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Tuesday, November 26, 2013


We have NO representation at San Francisco's City Hall worth the salt. Not from the Legislative Branch that is suppose to REPRESENT.

The SF Board of Supervisors spew diatribe, fluff and more fluff and look forward to holidays - this week for example - they are busy - pussyfooting around. Acting like turkeys.

We just found out that it will take $10 Billion to fix our Municipal Transportation Agency's (MTA) transit system.

What does Scott Weiner have to say about that? Scott has made himself the mascot for MUNI - the lanky- former resident of New York - a misfit - here in San Francisco.

Who remembers the time when a former Mayor - Frank Jordan was suppose to replace hundreds of MUNI buses that were mostly in desrepair.

The MUNI buses that run our SF Transportation System - and instead -  the then Mayor Frank Jordan - bought brand new SF Police cars and more.  Who remembers that?

He was the former SF Police Chief  - who had just become the Mayor - and guess what - he screwed our MUNI transportation royally - and no one remembers his deeds - more misdeeds.

The SF Board of Supervisors (SF BOS) have endorsed "deferred maintenance" not only with our failing Transportation System but with Housing, our Infrastructure - the most important issues that make Quality of Life - works - and so on and so forth.

Thousands of rental units have been taken off the market by the Academy of Art University for years - while those in authority in this City and County of San Francisco - have been looking - away - away from reality - and evil deeds looking at them in the eye.

Academy of Art University - a private, very corrupt Art University that has bought hundreds of rental units and buildings all over San Francisco.

Got rid of rental units and used the space for other than use them for renting.

Break the laws and making room for dormitories - to accommodate students - mostly foreign students - who pay premium money in tuition.

These students are taken for a ride - and have been all these many years.

The students  get next to nothing in return. Many young women choosing to make money to survive - prostituting and having a role - in other nefarious activities.

The SF Planning Department and the Department of Building Inspection - looks the other way.

Who is responsible for this nonsense - if not our SF Board of Supervisors?

The SF BOS all talk the talk - but have failed to walk the walk.

When advocates go to City Hall to speak to the Truth - you have fluff like David Campos and London Breed - having side-bar conversations.

Instead of listening and paying attention to sense. Simply put these vermin - scumbags are NOT educated on issues - the represent themselves - their pockets - and more with wheeling and dealing - money that they rake in for their own needs - they do not care truly for the people for elected them.

They all must be voted out - now - is the time to put them on notice.

The voters at one time voted to raise Bond Money to fix and address all issues with the Clean Water which we get from Hetch Hetchy; pristine water stolen from the First People - the Puites and the Miwoks.

A fake promise was made to fix the Waste Water pipes and operations; attend to the repairs linked to  the Waste Water and so on - but that never came about.

For too many years we have had major problems with both the utility systems - now know as the Water System Improvement Project and the Sewer System Improvement Project - and when I say problems - major problems.

No one know - but millions have been spent on change order at Calavares Dam - there are three major faults - running stark naked in the middle of the new dam - and no one cares.

All sorts of excuses given - and Julie LaBonte who was the Project Manger - is bidding adieu - she jumped shipped - and let us see - what really happen when the Big One strikes.

The voters from San Francisco - put up a Bond Measure that was passed to address both our Clean Water needs and operations - and the same with our Sewer needs and operations.

Then; the then SF Public Utilities Commission - some years ago - chose to focus just on the Clean Water - which they named the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP).

With one stroke - against the wishes of the people - they shelved the Waste Water or Sewer needs and operation and infrastructure - repairs.  The now called Sewer System and Improvement Project - that at that time and now - most, need serious attention.

Only four years ago to issue another very large Bond Measure - worth $8 Billion dollars - to have their hey day - and call it a fancy name Sewer System Improvement Project. The vultures on the side line - raking in the money - Platinum Consultants - doling contract for a fee - head of that operation - the former - thug Mayor of San Francisco - Willie L. Brown Jr - know for his dubious operations.

Such shenanigans happen all the time - and no one wants to analyse the situation at hand.

The vultures - who are the consultants - want the money - and they care less about delivery, standards, ethics, morals, the many sincere concerns - of the 805,000 constituents that live in our City and County of San Francisco.

Every thug - every one who is someone - is dipping into the so called Community Benefits linked to the SF Public Utilities Commission - on going projects. Conflict of interest - galore.

No benefits not a ray of hope - for those that truly spoke the truth - and have represented the people.

Have shed light where there was abject - darkness.

Have put forward innovative niche projects - that have taken over two years and some nearing two and half years - to get to fruition.

Juliet Ellis is still hovering around when she should be fired.

Juliet Ellis and those she hired to carry out her nefarious - activities - linked to Green For All.

Using her position - like some Jamaican Mafia - she funneled thousands of dollars to Green For All - non-profit from the East Pay.

Had the audacity to get paid by her former Non-Profit for years - all the while accepting a salary - paid by us tax payers from San Francisco - a salary in excess of $200,000 plus - benefits - working for the SF Public Utilities Commission - as the Assistant General Manager for External Affairs - about which she knows - noting at all. Go figure!

That cancer is still lingers Juliet Ellis and her entire team -one worse than the other.

None of them have the true interests of San Franciscans - and those tolerating this nonsense - better act now -before the Federal Bureau of Investigation - acts.

The facts are there - the empirical data is there - the crooks and the corrupt - need to go - yesterday.

Our Infrastructure is poor and failing - and while we have another Bond Measure over $300 million to fix our roads - we cannot do justice.

Prime Companies who are replacing sewer pipes - have failed to be prompt, do a good job - and on top of it have been double billings, double dipping - and biting the hand that feeds them.

On San Bruno Avenue in San Francisco - it took 8 months to fix the stretch of road from Bacon Street to Felton Street.

Now another two months to fix the stretch of road from Felton Street to Silver Avenue.

Mothers have problem - ferrying their children across the road.

Seniors fall down - and lucky the sensitive citizens will offer succor.

Some of us have to volunteer to see that there is some law and order. The District 9 Supervisor - David Campos is missing in action.

The many hearings the SF Board of Supervisors have on the "Distribution of Food", " Shelters for the Homeless", Lack of sound housing for "no income" and "low income" - is all talk and more fluff.

No Senior, no Veteran, no human being in San Francisco - one of the richest cities in the world - should be sleeping in the streets of San Francisco - it is simply uncalled for.

We have reached a state where the "Food Banks" and "Food Distribution Centers" - have no food to distribute in good measure.

Centers like Glide Memorial, Saint Anthony's, Martin de Pores are all dealing with financial issues and have to cap their services. All this in San Francisco.

We pride that we are a boom construction City - and have a new set up that is not working - the Construction Monitoring Division (CMD).

Hardly anyone knows about this entity - the CMD.

Thousands of workers from all over - out of State - are making money - while our local talent - watch and pray - go to bed hungry - cannot put bread and butter on the table.

There are NO reliable - honest Compliance Officers - once working for the Human Rights Commission - now the infamous CMD.

For sure no State Compliance Officers - this fact has been pointed again and again - but, those who rake in the money - look the other way. All in good measure - this injustice - will come to haunt those - making hay while the sun in shinning.

The above are just a few examples - of buffoons we have at San Francisco City Hall - who have no clue what is happening to our once great City named after Saint Francis of Assisi - the compassionate Saint.

Some of us have put a lot of hard work to curtail Crime - more killings and shootings.

We have embarked on programs that are difficult to achieve - feeding those that have not been fed - in areas once prone to deadly - violence.

Kudos to the Polynesians and other stellar advocates that promised our Mayor, Edwin Lee to delivers - and did it. Now, it remains to nurture this unique model - community policing at its best - a holistic view that others saw with blinders on.

When people have no jobs, they go to bed hungry, they have no hope - the demons are released - and people get angry and more.

Those that live pay check to pay check know that.

Case Managers, those that deal with reality know that.

Not our SF Board of Supervisors - the likes of Jane Kim for District 6, Malia Cohen from District 10, David Campos from District 9, Scott Weiner form District 8, Norman Yee from District , and Katy Tang from District 4 and there are more.

Once in this City we had the City Administrator was independent.
Few remember past City Administrators and the power they wheeled.

Then came the "thug Mayor" - Willie L. Brown Jr
in 1996 - and introduced a Charter Amendment - that brought the City Administrator under his wing.

Now we have the Legislative Branch and the Executive Branch. We have the City Administrator who has to tango with the Executive Branch - takes two to tango!

Since that time - when Room 200 sends a smoke signal - the City Administrator - acts and there is less of Accountability and Transparency. Quick decisions are made - like the Contracting Monitoring Division - that has no Commission - no policy making body? Does some comprehend what I am saying?

Few of the SF Board of Supervisors pay attention - to norms, principles, ethics, morals, standards - they are pussyfooting around - thinking they can fool all the people - all the time. Your time is coming.

At the many City Committee hearings at City Hall in San Francisco - it is mostly fluff.

The wheeling and dealing has been done - if they want to prolong and keep you on hot coals - the SF BOS table a motion - continue it to the call of the Chair - Chairs like Malia Cohen who speak from both sides of her mouth.

Chairs like Scott Weiner who act like a dictator - has a spite towards the indigent, the young queer youth who need support, anyone that does not aspire to Scott Weiner - weird ways of thinking - like humans in San Francisco - living in 100 square foot units - which Scott thinks is fine. Fit for Scott shacking with his dog and his ilk.

There is no more the government of, for, and by the people.

It has become the government of, for, and by the crooks.

If you do not know someone - fine - if not wither on the vine - you are dead.

Daily Quality of Life issues are compromised.

We no more have people who can think outside the box and deliver. 

Our politicians take money under the table - to permit the crooks to have a hay day.

The poor are suffering and those cries to up to heaven - pleading for justice - blood tears - some one has BLOOD on their hand.

There are only few left who can handle the on going situation - we are there - because of one reason only - spirituality - if you are not spiritually grounded - strong in mind and fortitude - these demons will get you.

We have some City Department Heads that know us - they are our life line to the Mayor and to others like the Controller and the City Attorney, the Chief of Police - and to others that count.

God sees it all - and God knows when to allow things to happen. Patience.

Developers and Primes - make all the money while the sun shines - folks like SalesForce some Dream Force, Twitter the Blue Bird that never sings, Zinga and Farm Games, AECOM the plague of this City.

WEBCOR and skycrapers, NIBBI BROTHERS plotting and taking the best of the pie, LENNAR know for its contamination and utter corruption.

 SWINERTON risen as did the Phoenix - PLATINUM CONSULTANTS the ultimate thugs who know their trade - these thugs are having a field day - and there are more. .

Thanksgiving is about this land that belongs to the Ohlone - learn about them - respect them - if not - your time is coming. All of this land was stolen - there is no document worth the salt - and says some land was handed over with honesty and a hand shake.

18 treaties signed by the United States Government were never ratified. Of course the buffoons would not know that - how would they - they live for the moment - live to eat and when they die - no one remembers them - they now and gone tomorrow.

The Great Spirit sees it all - and all these many years - I have seen it all - that is why when I approach the podium - those that are crooked look down - those that are evil do not want to hear the truth - but as we all know - God - the Great Spirit see it all. 

Remember folks - this land - all if it - every square inch - belongs to the Ohlone. I fight for those who cannot defend themselves - will until my dying day. Aho.