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Thursday, February 27, 2014


No one single - Property Management Company should have so much license to do as it pleases - raking in millions.

More at the expense of those that need housing - public housing for the indigent, other housing like at the Presidio of San Francisco, Treasure Island, all over the Tenderloin, at Hunterview, and more in Santa Cruz and other places too - as far as San Diego - the despicable John Stewart Company. 

The John Stewart company and its founder from the days he was fired from Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac - is well known by those that have deep knowledge about housing, loans, and a host of shenanigans - controlled by insurance companies - that prey on those that need help.

When the Nation's economy spiraled in 2008 - guess what - the John Stewart Company and other Property Managers like his company - got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. The truly got it up their ass.

I know this may be a "crude" way of saying things - but that is what they got - and that is what they needed - a reality check. Enablers of sub-prime loans, derivatives, other ploys and machinations - they ruined our economy.

The John Stewart Company has no business - messing with people of color - that despicable Property Management Company - that no business messing with anyone "decent" - that company - the John Stewart Company - should be investigated under the RICO Act.

More when the John Stewart Company targets the physically challenged, the mentally challenged, we have heard such cases at the SF Board of Supervisors - and in the digital world thousands of complaints are there for all the world to see.

Many contact me and the stories are heart wrenching - one wonders - why such evil people exists in this world. Yet when the John Stewart minion be they architects, project managers - they all paint a rosy picture. Guess what - God watches it all - and the John Stewart Property Management Company will fall flat on its face.

What the John Stewart Company does is get the inside scoop from crooks - from those that on their pay roll at the State and the Financing Department, at the local level in San Francisco - the Mayor Office of Housing and Olson Lee - Tiffany Bohee with the Successor Agency to the SF Redevelopment Agency, other crooked agencies that prey on the poor and those that cannot defend - themselves.

Millions of dollars are sent to the John Stewart Company - that does not have the best interest of the community at large. Nancy Pelosi has used her influence in Washington DC to send money to this evil Property Management Company - and will be there on April 17, 2014 to cut the ribbon at Huntersview. Our tax payers money - our hard earned money - we know you are hand in hand, in bed - with the M A F I A .  The RICO act must be enforced - there is a lot of evidence, fact, the smoking gun is hot and spewing smoke of a unique - kind.

These large loans from the State of California and the Finance Department, the City and County of San Francisco - working with crooks like the former SF Redevelopment Agency,  folks like Tiffany Bohee heading the Successor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency and Olson Lee who works for the Mayor's Office of Housing.

Chronic crooks who do not care about those that need help most - these evil people prey on those that are desperate - more those who have fallen on bad times.
These crook will evict - and send families on to the street - to face inclement weather. It is happening now - and Mayor Lee and those that must help the poor and indigent - are looking the other way.

HOPESF is a JOKE - private companies taking control of the land and aspirations of the "COMMONS" - land that belongs to the people.

Take your HOPESF to the Presidio and see what happens. Take your HOPESF in the Avenues and see what happens.
Take your HOPESF outside a situation - where you are not dealing with those that need help most - and are not educated on issues - and HOPESF will explode in the face of the crooks.

In San Francisco to be precise the land belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone -  the First People of San Francisco.
All of the land - makes no bones about it.

The land was stolen from the Muwekma Ohlone. If you have no land - you have nothing - much.

If you have land - you have EQUITY - the lay person - does not know the power of owning land.

We do not want the John Stewart Company in our community. The John Stewart Company has been a failure at Huntersview. More the John Stewart Property Management has cause horrendous problems - and adversely impacted - thousands.

People are complaining about lack of light at night - putting their lives in danger - in and around Huntersview.

Roads blocked - the San Francisco Police Department  has been informed - and are not doing their job. All such incident reports must be reviewed by Chief Gregory Suhr who should step up to the forefront and help those that need help - most.

Pacific Gas and Electric PG&E) is not responding to the call of innocent constituents - living in and around Phase I at Huntersview.

While all the time the John Stewart Company - lies to the San Francisco Planning Department that all is well and to other SF City agencies that all is well. Raking in millions - constructing and developing with our tax payers money. Where is the accountability?

All is not well by on the Hill and at Middlepoint and the area around Huntersview - the new name that talks about the views but does not provide the amenities.

MUNI - public transportation system is a mess - and the most hurt and impacted are the seniors, the mentally challenged, the physically challenged, the youth and young adults - who are all put in harms way.

The buses do not come on time and seniors and those physically challenged have to wait for hours. No one is talking about the 44 line, the 23 line, those lines that serve the poor. The 54 line and the 29 line - come on folks - we know what we are talking about - and you in authority and screwing with the public at large.

Mayor Edwin Lee should go " in cognito" and see for himself what is happening.

In other areas people are evicted and told to go fend for themselves.

We need a qualified 'ONE STOP" up on the hill - with monthly reports going to the Mayor so that he can fully realize about the shenanigans and how "poor people" are targeted. We the people know about the suffering and the "suffering" has reached - saturation point - when such things happen - something gives.

The Bayview YMCA has no business - getting itself involved with housing issues.

The YMCA and one Gina who heads it - is selling the community - and has brought disgrace to the YMCA - and what it stands for.

Up on the hill we need the tenants to take control of their destiny.

The money that HOPESF receives much like the money SFHOPE received a long time ago - belongs to the people.
We know this to be a fact - and the crooks do not want the world to know about this fact. The money should be controlled by the people - those of us that pay our taxes.

Do not try to fool us - and the crooks at City Hall led by Olson Lee - cannot fool - all the people all the time.

The tenants must get their money and they can get the money in the millions - and do well only if they are trained to manage their homes and surrounding.

Much as the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) - envisaged a long, long time ago. I have been writing about this - but the crooks do not want others to know - about the facts - the empirical data - the statistics that will expose the current crooks - and the time has come to take the crooks to - task.


Why are crooked White folks, House Negroes like Gina and Malia Cohen and others - too many to name - doing their own people in - doing in mostly Blacks who are poor?

No mention of the poor during Black History festivities - where the Black crooks gather - and pat each other on their fannies - action is needed now to help those Blacks - drowning.

There is only one singular voice crying in the wilderness like John the Baptist - Dr Espanola Jackson. She has been an advocate for housing and other related issues and was part of the movement. At the age of 81 she does what she can. But Dr Espanola Jackson is waning and the crooks will rejoice once she no more can speak for the people. These evil and mean folks - will look you in the eye and lie.

These newbees who have just arrived in our community - crooks like the John Stewart Property Management Company - and are telling us - what to do - without understanding the history of the past.

No one gave them permission to come into our living rooms - without our permission - and rearrange our furniture. These mostly Whites - have only one thing on their minds - rake in the millions - at the expense of the poor. 

We the people want them out. Take the warning while the going is good.

The crooks who introduced Crack Cocaine - who continue to divide the people, then bring in laws like "Gang Injunction" - now evictions - and use "gentrification" as a tool - much like an Atomic bomb - that numbs the people - they become zombies - the living dead. So sad.

Quality of Life issues are compromised - while all the time - Asbestos Friables have been recorded at high levels on Parcel A - an eight of a mile from Huntersview.

Other high levels of particulates - more fumes and other dangerous chemicals from the abatement of the shut down - Pacific Gas and Electric operations some five hundred feet from Hunterview - with the wind blowing in the direction - where the many new units - have been built - and the people are suffering from respiratory chronic - diseases.

No one is giving the constituents living in and around Huntersview the right empirical data - not the SF Health Department, not the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, not the Representatives like Malia Cohen a sell out - what can one expect from Malia Cohen - a rubber stamping Housing Negro - and Gina from the YMCA - who should be ashamed of herself - driving her Jaguar!

Well, time for Mayor Edwin Lee to wake up - and these salvos for what they are - very seriously.

These salvos are for those that talk the talk but fail - each and every time to walk the walk.

Nancy Pelosi is visiting Huntersview on April 17, 2014 around 10 am Show up in numbers and tell her the Truth.

The sell outs will be there in numbers - pandering and asking for favors. Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul Pelosi have a track record that leads to deceit - getting the inside scoop and investing in VISA - as revealed openly by 60 minutes.

Paul Pelosi who has been exploiting the people of Samoa.
The many fruit canning and tuna factories he invests in - paying the employees below minimum wage - and the people cry - the Samoans - tears of BLOOD. Do your research.

Time to tell Nancy Pelosi to her face - how evil she and her minions have been - all these many years.

The John Stewart Company and Nancy Pelosi are in bed - and are known for their nefarious activities - all documented - not yesterday - but for years - these vermin are here to prey on those that cannot defend themselves.

Much like the Insurance Companies - who are like leeches they suck all they can get - the worship money - and their time is coming.

No one will come to your rescue - constituents and tax payers living at Huntersview - you must take control of your destiny.

Expose the sellouts you know who they are.

Put some flyers up with their mugs and tell the world - who is doing you in. You must unite and fight your own fight.

Shed light where they is abject - darkness. Aho.