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Sunday, November 17, 2013


There is an understanding in most civilized countries - in cities like San Francisco, too - to respect and care for our Seniors - our Elders - those that sacrificed so much for this Nation - the United States of America.

Closer to 50% of our population in San Francisco are considered Seniors - those above 55 years.

Some use the 62 years cap - others 65 years - and those that think most easily survive and live longer 70 years - to get the maximum retirement benefits.

Social Security Benefits - all very complicated and convoluted.

Many opt for their benefits early on - more so if early on the person has a disability - more, one that keeps you in bed - suffering from the ailment with little or no mobility.

In my investigation and writings on Seniors and Disabilities - I have focused more on those that suffer from some serious disabilities - more to find out the types of benefits and care - this segment of the population - receive.

Brave women and men who did so much for our City - this City and County of San Francisco. More for our Nation - especially those that fought in World War II. The Korean War, Vietnam - and even the other wars - recently that have inflicted serious bodily harm to our Veterans.

I participated in many aspects of the war know to us as "Desert Storm - Desert Shield" - that got over in a few months - but adversely impacted thousands. Young men and women - went to war - came in contact with chemicals and other nefarious elements - came home sick and to this day - have not recovered. 

It took the Nation over 10 years to acknowledge the fact - and more to give these warriors - our soldiers who love our Nation - medical and other assistance. We all know about this - but, most of us to do care to voice our opinion.

More those who take their "freedom" for granted - and those who will not lift a finger - for reasons best know to themselves - to aid our Veterans and those to died - because they were sent to fight for our country.

Seniors and Elders who have contributed so much to our Nation - to the many cities and town they live in California and all over the United States deserve - better.

Here in San Francisco our leading hospital, institutions that train doctors and conduct research have well  documented - empirical data - for all those interested - to fathom, understand, and fully comprehend. We must use this pertinent information - but many choose not to do so - they documents lie on the shelf - gathering dust. Or in the digital age in some format on disks and other sophisticated tools - waiting for the Aliens - to take a peek.

Health benefits do not come easy and even though most individual and group health program offer you the basic services - you must pay from your own pocket for operations and other treatments - that are not covered.

One single operation - an extended stay in any hospital - over $1000 a day - can wipe out one's life savings - and leave the unfortunate victim - in dire need of help - an indigent.

It happens again and again. When it hits home - that in when - all hell breaks loose. The Insurance Companies and the crooks behind these schemes that leach on those that are victims - will put a lean on your home, your assets, without blinking an eye.

There are many studies done as I have said - health and benefit studies that lie on shelves - collecting dust.

The many organizations purporting to serve our Seniors - more those with disabilities -  they all fall short - so short - in this dog eat dog world - few of us not affected - have the guts, the gumption to stand up for all our Seniors, our Elders, more those that I fight for - who have disabilities.

Add to this equation the Veterans who are promised the world -but have to wait for years to receive their benefits.

Putting great hardship on the immediate family, friends, and other loved ones.

Why do we make promises and not keep them?

Here is one study, below - that does some justice to Seniors who live in San Francisco. 

It gives the reader some understanding - but for those that know better - it still speaks in generalities.

When  it comes to action, the practical applications, where the delivery of benefits are focused on - just like that the many questions have NO answers:

Our San Francisco Board of Supervisors - 11 of them - one worse than the other - will not tackle the difficult health issues - Quality of Life issues.

The issues that shed light on them - these good for nothing so called Representatives - and more their responsibilities.

These Representative will conduct their business on matters that are mundane and never once - have we had a robust, meaningful, one with time-lines, and goals - linked to Health Care, the needs of our Seniors, our Elders, those that we call Father, Mother, Grandfather and Grandmother - who are aged. 

You cannot get the best - humanity has to offer from buffoons like Supervisors Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, David Campos, David Weiner, London Breed, Norman Yee - others.

Not once with some seriousness have these Supervisors voiced their concern and done something concrete - to help our Veterans, our Elders, our Seniors, those who are Aged and have disabilities.

I meet hundreds of disabled people - who look upon me to help them.

When I was two I had polio - I wear a brace - and have never considered myself disabled - nor the fancy words "physically challenged"

 I consider myself able to do anything better than most - because I apply myself and work very hard to attain the highest - standards.

I have direct access to any City and County of San Francisco officials - mostly; when I have to help others.

People who need help on some health issues or need assistant being a Senior, disabled, or simply for reasons of compassion.

To date I have been successful - I normally do not ask favors from the stupid San Francisco Supervisors - I watch them talk - they love to talk - but when it comes to action - as I have been saying they are JOKERS - buffoons.

San Francisco is heading for a major crisis when it comes to housing - that is having a "roof" over your head.

Getting housing - with sufficient space to use the term - " living as decent humans in a civilized city or country".

Greedy developers are thinking of building small units 100 square feet and other 200 square feet - for human being to shack up and live like dogs.

These type of thinking sprouts from the low denominator of human beings - folks that do not know anything about humanity, have not lived as human beings - and want to project their inhumanity - on others.

 Just because these folks are in some power. Fake power.

More folks like Scott Weiner, Jane Kim, and Malia Cohen - pathetic.

Billions of dollars are spent on building market value housing - but this "market value housing" - is for the rich - and many will be "summer homes" .

A second home - rarely used - while those that need "moderate housing" - housing for real needs - like the Veterans, the Elders, the Seniors with and without disabilities - these Seniors, these Elders, these folks with serious needs - will be thrown on the streets.

Do you think our San Francisco Board of Supervisors care?


Why do they not care - simply because they are selfish, have no compassion - and are more here to serve themselves and their selfish needs. Despicable.

So, folks at the end of this long rather long article - I am asking - who will stand up for the Seniors, the Elders - those that need help?

Time for a revolution - do not wait and wait and wait -  "Waiting 
For Godot".

Organize and let the bastards know - who is really in charge - as to the misfits, the inept, the shallow, the spineless - VOTE and VOTE them out of office. Aho. 

The rising Elderly population - and the growing number of Seniors who are becoming homeless: