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Wednesday, November 27, 2013


The State of California can easily put a STOP to Ellis Evictions - more Governor Jerry Brown - who now sees such issues with a different lence - Jesuit trained - he should have the compassion and more the fortitude to do - right.

These increases linked to Ellis Eviction is not something that happens in a vacuum.

There a GREED attorneys - who prep and train landlords - how to use the evil tool - "Ellis Evictions".

Ellis Evictions -which itself is dubious in nature - one of many "laws" in California that must be revisited and thrown into the waste paper basket.

San Francisco has been slow in addressing this issue - that has adversely impacted hundreds. A dubious law that our so called Representatives do  not fundamentally comprehend.

Basically Ellis Eviction is a  "nuisance law" - one that does more harm than good and should be removed from the books.

This urgent matter should be handled in Sacramento by our Legislator Tom Ammiano, Mark Leno, Leland Yee, and Phil Tang - these so called legislators - have said something in general - but they can rally the other legislators - and bring about the demise of Ellis Evictions.

Marcus Garvey the first all Black movement in the Fillmore also know as Western Addition - where ordinary folks did an extraordinary thing - putting together an organization - and took control of their destiny - used their power to live in housing - that they controlled - mostly rental units.

Be it that they got some help from the Housing and Development Agency - only for the John Stewart Company to introduce themselves as some savoir.

Come in pretending to help - and rake havoc among the Marcus
Garvey - rental tenants. Who is behind this nonsense? What is happening to the mostly Black tenants who rent - and what is happening to San Francisco? G E N T R I F I C A T I O N .

Now, comes the John Stewart Company that is on the Presidio of San Francisco, Treasure Island, all over the Tenderloin, Northridge at Hunters Point, Hunterview with Phase I - itself  -and Phase II - this Mafia Organization of the worst order.

Basically a Property Management that must be debarred from doing business in San Francisco.

The John Stewart Company:

Why is there NO Property Management Company that is minority owned in San Francisco? Has anyone delved into this question - and important factor - governing the destiny of many innocent people?

Where is the Federal Bureau of Investigation - linked to the devious operations of the John Stewart Company?

There is No grassroots support that cannot STOP - blatant discrimination - uncouth ways of hitting below the belt - that the John Stewart  Company - exercises.

John Stewart himself was fired from Fanny Mae - back in the days - known to be corrupt - he and his devious, sordid - Property Management Company - has tentacles all over the place.

What is this White Property Management Company doing with mostly minority folks; and dealing with the poor, the indigent, and those that this company promises the world - and shafts them - every opportunity they get.

What is London Breed from District 5 doing to bring a solution to the Marcus Garvey situation?

Besides pandering to the Fisher Family for favors - begging for money - and being a asslicker and sell out.

London Breed is all for herself - this heifer that was given a chance to represent - but now has made a fool of herself. She brags she is from the community - which community?

Jane Kim  from District 6 pays lip service while thousands suffer in the Tenderloin. 

You cannot expect a transplant from New York - an American Korean - that rolls her eyes - and panders to corrupt folks like Willie L. Brown Jr. a "thug major".

Jane Kim the Supervisor from District 6 - a person that invited TWITTER - at the expense of harming poor folks - where are all the jobs and community benefits - TWITTER promised?

The folks from the Philippines - those that say they represent and vouch for the best interests of the community - followed Jane Kim.

All Jane Kim does is roll those eyes - move that ass - as she struct like a horse from Vienna - shafts most of those that wanted help - pandering to the developers - in bed with Willie L. Brown Jr.

Ellis eviction are on the increase in the Tenderloin.

In previous years - and the Academy of Art University has converted thousands of Rental Units into spaces to accommodated mostly foreign students - charging premium rents for small spaces.

Depriving hard working San Franciscans - of good rental units and the Rental Laws that favor - those renting many hard working folks - in San Francisco.

Who an afford the present rent - $2000 for one bed room and $3500 for two bed rooms - on the average - mostly downtown - and in the other places - where vacant rental units - are now at a premium - and in certain cases - those "techies" - willing to pay an arm and leg.

Those living pay check to pay check, the physically challenged, the indigent, the Senior on limited income - have fallen prey to greed landlords, folks like the John Stewart Company - who is backed by the City officials.

The John Stewart company is a Mafia Operation - from the days 35 years ago - plus - the John Stewart Company - was involved in a large cocaine bust -  some Warehouse in Concord. Few remember the incident - but you can Google it and find out the facts.

Few remember the John Stewart Company - operating the Geneva Towers - rat infested, prostitution and drug selling all over the place - thugs with guns forcing people to buy drugs and deal with drugs. That place was something else.

The place was brought down - imploded - the John Stewart Company made a lot of money - then went to San Diego - made more money - and today employs over one thousands employees - promising the innocent - this, that, and the other - and shafting them every opportunity the John Stewart Company - gets.

Our City officials - more our sleep San Francisco Board of Supervisors are asleep at the wheel - we must get rid of them - mostly those that do not represent - now is the time - grassroots support.

Stop attending the hearing at City Hall to vent and get nothing. Organize - vote for your candidates - and shun from the dubious, greed, crook, those that wheel and deal and rake in money - behind close doors - Malia Cohen, Scott Weiner, Jane Kim, London Breed, David Campos - always pretending, pandering, but shafting the constituent - every, single opportunity they get.

Call Governor Jerry Brown and ask him - what does he think about the sordid "Ellis Act"? Ask him to do something - now - stop the talk and represent - as he one did - and has now been experiencing - more his Senior Movements - tell him to get a grip on life - and stop the unnecessary -  " ELLIS EVICTIONS".

On another note read the many Shenanigans linked to the Marcus Garvey Housing over the years - the SF Redevelopment Agency, other crooks one worse than the other - none having the heart to do the right thing: