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Saturday, November 16, 2013


Most of the constituents of San Francisco are simply fed up with the present, San Francisco - Board of Supervisors. We have 11 districts - and not one Representative in worth the salt. The blatant corruption has been getting from bad to worse.

Mayor Edwin Lee has been trying his best to work with these San Francisco Board of Supervisors - I guess he cannot teach a old dog or old bitch - new tricks.

In all our previous - SF Boards of Supervisors we have had some stellar Supervisors who made up for the buffoons - Presidents of the SF Board of Supervisors who took control of the situation - Matt Gonsalvez,  Aaron Peskin, Tom Ammiano come to mind - but, the present President, David Chiu is a Joker - pandering to idiots like Jane Kim and Malia Cohen.

This present SF Board of Supervisor have done nothing much addressing the Carbon Footprint.

Some of the Supervisors most those on the LAFCO Commission - began to deal with SF Clean Power - but judging from what is happening today - SF Clean Power - is gone - down the drain. Too much talk and less action.

The SF Board of Supervisors have failed to address contaminated areas like Treasure Island and Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - a Superfund Site.

Only the worst contaminated areas in the Nation - are put on the Superfund List. Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is on that list.

Again and again at some drab presentations - mention is made of building thousands of homes on Treasure Island and Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Well, who do you think wants to live on contaminated land?

Tell me which Insurance Company - will bond a developer - you may have to pay very high premiums - and make those who lease or own units - sign numerous - waivers.

This is being done at Mission Bay - and it other places - land that is abate but still is prone to contamination - land that can easily impact life - all life - and most of all human life.

It is the same with folks like Jane Kim for District 6 - a Korean American who is a transplant from New York - she and some others decided to give TWITTER a break.

TWITTER has done nothing for the community in and around Mid-Market. However, our City and County of San Francisco - has gone out of its way - to help TWITTER - with benefits - over $60 million.

In the meantime there has been an influx of poor people, indigent people, people with mental problems, entire families - mother, father, and children - sleeping on the streets of San Francisco.

Tourist come to our great City and cannot understand why the City is not doing anything about the homeless problem. 

Bevan Dufty has been around for a long time - promising to do this and that - but daily - over 15 thousands homeless people - sleep under bridges, under bushes, on the dirty streets of San Francisco, in building that are not occupied - and with such living come - diseases - and other hazardous situations.

There is NO compassion for the constituents that are poor - no COMPASSION in the City that is named after Saint Francis Assisi.

Carmen Chu a former Supervisor - who was anointed as the Assessor by Mayor Edwin Lee - has a cozy job - she ran this time - unopposed and so did Dennis Herrera the City Attorney and the Treasurer Jose Cisneros - all of them unopposed - why?

All of the above making over $250,000 and not doing their jobs. Seeking fame on some issues that come their way - taking credit for things that are mundane - and failing to represent and serve the tax payers of San Francisco. They all have BLOOD on their hand.

The politics in San Francisco is heavy - the corruption untold - the wheeling and dealing unbearable.

You have these fund raisers - where you have to bring in the bribes all cash - in amounts of $5000 - $10,000 - where is the justice?  You pay and you receive favors on a platter. Leading the charge - Platinum Consultants - another Rose Pak.

Where is Law Enforcement? Why tolerate such blatant corruption? What are the Federal Law Enforcement doing - these scum of the earth - have to go to jail - sent to jail for a long, long time.

The politics in our City stinks to high heaven - and there is not one single issue - worth the salt - that helps the poor, the indigent, those families that need dire, help.

Issues that can be tackled in a fair and just manner. You have to know some one - you really have to understand the convoluted system - to help some one.

Thank God for me the Mayor has been good and has been caring.

Some City officials who have accorded me support to help those that need help most. I count my blessings - but what about those that have to throw their hands up in despair.

Quality of Life issues are disappearing - now you see it - now you do not.

Poodles on Third Street and there within sight the dysfunctional - from morning to night - sitting, and doing nothing - may be selling some stuff to survive - and the SF Police Officers - trying to bring law and order - where there is pandemonium. Third and Palou - the infamous Mandell Plaza.

All this is District 10 first under the Representation of Sophie Maxwell and now under Malia Cohen - a good for nothing - buffoon.

Malia grins and that trade mark smile of a jackass. Paints her lips red - wears clothes that do not do her - justice. She is all about putting on airs - fake to the core - and as I have been saying good for nothing.

The advocates sometime would go to City Hall - no more.

No one can keep throwing pearls before the "hogs" the likes of Malia Cohen, Scott Weiner, London Breed, Jane Kim, and David Campos. Time will tell.

The blatant corruption by these Supervisors will surface - and when it does - the world will realize - what I have been saying for the longest time - ever.

In the interim the poor continue to suffer. The many homeless facing the inclement weather - forced to sleep on the streets of San Francisco.