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Sunday, November 24, 2013


The recent negotiations led by the United States, the United Nations, France, England, China, Russia, and Germany with the Iranian Government over the future production of Nuclear Weapons - and its curtailment - is in the right direction.

The Iranians are Persians - and have a culture and history that is thousands of years old.

Today's Israel owes its existence to a Persian King - Cyrus the Great - who was given the highest by the Jews of his time. Read history - the true history. Times have changed - tarnished by Zionism and Zionist - who will never, ever succeed - always wanting to have their way.

When the people of Israel - were slaves to this Persian King - he gave gold, money and freed them - to go back to their country present Israel - and build the temple. The temple that was destroyed.

History repeats itself - and so the day November 23, 2013 will go down in history - as a day when - some Nations following the footsteps of King Cyrus the Great - a Persian King - saw the need to bring peace and free some people - for the good of the Universe.

There are fanatics is the United States that led us to war with Iraq - Iraq named Babylon the home of Abraham the Father of all Nations. 

That war provoking and attacking Iraq was wrong. To right that war - will take hundreds of years.

Zionists and their philosophy does not work in contemporary history. Israel must rid of this disease and seek better means and ways to bring about peace and stability in the region.

It serves no purpose; with a philosophy akin to Zionism - to keep people is servitude - as do the Zionists - with the people of Palestine - who are their blood - cousins.

What is happening in Syria is utterly wrong - and we must bring peace to that region and we can - thinking outside the box.

Peace is not easy to achieve and kudos to those that brought about this first step - millions of Iranian who are Persians - will rejoice. The world is a better place and more with China agreeing to be peace makers.

For too long the civilized nation of Iran - known for its music, its poetry, its architecture, its food, and so on - has been kept in the dark.

By forces that once exploited Iran - and then could not - because of circumstances beyond their control.

The Saudis and the Israelis are staunch foes - but agree to confront and target - the Persians - just because the Persians have the capability to make a Nuclear bomb.

India, Pakistan, China, North Korea, the United States, England, France, and a host of other countries in smaller and larger measure - are capable of what the Iranians could achieve.

No one should assume - as do the Israelis and Saudis - that Iran will target Saudi Arabia and Israel. We do not know.

We know the Saudis and the Wahabi Philosophy is paramount to dictatorship, curtailing of freedom, treating women like chattel - more because of fossil fuel - that British and Americans - found and made the Saudis rich - filthy rich.

As far as richness is concerned - it attracts GREED - the culture the Saudis have to offer today is superficial -  show off pearls, gold, diamonds, spent lavishly and build sky scrapers.

The Israelis could have done better with Compassion - but favor the Zionists who are hell bent not to create another Hitler and have created more of them all over the world - because of their illogical thinking and more acting - daily.

No one in their right mind should believe that the total destruction of Israel can happen in a vacuum - that cannot and will not happen in today's - world.

America has armed the Israelis to the teeth - we spend Billions of on the Zionists - and we must STOP this madness.

We need that money - here at home for education, our children - one in four go to bed hungry.

We could spend the billions sent to Israel - housing for our Seniors, Transportation, Research and Development and the poor we have in the United States - tons of good that can be done.

The Zionists are of the opinion that the United States is mandated to support them with billions of dollars - give them our weapons - bombs that they have used on Lebanon - missiles on targets that they have fitting with superiors bombs - done almost anything - and have not received any sanctions.

The worst bombing Lebanon with cluster bombs and denying that they did so - until - the empirical data was overwhelming - and they admitted they made a grave - mistake. What did the United States do - look the other way. And there is more ...

We must oppose the Zionists philosophy - in today's world of progress, compassion, understanding, fortitude and unity - the Zionist and his philosophy has NO - place - no place whatsoever.

Let us not kid ourselves that think for a second the Republican Guard in Iran - can be trusted.

They cannot - and it is for the Iranian Government - to bring about a gradual but holistic - transformation - of the Republican Guard.

We know the thousands they have killed and tortured. We know the Iranian people well - and they Iranian people have no gripe with the American people. If we do something - whatever it is - it is for the Iranian people. Much as we have a mutual respect for the people of Israel - the common child, woman, and man.

The great Sufi philosophy and the wisdom of Iran - must prevail - and the darkness associated with the Republican Guard and other evil operations - must fade away.

Sooner than later - this must be accomplished - time is running out and with a determination - that there is no tomorrow - we the people from all over the world will not tolerate - the darkness of the past - be it in Iran, in Israel, in the United States - all over the world.

The Iranian people - the majority of them seek peace and are fed up with restrictions imposed by the Free World. Why do we have to punish the people - deprive of daily necessities? The time has come for drastic change - using food, medicines, and other necessary items for - survival.

Grabbing Iranian monetary funds abroad - and using tough measures that only hurt those that have little power. The common Persian cannot defend themselves - against the Super Powers and the allies - who have tunnel vision - and have adversely impacted - thousands in Iran - the land of King Cyrus the Great.

The common Iranian child, woman, and man - who are far away from the politics and sordid ways of those who are fanatics.

The moderates have opened the door - for over 35 years there has been no open dialogue - that is now possible.

With perhaps President Barack Hussein Obama visiting Iran - and signing a memorandum of understanding - assuring the people of Iran - that the United States and other like minded Nations - are with the Iranian people.

The Iranian people have suffered too much - for too long - and the time for healing, understanding, joy, restitution, and peace is now.

The fanatics we have in the United States - your turn has come to stop talking from both sides of your mouth.

To the Zionists in Israel - you had your turn and with your one track mindedness - you have not gone far - now is your only moment - to seek truth - in the wisdom of those that want peace - and unconditional friendship.

Repay King Cyrus for what he did for your people - look at the Temple - look towards the Torah - and ponder well - and bring about peace and thank God for your very existence. Repay King Cyrus.

To the United States, China, Russia, France, Britain, and Germany - the many other Nations who belong to the United Nations - the human spirit has been hurt for too long.

Help bring about the healing. Help bring about Peace.

More so - when millions died in Cambodia, in Rwanda, in other places - that hurt, pain, suffering - affects all human beings.

We fail to understand that human beings are all related - and the great divide - the very rich and the very poor - is the making of those few human beings and Nations in power - fostering GREED.

This one small good deed - the signing of some peace agreement is one, small baby step - it just explores the possibility - it sheds light where there was darkness.

We must visit Iran and meet the people as I did in the early 1970s - when the Shah of Iran was in place and the United States - was considered a friend.

Then came the Revolution - and many did not comprehend the affects of such a movement - but many went with the flow - and it did more harm than good.

It is the same with Zionism the philosophy - it will never succeed - it is simply wrong to keep your cousin in servitude for over sixty years - stealing their land.

Thinking that arms and superior weapons will win - that love, sacrifice, and fortitude will NOT reign - supreme. That moment has come.

There must be drastic change for progress and good - in Syria, in Jordan, in Saudi Arabia, in Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, the United Emirates, Libya, Yemen, and beyond. 

Dictatorial governments must fade and so Assad - time for you - to take a long vacation.

The same with the Saudis - change your ways and stop buying friendship.

The other dictators who have deprived women of freedom, kept millions in servitude, treat people with disdain - the United States has not been forthcoming - aiding and supporting many of these despots.

We, the United States could have done better in Rwanda, in Cambodia, in Vietnam, in Argentina, in Libya, in Sudan - in many places - we owe a lot to the First People of America - the Native Americans.

The Native American without reservation gave those that needed help and food - that first celebration - wild fowl, berries, corn, all natural and all from the good Earth. The first so called - Thanksgiving.

Today, the Native American are on RESERVATIONS - in their own land.

Let us stop and think - we need to resolve this problem glaring in our faces. This inhuman way of repaying our host, the First People - to whom this land - "Turtle Island" - now know as the United States of America.

Americans have become numb - time to free all Native Americans from bondage. Time to speak to the Truth - time to walk the walk.

Congress must pass a Law - where the Native Americana are made free - free from the encumbrances linked to the Department of Interior - who have stolen their billions - kept in Trust.

Stolen the land, raped the women, killed the children - these atrocities and more are all connected - and the world knows about it - but what are we the Super Power of the world - going to do about it?

This Federal Register linked to Native American Tribes - and other such gimmicks must reflect today's times.

All tribes must be Federally Recognized - the Muwekma Ohlone in San Francisco. Time to sign that agreement and free all First Peoples. Give back to the Native Americans what is legally - theirs - all of America - also know as Turtle Island.

More about the Muwekma Ohlone:

All Native Americans must be given the same dignity, the same respect, the same freedom that we all enjoy as a Citizen of America - in the land of the Native Americans. Aho.