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Monday, November 25, 2013


Iran and the people of Iran are a civilized nation.

To know Iran you must know the Iranian people - individuals, stellar individuals who have etiquette - stellar manners - passed down thousands of years.

Unlike most American families who do not believe in the extended family - most Iranian families are tight. They treat and protect their women and children - for all the right reasons.

The women have their own tight and well groomed ways - and the men share their own manners - tradition is high on their list to protect and preserve. Separate and well kept - down, thousands of years.

The culture of the Iranians is well known by most who have been to Iran. Others who have been exposed to the unique culture - unlike those that bark up the tree and condemn the Iranian people.

More those who are educated and can discern - find the Iranian people unlike many and adhere to them - I have.

The many fanatics who are against President Barack Hussein Obama and Secretary of State taking this first step after over 30 years - of mistrust and confusion - to restore - some sanity and bring about progress to Iran and the world - is a pertinent move in the right direction.

We should sincerely stop giving BILLIONS to Israel and stop sharing our weapons and technology with Israel.

For too long, have we done too much - and the Israelis have taken our goodness - and think they can dictate their own terms to us.

We are Americans first and most of us do not agree with the Zionist philosophy. Let that be clear.

Now if there are those that want to go to Israel, live there, and further the cause of that Nation, Israel  - more power to them.

Go to Israel and shout on top your voice - the harm you are doing to the Palestinians and have for over 60 years. Other atrocities speak for the sad state of affairs - we American fail to question the acts of the Israelis in authority - including their present Prime Minister - whose fake "hawk taking stances" are shallow. Do not ask us America for money - do not beg for our weapons - do not constantly cause confusion and being about pandemonium. 

Brag about the many walls and check points. Keeping people at bay - at check points for days before they can visit their relatives and homeland that was stolen from them. Palestinians. 

As I mentioned in my last article; if it was not for the kindness of King Cyrus the Great - today, Israel would not have had the temple in Jerusalem.

Israel and its people would not have the many treasures  - associated with the Santum of Santum that those who know - know, what I am talking about.

None of us with sense think for a second and TRUST the Republican Guard in Iran.

The Republican Guards that control and follow the mandates and dictates of the Mullahs.

Those hard core conservatives in power in Iran who care less about our liberal American values. 

The authorities will not - but that is Iran and it is for the people to take control and they will - it is just a matter of time.

We are American - we can disagree and agree - factor the common denominators and bring about solutions. We can talk freely and we have the best constitution in the world.

We must shed light - where there is abject darkness - and if we have to work with the staunch hard core Iranians and the Israelis too - we must - but we must not compromise on what is right.

The ancient scriptures linked to the Jews, the Persians, Islam, the Sufi Wisdom - all have treasures that we can delve and derive must good - but we shun this wisdom that is there - and think we know better. We do not.

Here is America what do you think is happening with our Congress and our Government is general? Let us get real.

 The shut down of our government and wasting 24 Billion dollars - insulting our Veterans by not giving them services - cutting Food Stamps and depriving those who are hungry - from getting food. Wake up America.

Many of us Americans are fed up with the Zionists and we must separate from these folks - who tarnish our image and really foster and encourage the fundamentalists and the rebels - to attack America. The Zionist bring peril to the shores of many civilized Nations.

The American people and the Iranian people have always shared a common understanding.

Staunch - love and admiration - I know this from the many Iranian friends that I have - some here and others - in other parts of the world.

I was fortunate to visit Iran when the Shah was in power.

I now get reports and follow the pandemonium falling the Revolution - the innocent Iranian people have suffered too long - deprived of medication, food, necessities of life - it is simply unfair - to continue to punish the innocent - all these plus 34 years.

Much like the children in America - one in four go to bed hungry.

Our Seniors are suffering - our youth and young adults suffering.

Our Education and health programs in peril.

Our infrastructure is failing - and we keep talking and wasting Billions.

Our Nation is suffering - except the 99% that control so much wealth - the greedy BILLIONAIRES - who can waste money - because of the many tax breaks - and the billions they have hoarded.

Both the Democrats with the failed Affordable Care Act - the Republicans with their narrow mindedness and lack of leadership - get very poor ratings from the people - of America.

There is no doubt - the common person in America - the true American - has been let down by our United States Government - both the Democrats and Republicans. Shame of them.

This getting together of the Iranians and the Nations from Russia, China, France, Great Britain, Germany - led by America - is one good sign on the horizon. We must support it.

Now, let Israel tear down the walls - open the gates - and bring about peace - in the Middle East.

We have supported the Zionists - against the will of the American people for too long - the Zionists are akin to the terrorists - make no bones about it.

They Zionists use our jet fighters, our bombs sold to them - cluster bombs and other missiles - to kill innocent people - and this has been going for over 60 years in Gaza and the surrounding area.

It is 2013 and Israel must take to stand towards peace - we cannot agree with their diatribe, vitriol, constantly telling Americans what to do - shut up and bring about peace - once and for all. 

Stop using America, our money, our weapons, telling us one thing and doing another.

It is time all of the Arab Nations stop their petty nonsense, too - Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Libya, and those that know who they are - and bring about peace.

The religious and sectarian violence in most of the above named countries must stop - and those Nations that do not stop - after we warm them in writing - we must stop trading with them.

Much like we did Iran - we must challenge Saudi Arabia to treat their women with respect. Send a strong message to the Wahabi Mullahs.

Syria to embrace their citizens and more the children that they kill using Chemical Weapons.

Yemen using force and keep their people down.

Libya still figuring how best to survive - with a small population of 8 million but no leadership.

America must stop poking its nose in the affairs of most countries that they know little about.

It is best to leave those in the Middle East and Israel alone - use diplomacy from a distance - understand their culture, their language, the mentality that we fail to comprehend less fathom.

At home our standard of living is going down.

Our children are suffering from lack of good food and education.

Our Seniors past the fifth day - go to bed hungry.

Our Health System is a Joke - and yet we think - we an police the world. What type of fucking Super Power is that?

Spiritually we are bankrupt.  The Materialism we practice - riles the fundamentalists - the disrespect we shower on our women and using them as chattel riles the Saudis and others - they take the other extreme - stances.

There is freedom and there is license - abuse of freedom is License. For all practical reasons - many practice license and think they are practicing FREEDOM. Wake up American you should know better.

Wake up America - let us patrol our own borders, take care of our own people, honor the Native Americans - after all - all that we see and have is theirs - in their land. Turtle Island.

Let America and Americans stop taking dictation from the Zionists who always have had a hidden agenda.

Control money and brought about the destruction of our economy. Check it out - and get back to me.

To the people of Iran I say - this is your moment to prove to the world that you can contribute the wisdom of the Sufi - the genuine culture of Iran and the best aspects of the Iranian people - passed down - for thousands of years. Salam.