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Saturday, February 1, 2014


San Francisco is unique in many  ways. For one thing - ever since the inception of the settling of the "strangers" in California - Blacks and the role of  "Queen California" - who was Black must be mentioned and duly noted - wide aspects taken into consideration - of mythology and more reality.

All over San Francisco - Blacks ruled supreme since the early 1800s - even though racism was exercised and discrimination knew no bounds. Wash houses, ware houses, Black newspapers, engineers, bankers, folks like Mary Pleasant and others moved and accomplished much - under conditions that were - difficult to say the least.

Black owned properties - managed ware house, had a school of their own, conducted religious services with religious leaders who were stellar - the many churches, the many wash houses, the many businesses and more. Blacks then called Negros - conducted themselves well and won the respected of all.

We had architects who built many famous landmark homes - Helleck an architect who built the 100 series buildings on the Main Post at the Presidio of San Francisco.

The Buffalo Soldiers who accompanied the settlers - created what is today's California and San Francisco.

Little is known; yet fully comprehended  of their role - by many Blacks today who have no clue about their true legacy. What most Blacks know is about what they have seen in movies - a far cry from the reality of those times.

The Buffalo Soldiers - all Black soldiers were stellar in the execution of their duties. Regular soldiers were paid $13 or so - but given an opportunity to travel and more to be educated. The rest in history - more a legacy who those who care to read. For those that care more - to carry on the legacy of the Buffalo soldiers.

Early on the Buffalo Soldiers - managed today's National Parks - known at that time as Federal Lands. Be it, because of the times their superiors were White.

General Pershing loved his Buffalo Soldier and the nick name they gave the General - was Black Jack - but as you know he was White.

By the Officer Club at the Presidio stand the tall flag - which is named after General Pershing. There are many buildings that the Buffalo Soldiers used as their Administration office - by the Lombard Gate. The 500 series.

The officers lived in homes - the Black Buffalo Soldiers in tents. They pitched their tents - closer to El Polin Springs at the Presidio, and there is more - for those that are keen but more prone to act and carry on the legacy. It is not too late.

Even today after all these years - there is no monument to the Buffalo Soldiers - such is the disdain shown by the Presidio Trust our Senator Diane Feintein and our sordid Congress person - Nancy Pelosi.

It is time the City and County  of San Francisco - who at times have honored some Buffalo Soldiers - have not fully understood their role in the making of San Francisco and California.

Some monument must be built - to honor these men and one singular Buffalo Soldier woman - who have left a legacy - well respected all over our Nation. The all Black - Buffalo Soldiers.

Over 500 Buffalo Soldiers lay buried at the Presidio Cemetery - the Veteran Administration manages the cemetery - in the middle of the National Park that is the Presidio of San Francisco.

Yet no mention of Captain Young - who should be a General - who wrote the Standard Operation Procedures how to manage the Federal lands - these Standards were handed over to the present National Park Service which was founded in 1916.

Only in the early 1980s - Black were hired by the National Park Service - who today still has deep scars of discrimination - and blatant - racism.

Blacks in are around San Francisco - once formed 25% of the population of San Francisco. They are down to 4% and dwindling.

If all the Blacks living in San Francisco gathered - all of them could fit at Candlestick Stadium - with room to spare. Soon Candlestick Stadium will be imploded - the only other stadium where we could gather all Black could be AT&T Park - and if that was done - half the stadium and more would have empty seats.Wake up Blacks - if you are concerned about your fate - in and around San Francisco. 

I challenge those few stellar Black to unite  and join me to take us to a better place.

We already have grassroots support from segments of the population - be it Polynesian, Latino, White, Asian, Native American, others - Blacks must seize the opportunity.

We already have some leaders with a viable Blue Print - but there is no place for sell outs. Nor for arm chair critics - as I write this article - we are doing Community Engagement, Violence Prevention and Intervention, we are helping small business get certified, we have a number of stellar Blacks already in business building a portfolio - none of them sell outs - which is a breath of fresh air.

Many of us already represent - at City Hall and at important meetings. We are working with many organizations - who have come to now fully comprehend - and not all organization working in the Bayview - in and around the City and County of San Francisco - beg for money - and once they get it - do nothing about it.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

Sadly many pastors that had the role to rally the sheep and lead them to a better place - have failed those under their charge. 

The mostly black pastors - have chosen to worship - "mammon" - and therein lies their downfall.

Few stick to spirituality and most of them are immersed in the making of money - begging, stealing, hoodwinking those under their charge and more.

Looking the other way - when it comes to the spiritual welfare - of those in their charge. They have failed our children, our seniors, our single women, our incarcerated brothers, those that are on the streets facing inclement weather and more - so called Pastors that are a disgrace to the human race.

There are still a few Black pastors, Bishops, others who abide to their calling, sacrifice and exercise unconditional love. These few and you know who I am - because the clarion call has been sounded and your time is now.

Like Moses those who abide in deep faith must be rescued - and if this is not done on a "war footing' - Blacks that once were - will be no more.

Our grandmothers true to their calling -continue to corral those that are dear to them - and save lives. To our grandmothers and other like them - praise be to God - with little and somehow gathering and hoping - they deliver and often work - miracles. God see it all - and if we do not follow their example - shame on all of us.

The NAACP is a JOKE.  Those pretending to protest can rally but a handful gather - clearly showing how weak they are and dwindling faster than you can blink an eyes.

Some drab newspapers give them publicity - without doing any investigative reporting - to blow some article lacking empirical data and  facts and deceiving the public at large.

The fact is those calling for the protest are sell outs and have been taking money under the table for many years.

We can name them - they have been named before - and now is the time for them to change their lives - and do what is right.

Does it help to have Willie L. Brown Jr around - I have always said NO.

This one man - corrupt to the core - the former "thug mayor" of San Francisco has brought about the gentrification.

Willie L. Brown Jr has forgotten his days - when he came to San Francisco - worked us a janitor - and many help him finish his law studies.

Today he is legally blind - but his mind is still sharp as a razor - and he has the ability to rally some power brokers - for all the wrong reasons. When you die you cannot take a penny - will he leave a legacy - I doubt so.

In the mean time it must NOT be business as usual. The crooks, those who have no conscience continue to take advantage of our children, our seniors, those that need help most.

San Franciscans must not be left to fend for themselves - and many Black on the streets of San Francisco facing the inclement weather - we have a population of 605,000 and a Budget of well over $9 Billion.

We have over 29,000 City workers. For every 29 constituents one City worker.

Over 25% of our City's workforce make over $125,000 plus benefits and this is shocking - considering most of them do not work hard, live outside San Francisco, and laugh all the way to the bank.

We have some Blacks - well placed who have chosen to play a neutral role - and some allow blatant corruption and devious ploys to carry on - they see it - but do nothing about it.

We the few have all the empirical data to reveal to those that  care now important it is to have ethics, morals, standards -  believe in transparency and full accountability.

Those Black who are sell outs - you are put on notice.

Gentrification is on the increase in the Western Addition in places like the Marcus Garvey Cooperatives, and Mid-Town - at Hunterviews in the Bayview Hunters Point.

All over the Bayview when it came to home owners 60% once owned homes - many of them Blacks no more. In the rest of the City - 60% rented - that is a fact.

Now, the City is trying to take homes by eminent domain - and this is wrong. We are watching - but watching is just the first step - we must gather in force - just like we did and brought - Lennar the Rouge Developer - down.

In the Exelcior and in other places in San Francisco - Blacks that have tried their best to stay - are force out.

One bed room units are now going for $3500 a month - 2 bed room for $5000 and you can imagine - those making under $40,000 - cannot live in San Francisco. Imagine those that are making $20,000 - many Blacks - they live in desperation.

If you have children - San Francisco is not for you. 

San Francisco City officials are building Market Price units - failing to cater to those that are low income and no income.

We embrace all San Franciscans - not only the filthy rich - for sure not the techies.

God sees it all - and soon - very soon those that are blind - will be forced to see. This "drought" will make us think - but what is in store for us soon - will shake our very being.

Those that commit these blatant crimes that cry to heaven for justice - will fall on their face. Make no bones about it. Aho.  

Queen Califa and Californians: