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Saturday, November 2, 2013


TWITTER that bird that cannot "sing" but helped the "Arab Spring" can and should have done better in its IPO rating of sorts - but has not. Time is on its side - and from all the goings of sorts - the Blue Bird - is garnering attention - in some choice circles.

After all we must remember the One Percent - has all the money to throw in any pot that is empty, boiling, or what not.

There is a lot of FLUFF in all the talk - all the marketing - much like when FaceBook - decided to do the same.

FaceBook took a spirial - and then in months to come - after some major set backs - has now steadied itself.

Twitter and the man behind Twitter has for example "Square" - that has assests of over $5 Billion.

Twitter is poised to garner over $11 Billion in assests - giving some hope to those that are eager to buy its shares - but not everyone is so sure that now is the time to bet on Twitter - in the short run may be small losses - in the long run some recovery - and bigger -profits.

Twitter's October third quarter revenue projections doubling its $168 million revenue - may seem remarable - not until you to take into account its losses - as costs expanded and grew.

TWITTER is headquartered in San Francisco - at 9th and Market - once the Furniture Mart - now - named the TWITTER building. The building is well know - and its facade it getting a make over.

The bride is getting readied to be married -and the stakes at high - that all will work out well - those that bet on the winner and take all and not at all - it not the biggest concern - just the hype - that TWITTER - matters.

Frankly speaking TWITTER that bird that never sings - has never made a big profit - ever.

Twitter is trying to garner support and dabble with Television ads, making commercial deals with the National Football League to distribute proprietary content and so on.

There are gimmicks and ploys that the Market permits - much like the convoluded ploys that let the Market to spiral in 2008 - but Twitter has some Force that speaks to Right - and wants the Market - to just make known its intentions - what intentions?

The Force behind Twitter has challenged the norm and won - too many times - and this one challenge in tough economic times - is one about timing - right now may not be the time - and we do not know much - from the Bird that does not sing - its "twits" - 40 words not one more.

Reasonable valuations are just that - neither here or there - and all we can do is wish TWITTER - that I use and have been using - some luck.

San Francisco has bent backwards to help Twitter - giving it tax breaks - incurring a loss of of over $60 million - fare to say our City's Budget is about $9 Billion.

If the constituents of San Francisco ask for money - the Non-Profit Community Based Organizations - with impending high rents - that have pushed many Non- Profit out - and brought in the "Techies".

The cold "techies" who have investments in plenty in the pipe-line - and more of "Green" to compete with those - and have little green to spread - around.

Jane Kim the District 6 Supervisor - the drab cookie Supervisor - who plays her evil cards - with those eyes that roll the dice - and makes tons of money - under the table. 

Jane Kim has backed Twitter for all the wrong reasons.

Those hailing from Manilla and others - are gathering forces - to protest - agains Twitter - right in front on the Twitter Headquarters.

Joined by mostly left minded groups - who see and smell the "crafty" Twitter - a bird that does not sing the blues - but promises to rake in the millions - softly making its moves.

Mid-Market was show-cased by Mayor Edwin Lee - who has taken a leap of faith - in some areas - already, there is change - where once there was Blight.

Mid-Market that old hag - is getting a "face lift" and in some places - the madam - seems to be inviting - the old STRAND now is ACTING -  a move that has taken the "junkies" and other aback - who said the human in us - cannot arise to the occasion. The Phoenix has arisen - in some splendor - prompting the Blue Bird to do better.

Twitter is promising a new Store Front with a Supermarket that will accomodate smaller, local and  a variety of stellar vendors.

The vendors will sell their goods - and offer eats and food - much like what I have seen aboard - and it works.

It will work in San Francisco - but will those protesting ever get a chance to sell their adobo delicacies - the protests counted against - them?. Time will tell.

The local community is asking - if they can buy some shares as part of this IPO marketing - projections.

May be Jane Kim can pass some legislation - then use her charm - those slanted rolling eyes - make memerise the Security Exchange - to offer us San Franciscans - what only the "inner circle" - gets on a platter.

We can TWIT and make a difference. I think so - I plan so. That is if my Twitter Account is not compromised. I plan to post this TWIT - and have assurance the TWIT - will be posted.

Right now; everyone closer to Twitter is mumb - one person said those who are  employed -will be offered more - those closer to the Twitter Force even more - opportunities.

No one knows - more because the BLUE bird - will not sing.

I use Twitter and I would like a few shares - not because I want to make money - but just to reassure myself that in using Twitter - I pay into the dividends and that I feel - a little bit closer - to the mysterioius - yet splendid - Blue Bird.

The BLUE bird does not sing, it does not fly - but it surely is making news - if Twitter can capture 1 percent of the Television Ad business - it could rake in easily $2 Billion.

Twitter could be offering shares at $20 per share and some are projecting - $50 - whatever that amount - I am dead set to buy a few - for reason not monetary - just to make me feel good - as a Twitter - fan.

Now, will they keep my TWITTER acount - operational - or will they hack the living hell. I do not know - and I sure want to join in the protest - to hear what the hell - those who will protest - what do they have - practical to offer.