Where is the compassion that San Francisco - a City named after Saint Francis Assisi - where is the compassion - or are we now know for our cruelty?

Glide Memorial, Saint Anthony's, Catholic Charities - get millions - they do feed the poor - they do give them some care - but when it comes to giving the the poor sound shelter - there is a   avoid - a vacuum, - that begs the question. Why?

Single Residential Occupancy Hotels are not the answer.

Filthy, bed infested, you find them in the Tenderloin mostly - which Jane Kim represents - people, children, living in filth.

All that in San Francisco - seeing is believing - a documentary must be made - and shown to the world.

It is the same in District 10 - people living in places that are filthy, drug infested, how these indigent people live in anyone guess.

If they die - no one cares - much like the many suicides, the back log at the City morgue - such facts - if anyone delves into them - this City will be shamed many times over.

It is crime - crying to heaven when our Seniors and children are the targets - of greed.

Property Managers like the John Stewart Company evicting innocent people, property owner using Ellis Evictions to throw people out their homes - where they have made their abode for twenty, thirty, forty years. 

Those that can do something only talk -they talk about Market Price units - going for one million, two million, in some cases ten million condominiums - who can afford that.

Soon water will be a premium. Much like a one bed room will be at a premium - now going for $3500. You could get one for $1000 five years ago, $800 ten years ago, $500 fifteen years ago. Go figure.

Soon bare essentials will be at a premium - Scott Weiner the Zionist is pushing for 100 sq foot units - where he can shack up with his dog.

The poor must be cared for.  "Blessed are the poor - for theirs is the kingdom of heaven".

As to those who claim the represent - make huge salaries - they have BLOOD on their hands. 

We talk too much - and often wait - until someone dies to do something.

We have a population of about 805,000 in San Francisco. We have a budget that is over $9 Billion. We have over 29,000 City workers - for every 8 constituents - one City and County of San Francisco - worker.

25% of those working for our City make over $200,000 with benefits - and most of them do not live in San Francisco - go figure.

When will those living in San Francisco be accommodated - given career jobs - those that qualify and those that have the skills?

We have 38 cranes in the air - employing over 50,000 workers - others project too - over 90% of the workers are from outside San Francisco.

We could easily give 500 young adults jobs - but we have NO leadership.

Much like the Primes that get all the jobs - linked to the Water System Improvement Project - the soon to be Sewer System Improvement Project - linked to corruption, bribes, and all outsiders - raking in the millions. The RICO ACT must be enforced.

Soon some City officials will fall on their face - the Contract Monitoring Division says and does it all - but not in a holistic manner - more convoluted - manner.

It has no decent body - it has no Commission to oversee the Contracting Monitoring Division.

No one body and NO Commission to make the policies more linked to Enforcement. Who is kidding whom?