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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


The District 10 Supervisor of Bayview is just that - " so full of it". Her recent defeat at City Hall - linked to Mother Brown and the 100 beds for those that need it most - should send a strong signal to Malia Cohen - to serve her community - or face the wrath of the people.

Here we have an opportunity - without using any City Money - some $978,000 a grant initiated and won by those that are compassionate -  led by Director San Francisco, Human Services Agency, Trent Rhorer and  from the California Department of Housing and Community Development - to provide a mere 100 beds.

100 beds that can provide succor to a few -  leaving, thousands more that cannot sleep - under a roof - and have to face inclement weather - each and every day. 

Most people were in favor - except Malia Cohen and her lackeys - all new comers who have no record of having contributed anything meaningful to the community. Types that are all fluff - and that their " stuck up attitude " - will be tolerated by the community at large.

All this in an area that already has hundreds coming to get some nourishment from Mother Brown and her charitable institution for years. Most of them poor - people who have fallen on bad times - for one valid reason or the other.

Mother Brown and her institution has done well feeding thousands of this many years - and there is more to be done. Missing in this equation - beds to sleep for the poor, the weary, those that are ill - many grasping for breath - trying to make sense and live - the last days of their lives.

Anyone with compassion - any human being - would accept these glaring condition - and support the good work. God's work.

Not Malia Cohen from District 10  - dumber than dumb - and now joining her Kathy Tang, from District 4 - who missed the cue - fell and is swimming in the sordid cesspool of being misled, misguided, and totally uninformed.

The only two idiots who opposed the proposition to help the poor, the indigent, those that really need help - Malia Cohen and Kathy Tang.

Both of them still groping in the dark. If you have no compassion you are worthless - you are the scum of the earth.

The rest of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - 9 of them in total - got religion - and voted for the proposition and rightly so.

Item 131034 on the Agenda - Tuesday, November 19, 2013 in the august City Hall - Room 250.

As Malia Cohen was drowning losing support, she reached for that last straw - "there is a pedophile registered at the address 2115 Jennings Street". Which is the institution where the good work is done - Mother Jones.

There has been no incident worth the salt  - that justified this unnecessary inquiry - but Malia Cohen wanted to make a point - 
and the point was pooh poohed away. 

Trent Rhorer from the Human Services Agency - does not have the time to monitor the many pedophiles registered - hundreds of them in the Bayview.

Law Enforcement must do that - but they talk the talk and do not walk the walk.  Be it the San Francisco Police Department - or the Sheriffs Department.

Many more pedophiles all over the City and County of San Francisco. The paradox is - that Malia Cohen does not have any clue - there only two San Francisco Police Officers - assigned to monitor the pedophiles.

District 10 is ripe with all sorts of criminals - Malia Cohen cannot do anything about them. She has just to read the weekly incident reports - any other decent Supervisor - would have resigned.

Mother Brown will get her 100 beds and that is good news.

Malia Cohen is on the hot seat - everyone now knows that being Black, being one that should know about poverty, being one who great grand parents were slaves - she of all persons - should have had some sensitivity about the work of Mother Brown and the services she offers.

And of course when indigent and dysfunctional people come - some issues are linked and occur - where Law Enforcement is involved and called for help - we the tax payers pay for it - for such situations - all in all holistic are offered bu Mother Brown's Institution - that is of paramount, importance.

Just like the many shooting and killings that were occurring and we the community had to step up and work things out. 

The poor we will always have - and those who have lived in the community longer - have a greater say. 

Not those who have just come - do not know their neighbors - and care more about their poodles - forgetting to pick up the pooh after their dogs make the mess - have private peeves on Public Ground - and think they can abuse our hospitality and get away with murder in broad - daylight.

We have always had the poor in the Bayview Hunters Point area - even today so many private entities feed the poor.

Our stellar organizations and others feed the poor - have been doing it for years - we do not go on the roof top and claim what charity we do - you just do it - because it is the right thing to do.

Malia Cohen is a sell out - who now is in bed with developers and others who think that they must not care for the poor.

They must stop - step back and think about those have fallen on bad times.

Malia Cohen is a fake - all fluff and shallow - more spineless - and lacks morals and ethics.

One has just to investigate her many pit falls - and even before this incident - she was called out -  for comments on the poor - leading advocates and others forced to bring these uncalled for behavior - to her attention.

Malia Cohen has learned her lesson - she must be go - go away - and never, ever dream of representing anyone in San Francisco.

San Francisco named after Saint Francis Assisi. Baghdad by the Bay - most anything goes on in San Francisco.

Helping the poor that have always flocked to San Francisco. The many immigrants who will tell you about San Francisco.

Laguna Honda - once named Poor House - built with private contributions - San Franciscans have been stellar in reaching out to everyone.

Including embracing the queer - providing succor to the poor and feeding thousands at Saint Anthony's, Saint Martin de Pores, Glide Memorial, the many hundreds of small but worthwhile groups that do - good work. God bless them all.

Recently we have seen thousands evicted - many sleeping on the side walks - others sleep -under bridges - under bushes.

Yesterday it rained and I got a call to help some Seniors who could not get a place to sleep.

Five Seniors all evicted and no place to sleep. I know Bevan Dufty, I know Trent Rhorer - I know the Mayor of San Francisco - but I was tired - I had no energy to do any running around - filling papers - and waiting and waiting. Waiting for Godot!

So I called one of my good friends and he took care of the Seniors - until this inclement weather goes away - and we can together work on getting the Seniors some shelter. 

We must all learn to work together - more those that Represent - the SF Board of Supervisors.

We pay your salaries - and we if think you know it all - like Malia Cohen - you better go somewhere else.

The nine who voted for compassion win and kudos to you - the 2 two that did not - they better change their mind and hearts and do the right thing - when it come to our Seniors, our poor, our indigent, those that need help most.

I am watching you all like a hawk!