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Friday, November 1, 2013


San Francisco - all of it is Ohlone Land.

The ancestors for thousands of years - more than 15,000 years kept the land pristine - then came the strangers - lacking morals, ethics, and standards - and continue to contaminate - all of the land.

All that was once pristine.

If you are not spiritual, if you are not compassionate, if you are not educated on issues, if you think you are a know all - if you are pompous ass - you should not be representing. Our SF Board of Supervisors - have failed in large measure.

If you are not loving, more caring, if you do not have a heart - then you are worthless.

You see that from our San Francisco Board of Supervisors - spineless, clueless, lacking standards, talking in circles - pretending to articulate - failing each time - saying one thing and doing another.

People are dying on the streets of San Francisco and more and more families with their children.

People are going to bed hungry - more children one in three in San Francisco. Add to that our Seniors who are in bad shape and there is little the City and the SF Board of Supervisors are doing.  Shame of these clueless - jackasses.

Our SF Board of Supervsors care little - the likes of Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, David Campos, Scott Weiner, London Breed - the others in less measure - always barking and when it comes to public comment - " two minutes".

They run their mouths - the wag their tongues - that tongue that has no bones - they wag, and wag, and expect us the constituents to listen to their - sordid, diatribe. Leading the pack Malia Cohen.

Jackasses; I say to you all SF Board of Supervisors -  the public at large counts.

San Franciscans;  are the tax payers that pay your fucking salary.

Once you earned $38,000 now $120,000 plus perks - and you all do little for the community, the constituents.

Those many San Franciscans who work very hard - two and three jobs. What is it in this equation that you idiots - do not comprehend? Morons.

For sure you lack in morals, ethics, and standards - especially those of you that do not know where you stand - on any issue.

That is why in the military for hundreds of years - those that were tutty frutty were kept out of the equation.

One good place to witness the shenanigans is when you hear Scott Weiner speak - in circles - he fucking does not know what he wants. 

Now he wants it and now he does not. In recent times - he wants to defend MUNI - MUNI that has wasted millions and continues to waste millions.

The MUNI drivers do not like the Managers - so what do you think is fundamentally wrong with MUNI.

It is the leadership - crooks - corrupt to the core. 

And here comes Scott Weiner - who has no clue about himself - spews diatribe - and thinks he is going to rescue MUNI. Some kosher - scare crow!

He will not - Scott Weiner is one confused person - someone that is dangerous for politics.

More when he targets innocent queer youth - who are just hanging in the park.

Targets the poor - who have to make ends - meet. Go to New York where you come from - moron.

Recently you heard Malia Cohen - confused as usual - it all stems from relationships - she wants something - but does not know - really, what she wants.

She is fake, cannot articulate,  she is a liar - no one worth the salt - remembers her as a decent person. All her school mates remember her as a FAKE.

How can anyone have disdain for the poor? Malia Cohen does.

Malia Cohen - simply thinks her parents and her family who were slaves once - suddenly became Middle Class or close to it - without any help from Uncle Sam.

 The bitch is wrong - and it is about time - she learns - that people are fed up with her gimmicks.

Imagine taking on Mother Brown and the institution that helps so many poor.

The indigent, others who have fallen on bad times - and here this woman sides with some folks that have no clue about the history of the Bayview. 

Not only from recent and past times times - but from the times the Ohlone lived all over the Bayview and Hunters Point.

Jane Kim a transplant from New York - playing the "whore" card with folks in higher places - one of them - the former "thug" Mayor of San Francisco - Willie L. Brown Jr.

Jane Kim loves strutting - like one of those fat Austrian Horses - thinking she is strolling on the runway - some fake model with those slanted evil - eyes. Always saying much - rolling those eyes - and doing evil - in a politically correct - manner.

In District 6 the crime is on the increase - drug sales in the open - more by the BART stations, on Turk street, even near the Tenderloin Police Station - people getting hurt - mugged, dragged, beaten - Jane Kim - looks at the increasing incident reports and thinks nothing of them.

Jane Kim caters to TWITTER - others, who pay her large sums of money - under the table.

David Campos wants to run for higher office. He now has a committee that he has helped establish to change the name of SFO Airport.

That is what I am talking about - your backyard stinks - you have done nothing - and here you want to mess with logistics - changing the name of the SFO airport.

It is now 5 months and the work on San Bruno Avenue is causing heavy - traffic jams. Adversely impacting the the lives of thousands - and more the small businesses.

This moron is no where to be seen. San Bruno Avenue gives the City millions in taxes, and gets little in return. 

When were the side walks on San Bruno Avenue in the Portola District - power washed - when did David Campos take a walk and see things for himself?

He wrote me recently that when he looks in the mirror - he thinks - is content - that he does fine - by the constituents. 

Yes - those constituents who pander - who do not have families - father, mother, children. Watch him when he gives out the commendation - he gravitates towards those - that have no standards.

London Breed she must really take a walk and see what is happening on her streets in District 5. 

The Blacks community has lost faith in her - she talks the talk - but, has failed again and again to walk the walk. Heifer.

There is an increase of the homeless - they simply are not cared for - and as usual - those that say they will do something when they run for office - royally, shaft the constituents - once they are in power.

David Chiu is running for some office - and the sooner he goes away and stays away from City Hall the better. 

When it comes to Public Comment - illegally; Public Comment was reduced to two minutes.

All sorts of discrimination was meted out to some constituents who exercised their rights - one who was targeted Mr. James Chaffee - an ardent advocate. 

We know what we are talking about - and we will remember the "disgusted" - for a long, long time.

This is Ohlone Land and these strangers - soulless, clueless, spineless, corrupt to the core - no morals , less ethics - and sordid to the core.

The - SF Board of Supervisors - most of them; in great measure and some in less measure - but all of them - not - representing the constituents of San Francisco at large.