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Thursday, October 31, 2013


Mother Brown's stellar contribution is well known - to all but the present Supervisor from District 10 - who is siding with some neighbors - who have disdain for the poor.

Much - as does Malia Cohen - who is the current, drab, shallow, spineless - District 10 Supervisor - purporting to represent the Bayview Hunters Point - but has not - ever.

Several important meetings were held over the last 3 years about Mother Brown's institution and upgrading the institution.

Mother Brown and her operators provide stellar resources to the poor, feed thousands, and shower compassion, geniune love and provide the best comfort.

All of San Francisco knows this - but Malia Cohen the District 10 Supervisor - and a House Negro and sell out - fails to understand that any one can fall on bad times.

I signed a petition fully comprehending the needs at the Mother Brown's institution - understanding the situation at hand. I did this a long time ago.

I am an advocate with a track record.

I am the Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy - I thank Mother Brown and those who work at the institution for their compassion, hard work - sacrifice and unconditonal - love.

The community in general supports Mother Brown and the grant is needed to provide better resources.

The supporters of Mother Brown see no need to create obstacles - in this process to  up grade and provide some much needed beds - for the indigent, the poor, those needing real beds to sleep in.

The only other place where the indigent can go today is to a Church - the Providence Church that belongsto Pastor Calvin Jones.

Here those in need of a bed are told to sleep with their own bedding on the floor of the Church. The Church opens its doors in the evening and early in the morning - those who have slept on the floor - with their aches and pain - and sufferings - wake up early to face the inclement weather - outside.

Worse when it is Winter.

This is despicable in the year 2013 that indigent folks have to sleep on a hard floor - indigent folks - a given a chair and told to sleep - in the chair - all night long.

Malia Cohen does not have compassion - does not think much about the poor. Why does she not spend a night on that floor a Providence with Calvin Jones and send us her experience - and check it out for herself.

Put herself in the shoes of the poor, the indigent, the ailing Senior - the many that are suffering and just happen to be POOR.

This woman, Malia Cohen is something else - imagine our Seniors, other with disabilities sleeping on the hard floor at this Church - the Providence Church - which receives money from the City to provide these pathetic  services.

Malia Cohen is one of those House Negros who lives in the Portrero Hill area - where she is comfortable with White folks.

Dresses like them, talks like them, has a mentality that belittles - poor people. 

Malia Cohen has been called on before - for speaking against the poor for no reason what so ever - she continues to have disdain for the indigent and those who have fallen on bad times.

Talking about process when Malia Cohen teamed with Nandine Burke - to operate a Wellness Center at 3450 Third Street - there was not one single, meaningful, noticed - public meeting.

Malia Cohen introduced amendments at the SF Planning Commission - changed the zoning from industrial to accommodate health services - such as a clinic - a Wellness Center. Malia Cohen did this - without due process. Some of us fought this process and revealed the Truth to all.

Malia Cohen -introduced resolutions at the Land Use - all without any meaningful Public noticing and process - in the community. Why?

Malia Cohen wanted to place the Wellness Center to rake in the money at 3450 Third Street - never once thinking about the welfare of our children. No sane person will encourage our children - to be exposed to contamination - except someone like Malia Cohen - pathetic to the core - despicable.

Both, Malia Cohen and Nadine Burke - received a $4 million grant from the California Pacific Medical Center to operate a Wellness Center - in a industrial zone, near one of the most contaminated sites in the city - a toxic hot spot - by Third and Cargo Way.

An added $300,000 from the San Francisco 49ers to help the Wellness Center - The SF 49ers - not knowing anthing much - more a  site where the proposed Wellness Center was being placed - having serious contamination - issues.

Such are the ways of Malia Cohen - who has no place in the Bayview Hunters Point - representing those that most need - help - more compassion. Malia Cohen is a sell out of the highest - caliber.

Malia Cohen - demands process for a much need institution that has done so much for the poor - Mother Brown's. 

All this institution is requesting is to build up and cater to 100 poor people - next to Mother Brown's institution - that already provides - resources. 

Provide the needy beds to sleep - instead of sitting in a chair all night long - and trying to get some sleep.

The only center that will provide much needed resources - a bed to sleep for some 100 needy folk - 24 hours a day - seven days a week.

The grant money will come from the State of California that has already agreed to give the City and County of San Francisco the money - some $980,000 plus.

It is not a loan - the grant was written at short notice, the grant was accepted - and now the project must go forward - in this trying times - when the City cannot provide necessary - resources from the General Fund.

A lot of planning has gone into this upgrade of a facility to help those that need beds to sleep in - at Mother Brown's at 2115 Jennings in the Bayview - two blocks from the Williams - light rail hub on Third Street.

Right now - the indigent get a chair to sleep in - all night long - not very humane - and Malia Cohen does not care about this on going saga.

Malia Cohen - loves to pussyfoot about - taking junkets to far off places - opening her mouth - and spewing, diatribe. She is to say the least - Pathetic.

Thousands in the Bayview Hunters Point can come togehter on this issue - that is not the problem.


Malia Cohen has decided - as she often does - to rally some dubious folks - who do not want to have anything to do with people of color and more poor and indigent.

Most of them White and new comers - part of the on going - G E N T R I F I C A T I O N .

Malia Cohen opened her dirty mouth - spewed some diatribe - and then left the Budget and Finance Committee held at City Hall - held October 30, 2013.

In the end the Supervisors present John Avalos, Mark Farrell, and Eric Mar - voted to expand the program, rehabilitate Mother Brown's institution, provide the need beds - and provide this much needed resource to those that needed it most.

They sent the agenda item to the Full Board of Supervisors with recommendation. A slap on the face of Malia Cohen - who did not favor sending the item to the Full Board - she wanted it tabled.

The Bayview needs this resource - close to MUNI bus 54 that stops right next to the well known shelter - known as Mother Brown's.

The MUNI light rail is about two blocks away at Williams on Third Street - and there are other needed amenities for those that are poor and need help - badly - in the vacinity.

San Francisco is about compassion - about morals, ethics and standards - none of which Malia Cohen has.

Malia Cohen loves to pussyfoot - take junkets - use the City vehicle to shop at Costco, circumvent the law - and has been called by the Ethics Commission - rakes in the bribes - and favors corrupt developers.

Malia Cohen is Black - but you could not tell - by the way she acts - and her mentality she displays - that of a pathetic, House Negro - and now the community has seen - what I have been saying for a long, long, time.

Malia Cohen is not fit to represent - any community - especially District 10. She has again and again chided the poor and has been called out on that very issue. She pathetic to say the least - a panderer of the highest order.

The SF Board of Supervisors would do well to agree to accept the grant - see that the proper protocols are in place - to upgrade and provide the best resources to the poor - the needy, the Seniors, the disabled at Mothers Brown's - that I have known and helped for years. 

The needy need these 100 beds - even though thousands will continue to sleep on the streets and in other places all over San Francisco and more in the Bayview Hunters Point. 

Many have died sleeping on the streets in the Bayview and in some parks.

I have written about such horrid facts - Malia Cohen will not pay attention to the facts. She does not know - how to represent.

Malia Cohen a House Negro and one that has no compassion for people of color - she panders to the Whites.

Just watch her at City Hall - giving out the commendations that are not worth the salt - coming from a sell out like her. Malia Cohen must go - be sent packing - she and those that aide her.

I have known Malia Cohen for a long time - always fake - always using others - always saying one thing and doing another. Always pandering to the devil.