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Monday, November 18, 2013


The charade has been going on at City Hall for the longest time ever - tons of talk - diatribe - and little action.

The latest hearing on evictions, the many Ellis Act evictions, the pandering to do something for the homeless, other issues linked with Quality of Life issues - deliberated  -by the spineless, shallow, inept San Francisco Board of Supervisors - is a JOKE.

Much like going to a circus - and watching the clowns entertain the crowd .

There is nothing much deliberated at San Francisco's City Hall - there are no short time goals - no long time goals.

The hearings mostly - permit those frustrated without a "Blue Print" to vent - and then what - nothing- zip - zero - nada.

The Blue Print is simple - those neighborhood stellar activists now must stand for elections - in the District 9 and 7.

In District 4 and 5.

In District 10 and 11.

In District 1 and 2.

In District 6 and 3.

In District 8.

Get the chaff out - open the window - remove the cobwebs - flush the dirt down the commode - and let us do what we have done always - do it the best way - with full transparency and accountability - having good people - around.

City Hall is a Big Mafia Operation - with wheeling and dealing going on each and every day.

Then you have some Supervisors - pretending to be on the side of the constituents - when they are in bed with - the corrupt - the Pacific Height Mafia - that control anything and everything.

On housing you have idiots who come - present plans - and speak about thousands of homes to be built on contaminated soil - a Superfund site at Hunters Point and Parcel A which is the only parcel that comes under the jurisdiction of Lennar.

Lennar - a rogue developer - no one pays attention to the high Asbestos Friables recorded - workers do their work - putting themselves in harm way - daily on Parcel A. The regulatory agencies fast asleep. Where are the Notice of Violations from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

Time will tell - Asbestosis.

Contaminated land - prone to liquefaction and flooding - by Candlestick Point - now called Candlestick View - same snake different head. 

Hunterview contaminated - while the John Stewart Company - a Property Management Company - run by the Mafia - making inroads and helped by mostly Black sell outs - and of all the organizations the YMCA - in the Bayview.

The constituents go to City Hall for solutions - out of desperation - utter futility - anger - the last gasp and hope - that something may come of their pleas.

The constituents are played - and when the corrupt play - they must be dealt with - they must be sent to jail for long period of time.

The constituents are allow a meager two minutes to express themselves at public comment - most of it - frustration, anger, some deep emotion expressed.

In the end of this exercise in futility - less what must be done - and who can do it - waste of time.

Many testify - and in the end the the committee - led by David Campos - heading City Operations and Neighborhood Services - another led by Malia Cohen - the Government Audit and Oversight - the matter at hand to be continued ........

Such a drab manner to conduct and waste the constituents time - give the people false hope -  what these folks with a personality and mentality that begs the question - panderers of the highest order.

David Campos tells me that each time he sees his ugly mug in the mirror - he finds himself doing fine - with those he represents. 

Yes, you are pandering and seeking higher office - and these charades are just that - giving you some false exposure - thinking some fool will vote for you. Pathetic.

There are 38 cranes in the air - 38 projects and San Francisco is booming. Trillions of dollars spread all over - and mostly Chinese with bags full of hard cash - ready to buy homes all over San Francisco.

There is a lot of talk at San Francisco City Planning who is loaded with fees paid by very corrupt developers - the Department of Building Inspection - is full of it - with little oversight and still less compliance.

Deals are made and decisions taken - and what we see going on is despicable - but tell you me - can you take on the Mafia - really?

There is ample talk of Market Price housing.

No talk about housing for those making $50,000 and below. 

Absolutely NO talk about low income and no income.

Many hardworking San Franciscans who played by the rules - are now forced out - evicted - bought out - told to take a HIKE.

Here you have David Campos - at this late hour pretending to hear to the constituents - after the fact.

He and the rest of the San Francisco Supervisors - including Eric Mar and Norman Yee - were fast asleep - not knowing - truly what was going on.

Having no clear picture today - of the many shady buy outs - the many Ellis Act evictions - because this City and County of San Francisco - has NO Transparency and no Accountability - when it comes to such actions.

The Rent Control Board will listen to you - read your complaints - may be even try to help you a bit - but they have no clout. They are just a sounding board. Try them and get to me.

The Mayor Office of Housing is another den of crooks - and so is HOPESF - these entities are controlled by folks - who have a hidden agenda.

The many housing units at Portrero Hill, Hunterview, Oakdale, Sunnydale - should belong to the people - a long time ago.

There was legal language in the Housing and Urban Development better know as HUD - to permit tenants buying these rental units - owing them.

Tenant organizations were formed at one time  to achieve this goals - only to be compromised by those that continually put down the hard working poor - the crooks that today control most everything - position themselves - the Zionists.

The SF Housing Authority promised the world - used deferred maintenance - let good housing run down to permit - Mercy Housing, Bridge Developers, the John Stewart Company - all outsiders - all crooks - to come in.

Come in and take control of housing that once offered spacious rooms - tear down and build high density homes - little cubicles -  with inferior material -where you cannot even put a king size bed - with room to move around.

More even a Queen size bed with room to move around.

Who is fooling whom.

These high density living - more like the infamous Geneva Towers that were imploded - that Malia Cohen, David Compos, Scott Weiner, Jane Kim, Mark Farrell, London Breed, John Avalos, David Chiu - others, useless to mention have no clue, about.

Lving in high density complexes by people has done to so much damage to so many thousands of people - compromising Quality of Life issues.

The current set of San Francisco Board of Supervisors - all of them must be voted out - mostly fluff.

Chaff that are useless - none of them have the best interests of the constituents. 

They can bluff those that pander to them - but they cannot bluff those that know those that act like thieves, panderers, whores and pimps.

On most of the Quality of Life issues - linked to Education, Jobs, Housing, Safety, Transportation, Child Care, Senior Care and Housing, Health Care - Housing for Low and No Income - they have failed us.

Instead of coming up with solutions - they will have hearings - drag the horse, beat the horse dead, revive the horse - beat it dead several times - and think that they can fool - all the people - all the time.

These good for nothing - piece of excreta - must be voted out - now. They look at you in the eye and lie. 

One way to stopping this crap - before each hearing have these crooks - swear - much as one those in court - to speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

The SF Board of Supervisors would lie less, speak less - and suddenly comprehend that the constituents should be given their mandated three minutes of public comment - which speaks to the pulse of the people.

Fools -  the people elect you - you are the fucking servants of the people.

If you find it too hot in the kitchen - get out and stay out.

If you want to represent - learn to serve - you panderers - whores and pimps - good for nothing - trash.

Thousands are hurting and you MF think nothing of it. 

Children and those most vulnerable left to die a slow death - and all this in San Francisco - one of the richest cities in the world.