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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


San Francisco is unlike many cities - we are a diverse City and County of San Francisco- so diverse it is the envy of many countries and cities world wide.

When we say county - meaning - that besides our own City we have agreements with other Cities that once we controlled fully and had jurisdiction over.

Now, these counties and cities like Daly City, Brisbane, Burlingame, San Mateo, and so on - are independent but work with us on many related issues - water, sewer, electricity, transportation, safety, emergency, and so on and so forth.

Unlike most of our neighboring cities and counties - we are a rich City.

We have favored hiring folks from outside our City and have payed them huge salaries.

Our City of San Francisco employs over 29,000 employees - most of whom do not live in our City. They used to once - many of them - until they move out to - suburbia.

They all work here in San Francisco and spend their money elsewhere.  Their common excuse all these years - housing is expensive in San Francisco. Who knows? 

Our population of about 850,000 a little on the plus side - some say it is as low as 805,000 - has a sizable budget more than $9 Billion. Yes 9  - B I L L I O N .

In recent years our City coffers have been spilling over - with over 38 cranes in the air - and developers who with money flowing from China and elsewhere building high density housing - mostly market value - for the filthy rich.

When is come to catering those that make $50 and less - no one cares.

When it comes to low and no income - the City officials - prefer that they do not live in our City.

Many of these City officials were transplants - that took advantage of the goods our City offered them - from New York, Los Angeles, and so on - and today these jerks are telling us what is good for our City and County of San Francisco - Ohlone land.

For those uneducated - I will get to the explanation of Ohlone Land - and the disrespect shown the First People - by these good for nothing - worthless SF Board of Supervisors.

Our City of San Francisco is experiencing trauma  - multiple traumas- never, ever seen before.

More in recent history.

Increasingly, we see the filthy rich and the great divide - with the very, very poor at the other end - suffering immensely.

And what is more when we encounter poverty, the very indigent community - that we meet, see, feel deeply - the disabled, elder, senior community - that once were cared for and respected by no more.



Our City Supervisors - each and  everyone of them - do not have the guts to call the shots - at the right time.

They permit with intent - matters to get our of control - and then try to placate the constituents of San Francisco - by having stupid, long, dragged on hearings. 

The hearings are useless - because mostly - nothing - I repeat nothing comes from them.


We have Supervisors like Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, Scott Weiner, Norman Yee, and London Breed who are the scum of the earth.

There is nothing worth mentioning that these so called Representatives bring to the table - less offer to the constituents of San Francisco.

Then you have John Avalos, David Campos, Eric Mar, Mark Farrell, Kathy Tang, and David Chiu - who talk the talk but have failed to walk the walk.

Kathy Tang who is from District 4 the same District that Carmen Chu is who voted for Proposition B and C recently - a measure defeated by the San Franciscans.

Carmen Chu once SF Supervisor from District 4 was gifted the position of Assessor of this City - who favored Lennar the rogue developer -  and Kathy Tang shares the same values and more - having taken that seat.

Kathy Tang loves targeting prostitution in her District - but has not once considered that prostituting to political whores and pimps is worse.

At least the local prostitute is fair in the sense - her need are real and she make want to make a living.

The political whores are fluff, pretend to do and say one thing - but are taking bribes - think if they listen and dance to the tune of the "thug Mayor" - Willie L. Brown Jr. and Rose Pak - all is well - NO.

Our Supervisors are NOT educated on issues - are not deep into Quality of Life issues - lack the true history - of what San Francisco is all about.

If you query them - these inept, spineless, shallow SF Board of Supervisors - on the First People of San Francisco - none of them have a clue what you are talking about - and that says it all.

If you ask them -if they have cared to read and study the true history of the Muwekma Ohlone - that I represent - they know nothing about them. That says it all.

Mayor Edwin Lee knows about the the Muwekma Ohlone - he knows my role - and at least he will mention on occasion the facts - and have some reverence for the Muwekma Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco.

If  anyone worth the salt does not know the protocol - that is linked to decency, etiquette, sound education, good up bringing, manners that counts - you are the scum of the Earth.

All our SF Board of Supervisors are worthless - some in less and others in greater - measure.

I challenge them to debate me.

They fear me - because I speak the truth - more so the whores and pimps that are the SF Board of Supervisors - they hide, they lie, they continue stealing, and having hearings - all fluff and no solutions.

The First People respect the Seniors and the Elders - the SF Board of Supervisors - all of them - do not know what that means.

The First People are the only owners of this land - called San Francisco and beyond - stolen from the Ohlone.

18 treaties signed by the United States Government and not ratified. 

The idiotic SF Board of Supervisors reading this are wondering what the fuck I am talking about.

Our City and County of San Francisco - our past Mayors have  acknowledged the First People of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone - with commendations and letters. Paid lip service.

The Human Rights Commission has with documents and Commendations.

There is language inserted in the San Francisco's Master Plan - that the SF Planning in recent years - has chosen not to abide - acknowledging the Muwekma Ohlone.

John the SF Planning Director - was introduced to the Chairperson by me at one SF Planning Meeting - and he and the SF Planning Commission acknowledged the Muwekma Ohlone - presence in Room 400 at City Hall.

Here is the gist of the above - the many SF Board of Supervisors - cannot represent anyone.

Spiritually they are all dead - walking zombies.

Some of them lack morals, less ethics, pathetic to the core - they are worthless.

Anyone that disrespects our Seniors, our Elders, add to that our Children and our Women who must be protected - will receive their due - in this life time.

Again and again our SF Board of Supervisors have looked the other way when it comes to the Seniors, the Elders, our children and our women and men who are indigent, suffering, have fallen on bad times - and need help.

Well, I know most of the SF Board of Supervisors - and will tell them shortly - what I think about them - not that they care - but for the record.

The wrath of the people knows no bounds - and they ask for it - may be they deserve what is coming down the pipe-line.

The inept, shallow, spineless - SAN FRANCISCO BOARD OF SUPERVISORS. Aho.

Some assessment on San Francisco Seniors and more those that are disabled: