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Saturday, November 30, 2013


San Francisco is crowded - organizations like San Francisco Planning and Research Association (SPUR). Developers who want to use Chinese money - other ill gotten wealth - want to make a fast buck - and flee to some haven. Right now San Francisco is booming - 38 cranes in the air - and tons of congestion on the ground.

Come on San Francisco we can do better - let us not become the laughing stock of all - push this development envelop so hard - that is smacks us hard in the face - when we can do better.

For the arrogant and ignorant the land belongs to the Ohlone. The First People of this area - the Bay Area and beyond. It is a shame that so many people are so ignorant on the land that the live on - including a dubious organization - call SPUR.

A dubious organization  (SPUR)  funded by the filthy rich - and San Francisco Planning Department - layers of planners - privately funded - and working hard - to build many more skyscrapers - against the wishes of the tax payers - the constituents that matter - good, hardworking, San Franciscans.

The skyscrapers contain units for the filthy rich - condominiums in the range of $3 to $5 million - and in some cases as high at $10 million. 

Who are these people - and from where do they come - and why do they really want to live in San Francisco? More so who has invited them to divide our City and foster - GENTRIFICATION.

Summer homes, vacation crash pads, some condominium as some equity - when things in China or in the place where their ill gotten wealth - turns sour - and there is no resource but San Francisco - the Baghdad by the Bay.

One bed room in these complexes - for rent as high as $3000 and two bed room for $4000.

Evil people who have no desire to uphold our traditions, family values, the good that other families left behind - a legacy.

Make no bones about it - "take it or leave it" say the arrogant - so called Property Managers - who do not care - about good manner, etiquette - it is dog eat dog, world.

There are the "techies" and other crooks with money - waiting to buy the condominiums and others anxiously - waiting in line - without hesitation to rent.

Not San Franciscans -  are wondering - how did all this come about?

Their only hope - sleep in the streets or leave town - and thousands of good families - father, mother, children have left town - never to return.

Thousands crash - many live in cars and share rooms with relatives and friends. It is not uncommon for 10 to 15 people to live in a room. Why is our City permitting - Quality of Life to be compromised?

Daily the San Francisco Police Department is called to address -"nuisance cases".
The people occupying where one of two should live - people walking and stumping the floor, making noises - too many people living in a unit - and noise round the clock.

We are compromising Quality of Life - and stressing decent people out - more folks that rent - and live peacefully for years on end.

How can decent people afford to live and more to take all the stress?

The SF Police Department is slow to charge these miscreants - slow to do anything - they do not mind coming to the same building - more rental buildings - 3,4,5,6 times - to see, hear the complainant vent and leave.

Only to leave and come again -  another police car to come and carry on some investigation - that investigation goes no where.

Such scenes are repeated all over San Francisco - and more in areas - where people rent in San Francisco - where most rent and few can afford a home.

Some of us who have been around - have seen the Directors linked to the San Francisco Planning Department - come and go.

We know of one Zoning Czar  Larry Badiner -who permitted folks like the Academy of Art University to take over rental units - in the hundreds - affect the lives of thousands - all over San Francisco.

The Academy of Art University converted rental units - to dormitories - rented them to foreign students for an arm and a leg.

Further - depriving decent San Franciscans and causing a shortage in rental housing. No one voiced any complaints. Where was SPUR on this one? Where were the other advocates on this one? Where were the past Mayors and the present San Francisco Supervisors on this one?

The likes of Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, Katy Tang, London Breed, David Campos, Scott Weiner - the others one worse than the other.

Dean Macris - he retired - but he is working on Projects - paid by the Developers - within SF Planning Department -  in an area - where he and his cohorts - have exclusive jurisdiction.

Ellis Act adverse impacts on the Seniors, the indigent - prospered under their jurisdiction - they are suppose to represent - but, all the above to is - pussyfoot - wheel and deal and thin they can bluff and hoodwink - all the people - all the time.

Green was another Director who headed the SF Planning Department - they let him go - he is around and he is watching and knows a lot.

Then came John Rahaim - and all hell broke loose.

The former Mayor Gavin Newsom with organizations like San Francisco Planning and Research Association (SPUR) a private - non profit organization - has been wrecking havoc. Compromising the lives of those who cannot afford - high rents.

SPUR'S motto should read: " Ideas and Action for a Worse City".

I witnessed these thugs who represent SPUR - come to the meetings linked to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. They had no clue that Hunters Point Naval Shipyard was a Superfund Site.

Only the worst contaminated sites in the Nation - are put on a Superfund Site.

Yet; here was SPUR pushing for thousands of units on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and the surrounding area - Candlestick Point. 

Taking tours with sell out like Sophie Maxwell - other crooks like Aurelious Walker - wheeling and dealing and thinking that all is fine.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard an area prone to liquefaction and flooding. Two hills were demolished to create an area of infill - and more with the remain of the Ohlone - whose remains were taken from the hills - an spread on hundreds of acres of new built land.

 An area created that has high levels of radioactive readings - from the testing done by the U.S. Navy - experiments linked to World War II.

And now recent since 2004 - the Asbestos structures that LENNAR created - crushing and bringing down a 33 foot Serpentine Rock -  spreading  the Asbestos around the area.

High readings over 35,000 plus - structures per cubic meter have been recorded.

The Bay Area Air Quality District knows about this - but, as before has issued no stringent - Notice of Violations.

Anyone who with intent cause people to live in contaminated areas - they have BLOOD on their hands. The many soccer playgrounds on Treasure Island - in very close proximity to very contaminated ground - that is a crime - exposing our children to the worse - when we must give them the very best.

I remember well how SPUR hoodwinked some leaders - among them Tim Paulson the Executive Director of the San Francisco Labor Council to be on SPUR's - Board - as a Director.

In course of time SPUR started engaging in UNION BUSTING - forcing Tim Paulson and others like him who stood for the UNIONS - in our Union town - had to resign from SPUR. "The worst decision I made in my life is being on SPUR's Board" and Tim Paulson was dead - right.

SPUR - funded by billionaires and millionaires - to undermine the City and County of San Francisco and more the thousands of UNION workers who work in our City.

Helped by crooked and corrupt politicians like Nancy Pelosi.

We are a UNION city and the audacity for SPUR to take on the UNION and try to undermine the UNION - spurred by the former racist Mayor, Mayor Gavin Newsom.

Mayor Gavin Newsom the Mayor who looked the other side while Lennar a Rogue Developer that is in bed in SPUR - bombarded our children and Seniors - with Asbestos structures - crushing the Serpentine Rock - without calming the area - with water.

The result thousands were exposed to the Asbestos structures - and today - hundreds are suffering from all sorts of ailments - headaches, irritation of the eyes and throat - respiratory diseases - mostly poor people - and many of them have no health benefits.

All over our City SPUR and other such nefarious organizations - are taking over our recreational facilities.

 SPUR gives the FISHERS their tacit support - the FISHERS remove natural grass - and substitute it with artificial turf - made from used rubber tires.

Very dangerous and harmful  to children and hard to clean if the dogs, cats, other animals defecate and contaminate - SPUR and the FISHERS could not care less.

Recreational and Park is moving towards privatization - while the City and City Departments are tolerating this nonsense.

It is a shame that we have no leaders that can stand up to SPUR and other such organizations that have adversely impacted - our transportation.

Yes you keep building and bringing in the people - but you cannot control the congestion - on the roads, the streets - and with that - the increase of the Carbon Footprint.

You do not care about those that cannot afford the rents.

So where will San Franciscans who have been renting for years -  who are now Ellis Evicted - landlords using other ploys - while SPUR and others - all very corrupt and nonchalant - look the other way.

One advocate pointed to me the over 300,000 new residents and the over 191,000 new office workers - many living outside San Francisco - are planning to move to San Francisco.

ABAG and other studies point to the same - but, someone keeps inviting those that will not and cannot contribute to the unique culture of San Francisco. The many neighborhood groups - cannot fight those with millions - so they think. You can and you should.

Grass root support and the fortitude of sound leaders can make things happen. We did that to LENNAR - brought them down - and whacked their booty - good. LENNAR remember us to this day - and will for all eternity.

Who is looking into the details - who is monitoring Quality of Life issues?

 Where the the Traffic Management results?

Where is the Building Inspection on this?

Can our SF Fire Department handle the increase of calls. More calls leading to skyscrapers? Do we really have the fire equipment and the helicopters to fight the fires of today's - modernity? 

What about the San Francisco Police Department and the increase in crime - more petty crime? 

Who is looking into the empirical data - starring in your faces - Department Heads - and the Mayor of San Francisco?

Why does anyone have to trust SPUR and other such nefarious - organization?

The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce is known for taking positions that harm the ordinary San Franciscan.

Again and again - some of us have seen through their shenanigans - and fought them - and stopped them - forcing them to go to the ballot and we have defeated them.

Now; all the devils are gathering - pooling the money - and lying, cheating, and spreading misinformation - some fall for the nonsense - but not those that know about heights limits in and around the Ferry Building.

Not those that know about the Central Subway and the many problems it is causing. Merchants in the North Beach area and neighboring areas are hurting. All the get are lies.

South of Market area has seen an increase in large rats? You have to see one to believe what I am talk about.

The many sites where the land prone to liquefaction and flooding - the on going congestion - that will get worse - if we permit too many facilities to bring people together - in areas where today there is some law and order - tomorrow with carelessness - follow great, disorder.

Releasing thousandss into areas that are already - congested. Our roads cannot deal with heavy traffic - any more. 

The over 50 small and big hills are unique to San Francisco - and our traffic GRID was formed - when things could be controlled and traffic and other forms of transportation - moved rather easily - west to east.

Where there were no homes - now there are thousands of homes.

The City is still pondering how best to address Traffic congestion and to form new patterns and modalities to move traffic around - but - this is taking too much time.

Once we could control traffic - not anymore with a population that already is causing problems - we are about 805,000 - some say 810,000 - you added more and we will have pandemonium on our roads and everywhere.

Madness reign supreme on Market Street, on Van Ness, on the Geary, on Folsom, on 3rd nearer to Mission, and in most places during the rush hour - people take to the local streets - as the Freeways are clogged - yes, clogged - back to back traffic.

Already on Market Street, Van Ness, Third Street close to Market Street - Mission Street nearing South Van Ness - on any day during certain times - it takes 30 to 45 minutes - to clear 4 or 5 blocks - and this is in the City. What is happening?

SPUR has received millions from the Federal Government through the good offices of Nancy Pelosi.

Nancy Pelosi - a good for nothing politician - whose time has come to go - fade into oblivion.

These Pork Barrel grants and loans - given to the nefarious - cause more harm than good.

SPUR's building at 654 Mission Street is built mostly with our tax payers money. SPUR rents the rooms to others - never once mentioning that tax payers helped pay for the building.

Then SPUR turns around and encourages UNION BUSTING.
Dares to come to the Bayview Hunters Point and proposing plans that are detrimental to the constituents of the Bayview Hunters Point and District 10 in general.

Pussyfooting with sell outs like Sophie Maxwell, Malia Cohen, others - one worse than the other.

In the year 2004 I was the proponent of Proposition F - we proposed abating and mitigating the land - that was contaminated by the United States Navy - in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

We proposed building 50% market value housing, 30% moderate value housing, 10% low income, and 10% no income. About 10,000 housing units for starters. 

We spend $5 thousand - and had to fight our opponents - Proposition G - backed by SPUR - our opponents were LENNAR - a rogue developer.

LENNAR spend $10 million plus. They proposed 33% Affordable Housing and the rest Market Value housing. That was in 2004 - it is now 2013 - and nothing is happening.

The area around Parcel A - the only area conveyed to Lennar by the City and County of San Francisco - has been contaminated.

Asbestos readings as high at 35,000 structures per cubic meter - have been recorded.

 Workers exposed and none of them wearing masks. Such are the ways of the GREEDY developers.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District knows about it -  it is Deja Vu all over again.

The San Fransciso Environmental Department that come under the SF Heath Department and Amy Brownell - knows about the high readings.

The Environmental Protection Agency - the IX Region knows about the high readings.

Others know about it - but no one does anything about this very serious fact - that has been adversely impacting all life.

Does our City and County of San Francisco have a Toxicologist that works and is paid by this City and County of San Francisco? If yes fair enough - but the answer is NO - who is fooling whom?

What is SPUR doing about it?

We have the Precautionary Principle on our books.  No one is applying it to these very serious, concern. Time will tell. Aho.