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Friday, November 15, 2013


It is a JOKE when some one like Malia Cohen - an airhead Chairs the Government Oversight and Audit - with two side kicks, too - who have been asleep - for the longest time ever.

We now have reached a stage where people are begging to rent a couch - to find some floor space to sleep on the floor -  longing to just have a roof over their heads.

Many in desperation have even tried shelters and sleeping the the parks - facing inclement weather.

And there you have Malia Cohen asking silly questions and pretending to understand some fundamentals at the latest City Operations and Neighborhood Services meeting - housing, planning, and other issues. Pathetic.

First of all the presentation given by those from SF Planning are from a general report with some empirical data from the Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy:

The Association of Bay Area Governments has a lot of information on its website too but most of it has not been vetted and less read by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

The SF Supervisors - as I have been saying - who have been asleep at the wheel - and are now just reacting in a knee jerk manner - to Quality of Life issues - more no housing for those making under $40,000.

The worst among them Malia Cohen who has no training in anything worth mentioning - especially Planning, Transportation, Housing, Education, Safety and in general addressing Quality of Life issues.

The woman has no ethics, less morals, and is good for nothing.

This is the same person who has destroyed District 10 - which has rampant problems - drug use, prostitution, an increase in AIDS patients, thousands going to bed hungry.

Children NOT going to school, many of the children suffering from chronic respiratory diseases. 

Malia Cohen has not lifted a finger - and now pretends she wants to comprehend the glaring issues -  Malia Cohen who is Black - cannot do it with a low IQ that she possesses - and that signature smile -  of a jackass.

Three years ago we had in the City and County of San Francisco over 30,000 units that were vacant - now that has been reduced to 300 units.

One bed room units are going for an average $2500 and two bed room for $3500 - three bed room for $5000 plus - and all these figures are very conservative.

There has been an increase in Ellis Evictions where Landlords say they want their units for some personal reason - either pay the tenants to leave the units - or put them through hell.

The SF Board of Supervisors have known about this - thousands lost their homes and rental units - and that BLOOD in on the hands of the SF Board of Supervisors.

More so all the SF Board of Supervisors - especially the dumb ones - like Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, Scott Weiner, and London Breed.

They all spew diatribe after the fact - do not have the guts to take a stand - and lack common sense - which is a rare sense.

Thousands of families - especially large families  have been leaving and moving out of San Francisco for the last 10 years.

More so since 2008. That loss can never be compensated - not with these new bees who are selfish and culturally have nothing much to offer.

Do not mind shacking up with their dogs in small units - some as small as 100 square feet.

Our City and  County of San Francisco cannot make any headway with transplants  from New York like Scott Weiner and Jane Kim - the others that I will not mention - one worse than the other.

The Supervisors have not studied the San Francisco Housing Elements - past and present - have not studied the damage done by the Academy of Art University that has bought buildings in the hundreds - all, having good rental units - and converted them to other uses - without the proper permits.

The past Mayors, the SF Planning Department - especially the disgraced past Zoning Czar Larry Badner, many SF Planners - still lingering in the SF Planning Department, many City officials linked to the Department of Building Inspection - have failed our City and County of San Francisco.

Many of these City Employees make huge sums of money - but they cannot do due diligence to the work they do - because they are NOT educated on issues - lack ethics, less morals - and are inept.

Can you imagine we have 29,000 City Employees serving 650,000 constituents - and most City employees making a lot of money - and doing less work.

Wait until the pension trains crashes and exposes the silliness of our City - giving more money and throwing millions away - on CHAFF - lazy folks who do not care to serve our City well. Not all but most of them. I know what I speak of - because I work very hard - and even though I am not a City employee - I continue to help and contribute a  lot to San Francisco and many critical City Departments for free.

We in the City and County of San Francisco have about 850,000 constituents who in in San Francisco. We do not have moderate housing, less housing for those making below $50,000 - nothing much for those that are low income.

We use to be a City know for its COMPASSION - no more - less with City officials who look the other way - when it comes to those who are unfortunate.

Here we have the City Operations and Neighborhood Services - getting a presentation about housing at Treasure Island and Hunter Point Naval Shipyard - projections and conceptual plans - units that some one wants to build - on contaminated soil - more that have high levels of radioactive elements.

Conceptual sound good - they are like a dream - you wake up - and face your worst - night mare.

It is such nonsense in the year 2013 that is baffling - these SF Supervisors are on the take - discuss mundane stuff - and do not care about the constituents they represent.

More London Breed, Malia Cohen, David Campos, Jane Kim, Scott Weiner, and Norman Yee who cannot even articulate himself.  Simply Pathetic. 

We already have the homeless sleeping on the streets of San Francisco.

The tourist are simply fed up with all the begging down town. What is real happening to this City?

Petty crimes are on the increase - never mind the fake incident reports that are mentioned.

10 to 15 people living in crammed units - making noise at all time - where are our rules - governing "nuisance laws". You call the SF Police Department and they take over an hour to come. Then they ask you so many questions - most of them not even pertinent. Go figure!

Bottom line when human beings live any animals - herded in small spaces - Quality of Life is compromised.

City Hall must have a hearing on the current living of human beings - ten to fifteen cramped in one single room. Rent floor spaces, renting couches, what is happening to Human Dignity in this City? 

There are 35 cranes by in the sky - building units for the filthy rich - congestion on the streets below - some time it takes 45 minutes to traverse four blocks - this is ridiculous.

What is happening? Where are the traffic management experts on this?

Who is this great City comprehends all the aspects of  Quality of Life issues - come one - let me debate them - on real issues - empirical data that I have gathered and have in my possession.

On San Bruno is has taken six month to fix some infrastructure and asphalting from Bacon Street to Felton. I have hundreds of photographs that I sent to City officials from them to witness and adjudicate the progress.

Today from Felton on San Bruno Avenue that pays millions to the City in Taxes - from Felton to Silver Avenue - it is a mess.

People falling down, uneven streets, women with children put in harms way - what is happening?

If one company cannot do the job - give it to others who can do the job? Why do we give - too many projects to one or two companies - and learn our lessons the hard way?

I challenge you to go visit San Bruno from Felton Street to Silver Avenue and see things for yourself. Especially the representative who says that when he look in the mirror - he find most everything - fine with him - David Campos - change your mirror. Be realistic come out and air your brains.

Shame on the present SF Supervisors - the true advocates have shunned you all - garbage - you all need to be dumped.

Never mind you brag that the City has accumulated over $9 Billion plus.

You folks - have no SOUL - No COMPASSION - lack  ETHICS - less MORALS.

You all are the scum of the Earth.

Worthless - none of you are worth the salt.

Go figure.

Especially Malia Cohen from District 10 and Jane Kim from District 6.

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